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Recipe of tomato soup

What can be better than some hot, nourishing soup for lunch? Of course, the soup cooked from unusual ingredients. Soup which we to you suggest to cook today, not only will feed your relatives, but also will surprise with unusual structure of products.

What is the tomato soup?

In different kitchens of people of the world tomato soups are united by one – tomato broth. And it can be as from fresh tomatoes if it is about preparation in the summer, and from tomato juice, tomato paste, even from tinned tomatoes. And here ingredients to it can be any, on your choice.

The same concerns also preparation of soup. It is possible to find tens, if not hundreds of absolutely different recipes, with different ways of preparation and even with different names. Therefore it is possible to say with confidence that at preparation of tomato soup it is possible to experiment, try and risk. In other words, it is simple to be engaged in creativity.

Of course, there are known and all favourite tomato soups like the Spanish gazpacho for a long time. However to call a gazpacho soup in our, Slavic understanding, can be not too true. In the villages of Andalusia it is given after a main course, and at times simply put in the refrigerator sometimes to satisfy thirst by means of a gazpacho.

As well as other recipes of tomato soups, recipes of a gazpacho there is an enormous set. It can be given and in the form of mashed potatoes or salad, ingredients for it the different countries in each region, invariable is only a soup basis: bread, garlic, olive oil, vinegar. By the way, there is a gazpacho to which tomatoes are not added in general is a green type of soup which basis are herbs and spices.

Recipe of preparation of soup

For a start it is necessary to prepare products which will be soup components. This recipe of tomato soup does not assume any components which are difficult for finding in shops, everything is very simple and it is at the same time unusual. However, if you have checked ingredients without which you do not represent the first course, can safely add them. Any favourite spices, seasonings, cubes – everything can be pertinent. After all remember the basic rule of tomato soup? There are no restrictions for creativity!

For preparation of our original tomato soup it is required:

  • bones chicken for 3 liters of broth;
  • potatoes - 350-400 g;
  • onions – 200 g;
  • carrots – 200 g;
  • millet – 75-150 g. The amount of millet varies depending on what density you want soup. On 3 liters of broth of 150 grams will make soup quite dense and nutritious (on a photo the amount of millet just and is shown in number of 150 grams);
  • tomato paste - 70 g;
  • eggs – 2 pieces;
  • garlic – 2 cloves;
  • vegetable oil for subfrying.

We put to cook broth. You can cook broth from those products from which got used, the main rule is one: meat or bones have to be showered in cold water then to be covered and located on fire. Before boiling surely remove a skin.

After put broth, it is necessary to put to cook eggs. In order that after cooking they were easily and quickly cleared, in them it is necessary to throw a big pinch of salt.

Now we will be engaged in vegetables. Peel potato of a peel, cut it in cubes.

In the boiling broth throw potato. By the way, foam can be formed throughout all preparation therefore it needs constantly to be removed carefully.

Small we cut onions and we grate carrots on a large grater. By the way, you can choose a way of crushing of carrots such what is pleasant to you: large or small grater, cutting by straws or cubes. We throw onions in the heated oil. We start pan-frying.

As soon as onions slightly become rich, add to it carrots. Brown to readiness.

While vegetables are browned, be engaged in preparation of a tomato. For this purpose cast about 100-150 g of ready broth from a pan in capacity.

Add to it tomato paste and properly mix to homogeneous mass.

Now pour out the turned-out sauce in ready pan-frying, reduce fire to a minimum and leave to be extinguished for some minutes.

It is best of all to add millet to soup approximately at the time of the beginning of pan-frying of vegetables. So it will manage to boil soft properly and will not be rigid.

While everything is cooked longer and extinguished, it is possible to be engaged in eggs. They already have to be welded and cooled down long ago. Shell them and small cut.

Add pan-frying to soup, mix and leave to cook on slow fire some minutes.

Now add the cut eggs, mix.

The final stage will be additions of garlic which will add savors to taste of ready soup.

If you cooked broth on meat or on a bone is a little ready pulp, it is necessary to take and crush the boiled meat and to add to soup.

Everything, our fragrant and unusual soup is ready. Mirsovetov it is sure that this recipe of tomato soup will become one of darlings and expected in your house.

Bon appetit!

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