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As massage is carried out to Nur

Intimate massage is a unique merge useful with pleasant. Uniting in itself east sacraments of improvement of a body, it is capable to combine in itself(himself) a set of the pleasant features capable to present harmony to a body and soul.

NURU massage – a key to pleasure

Erotic massage has centuries-old history, but always the attitude towards him was special, concerning the ideal relations of the man and woman. Even many years ago it was an integral part of sexual communication of partners, means of rapprochement and receiving mutual pleasure.

The technology of east massage is various and unique therefore fans of aromatic oils - voluptuous Japanese are not tired to invent all new programs, including for fans of high-quality erotic massage.

Something is difficult to choose a relax techniques from huge number special, after all each of them is in own way unique, beginning from exotic, finishing quiet and pacifying.

Really one of the most popular is the NURU technology. Its feature that when performing this type of massage the special colourless gel which does not have a smell and taste is used. For this reason to Nur massage still is called soap. Oily gel has no contraindications to application, besides it suits all and everyone, wishing to plunge into unforgettable moments of tactile feelings.

Erotic massage of NURU is a pledge of a sound and strong body. It is an embodiment of secret imaginations, is capable to wake cheerfulness of a body, to clear thoughts and to examine reason.

In translation from Japanese the word "nuru" means "smooth" and "slippery" and in spite of the fact that roots of modern Japanese technology are in ancient Tibet, today the demand and popularity of this massage grows not only in Asia and Europe, but also in Russia. The Spa salons is expanded by ranges of the opportunities in favor of providing these services.

The technology of execution to Nur of massage completely differs from traditional erotic massage. You only present such picture in the imagination: the nice slender masseur slowly and accurately applies transparent gel to Nur on the body, evenly smearing it palms and fingers. After that young skin of the girl becomes glossy, damp and soft as silk thanks to what feelings in the course of performance of massage will be even more pleasant. Besides, total absence of a smell of gel does not distract attention of the client from a portion of bright feelings. Smooth slidings of a naked body of the girl on a body of the visitor are capable to kindle a fuse and to excite, present inexpressible feelings and to open all corners of consciousness. The powerful sexual power of the masseur, her professional approach are capable to bring the client to top of fantastic pleasure.

Technique essence to Nur of massage

The main goal to Nur of massage is a full physical and moral relaxation.

It is carried out only with use of special gel, at the heart of which – seaweed to a hole, natural components: extract of a camomile and aloe belief, and also humidifiers. Viscous suspension, unique on the structure, is capable to strengthen pleasure from a relax and to help the masseur to dip you into the sea of passion and pleasure.

To organize the darling to you needs to provide erotic massage at himself in advance: a wide diaper or an air mattress for two and, of course, oil to Nur without whom your idea will lose any meaning. Pick up a suitable place for carrying out massage that in the course of you nobody could distract and disturb.

Session duration, as a rule, of 60 minutes. It is quite enough this time completely to plunge into sweet luxury of passion and wholly to feel unearthly pleasure from contact of moist bodies.

So, if you decided to master for the first time to the practician of Thai massage Nur, follow recommendations Mirsovetov and at you by all means it will turn out to bring unforgettable feelings to itself and the partner:

  1. Before a session conveniently arrange a mattress so that it did not slide on a floor in the course of massage.
  2. Prompt to the man to take off from itself clothes and more convenient to settle down on a mattress, having relaxed hands, feet, having adjusted the thoughts on a wave of a relax and tranquillity.

  3. You need also to be bared, it is desirable to pick up thus long hair upward not to smear them with viscous oil.
  4. Begin smoothly and gently on some drops to pour transparent liquid on a body, smearing it and evenly distributing on all sites. A lot of oil is not required, there is enough absolutely slightly to cover a body with a silk film.
  5. Essence and the main highlight to Nur of massage what it is necessary to carry out it all over. Slightly lie down on the man and start sliding on him. It is not necessary to press too, enough easy, but notable touches and strokings. Use hands, a breast, hips, buttocks and a back. Remember, each your movement excites the partner and forces to tremble his nervous terminations.
  6. Each centimeter of a male body will cover ecstasy, thus you should not disregard any corner.

On a session to Nur of massage in house conditions or in a Spa salon the client derives not only pleasure from tactile touches, but also from neugasayemy power of passion of the masseur, from her spirit.

The movements of skillful hands alternate with touches of a breast and hot hips.

In all erotic traditions of the East practice of an exchange of sexual energy of partners is the cornerstone of Thai massage. Japanese experts are sure that only thanks to corporal contact during performance Nur of massage can learn this technique fully and to feel all most unforgettable sexual feelings. Full relaxation of a body and clarification of reason from vain ordinary thoughts has to become the culmination of a session.

Feature of NURU of massage

Uniqueness of this procedure that at impact on each zone of a body of the client the masseur gives pleasure, without contacting, but transferring it an improbable message of energy of sex.

Thanks to the gained drevnevostochny knowledge Japanese are informed that unique tops of ecstasy are achievable even without intimate proximity. Touch a body with hands, replacing them with pleasant rotundities of a breast and hips, dementing sensual touches.

The equipment erotic to Nur of massage implies massage of a male or female body a body of the partner at which both partners have to be completely naked. Also it is one more important feature of procedure. Sliding of hands and a body in all secluded places brings incredibly pleasant feelings, removing a stress and the general stress. A distinctive feature of a technique – game of contrasts when cool gel adjoins to the excited skin, and gentle slidings approach and distance the desired moment of ecstasy.

Erotic massage to Nur will help you to turn your sexual moments with the partner into a sheer pleasure. After a surprising session of thought will be cleared, you will at once feel inflow of new physical and spiritual forces. Incredibly gentle Thai massage will present you bright emotions, will open new sides of pleasure and will bring a note of a full-fledged relax in series of gray everyday life.

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