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The recipe of tomato paste for the winter

The summer time is created not only for rest but also to prepare for cold winter days when in the afternoon with fire you do not find some fresh vegetables, and the organism persistently demands vitamins. And not to repeat a sad fate of an ant from all of the known fable of I. A. Krylov, we will prompt how to make tasty and that the most important, useful preparations for the winter.

All hostesses use tomato paste: for a borsch, spaghetti, gravy or sauces. This is constant "inhabitant" of the refrigerator for which in a year the decent sum is spent. knows a fine way to save means and thus to eat more healthy and tasty tomato paste, than that which costs on store shelves. We bring to your attention the easy and fast recipe of house tomato paste.

History of tomato paste

To prepare "a tomato concentrate" thought up in solar Italy where inventive culinary specialists dried slices of tomatoes on the sun. When from them the necessary amount of moisture was evaporated, tomatoes interrupted in homogeneous mass and added to various dishes. In the USSR tomato paste was two types – salty and fresh. The last is issued and to this day. It is habitual to all a tomato paste in glass or cans. Salty paste was stored in barrels.

Quality of tomato paste can be determined by density and color. In any case, earlier and was. Today it is good if the product of a natural red shade gets! Nevertheless, tomato paste of the premium has to be orange-red saturated color. Color of a grade can vary from claret to the brownish "more modestly". Today Mirsovetov will tell you how to prepare the most natural tomato paste of the highest quality!

Recipe of house tomato paste

Among ingredients of this recipe you will not find neither seasonings, nor vinegar or oil. It is absolutely natural product which keeps all the useful substances long time. Having opened in the winter a jar such tomato of paste, you receive not only a sound portion of vitamins, but also a droplet of summer heat!

Only tomatoes will be necessary for you for preparation of house tomato paste. Any grades will approach. It is possible to take even the cheapest, but not spoiled vegetables. In this recipe 5 kg of tomatoes were used, and 3 liters of paste as a result turned out. At desire it is possible to receive more paste, but she will be more liquid, but about this will tell slightly below.

Pour out tomatoes in a sink and properly wash out in flowing cold water.

On each tomato make a crosswise cut. Before it it is better to put to be boiled 4-5 liters of water.

When water began to boil, block having merged in a sink and fill in the made an incision tomatoes with boiled water.

In 10-15 minutes melt away vegetables cold water. It is necessary that easily and quickly to get rid of a peel.

Crush the peeled tomatoes in the blender, the food processor or the ordinary meat grinder. The main thing that at you it turned out almost uniform tomato puree.

Pour mashed potatoes in a big pan and put on the smallest fire. Cover and weary, without bringing to boiling, about 30-40 minutes.

During this time on a surface the layer of pure and almost transparent tomato juice has to be formed. The pulp falls to a bottom, and "tomato water" remains on a surface. Accurately merge this water in a mug or take out a ladle.

Do not pour out juice at all! It contains enormous amount of vitamins! In total two-three of drinks of such tomato "extract" will provide an organism with daily norm of vitamin C. Saturated sourish taste of the real tomato juice cannot be compared to one purchased drink!

Sterilize pure banks and covers, having filled in with their boiled water for 15 minutes. It was necessary only to pour tomato pulp on capacities, to close covers and to wrap up in a warm plaid before cooling!

Than such tomato paste and why it is more useful, than any other is good? First, in a preparation time it was not used any spices which could suppress or distort the true taste of ripe tomatoes. Secondly, there is no vinegar which would "kill" the most part of vitamins. Thirdly, tomato mix was not led up before boiling, and simply pined on slow fire. In an ideal temperature has to make from 80 to 90 °C that will allow to get rid of microbes and to keep useful properties of vegetable.

It is easiest and fast way to provide itself with vitaminka for all winter. From such tomato of paste the magnificent fragrant borsch, refined paste and rather nourishing meat gravies turns out.

If you wanted a variety or in the refrigerator paprika "was overlooked", can safely include it in this recipe! It is only enough to kill of it the blender together with tomatoes in homogeneous mass and also to adhere to a compounding. Then house sauce will turn out more saturated and fragrant.

Interesting facts

Luchiano de Crechentso, the famous Neapolitan writer, claimed that the legendary seafarer Columbus peddled old stuff not just like that – it went behind tomatoes there! When juicy red vegetables got on the territory of Europe, it did not make furor. On the contrary, Italians and French considered them as tasteless similarity an apricot. Only when tomatoes began to grow up on fertile Neapolitan lands, local culinary specialists could open completely their flavoring potential and make well-known for the whole world!

Tomato is capable to turn any culinary oversight into an original gastronomic masterpiece. To take at least the well-known Italian paste for which at restaurant you pay fantastic sums. Spaghetti with tomato sauce – exclusively! But how strongly the most usual dishes change if to add to them a little reddish sourness of tomatoes …

Besides exclusive tastes, tomatoes possess medicinal properties. It is useful vegetable as a part of which there is a weight necessary for an organism vitamin and active biological connections. So, tomatoes promote removal of "bad" cholesterol, promote prevention of cancer diseases, diseases of cardiovascular system, digestion improvement. If to eat fresh tomatoes constantly, it is possible to ensure youth and good health for many years!

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