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Tibetan hormonal gymnastics

Recently the contingent of visitors of district clinics considerably looked younger. Not reached also 30 years people complain of problems not peculiar to such age with health: someone is hurt by a back, someone suffers from sleeplessness, and at someone already and pressure plays pranks. What happens to us and whether it is possible to rectify such deplorable state of affairs independently?

Why the person becomes an available target for various diseases and earlier grows old, is written mountains of literature. Total environmental pollution, deficiency of vitamins and useful components in food which we eat, the insufficient, and even at all absent physical activities – here our malicious enemies. The wrong way of life in general gradually puts out of action the most important mechanism of our organism – endocrine system. Because of dysfunction of endocrine glands of people faces the mass of diseases which develop because of a hormonal imbalance.

In this article Mirsovetov will acquaint you with one interesting technique of improvement which came to us from time immemorial. It will be a question of hormonal gymnastics of the Tibetan monks.

Fruits of hormonal Tibetan gymnastics

Let's begin with the most important: that can achieve regular performance of this peculiar charging? The Tibetan hormonal gymnastics it is not simple a set of movements which need to be alternated to the correct breath, it is the starting mechanism which is making active all significant power points of a human nature.

The improving technique was born in shivaistsky temples, and to the general public became available about 30 years ago. As assures the Buddhist doctrine, the healthy person is a center of power spirals which quickly and continuously rotate, providing the stable and active course of energy on all vitals and systems of an organism. If at least one of whirlwinds starts rotating more slowly, energy stands owing to what there are blocks breaking a stream of vital energy of the person. It is simple to guess what exactly on this soil there are various illnesses and destructive processes of aging are accelerated.

The fitness training of the Tibetan monks executed before sunrise provides normalization of hormonal balance in an organism, rejuvenates the person and fills forces dissipated during previous day. Simplicity and availability of exercises made this ancient technique very popular.

Who suits the Tibetan gymnastics

People who systematically come under negative influence of the following factors can advise to master this gymnastics:

  • chronic fatigue;
  • fast loss of forces;
  • disorders of memory, decrease in attention, impossibility to concentrate on something;
  • diseases of organs of vision and hearing;
  • depression;
  • muscular spasms;
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases;
  • the diseases connected with lymphatic system;
  • different types of a curvature of a backbone.


Anyway before occupations each of us does not need to consult about it with the doctor.

Features of performance of gymnastics

If you had a desire to test on itself this unusual technique, attentively read rules of performance of gymnastics – their exact observance will help you to achieve the best results.

The set of exercises needs to manage to be executed to 6 o'clock in the morning. Hardly this most important condition of efficiency of the Tibetan hormonal gymnastics is necessary even to early birds, but.

Also you should not forget about a regularity of occupations. The philosophy of wise Buddhists claims that the power of the person is very sensitive to influence of environment therefore quickly gets littered. The success of long-term trainings will disappear if to give a weak point at least for 3 days! From performance of exercises it is possible to have a rest 1–2 days, but no more.

During occupations it is important to concentrate. Do not pursue result – think of quality. You only then correctly execute exercises when are able to concentrate on the movement of a diaphragm and the feelings.

And finally: this gymnastics and alcohol – two mutually exclusive things.

Set of exercises

For occupations choose an equal firm surface.

  1. Lay down on a back and, having extended hands before themselves, cramp palms together. Vigorously pound palms the friend about the friend of 5-10 times. This introduction exercise has diagnostic character. With you everything is good if between palms you feel dryness and pleasant heat. If skin of palms became damp or is not warmed, protective forces of your organism are reduced at least twice.
  2. Continuing to lie, cover eyes with small pillows of palms. Now slightly press down palms eyeballs. Exercise on average takes 30 sec.: for 1 sec. it is necessary to press on eyes and right there to weaken pressing. In end of a cycle leave the palms pressed to eyes for 60 sec. Thanks to such power feed of an eye, sight improves.
  3. Still lying on a back, press small pillows of palms to ears. Make 30 rhythmical pressings for 30 sec. If during exercise you have unpleasant feelings, make pressing weaker.
  4. Lying on a back, arrange hands in the face of, then put fingers thus as if show "a class!". Free thumbs thus "look" up. Now place thumbs behind auricles, and press fists to ears. Carry out careful roundabouts, massing ears: at first forward, then back. Repeat 30 times. Exercise makes active lymph current at all levels of an ear (average, external and internal), and also makes active lymphatic current on a face.
  5. Put a palm of the right hand on a forehead, left press a palm from above. Densely pressing the palms put together to a forehead, move them from the left temporal area to right, then move in the opposite direction. Repeat exercise of 30 times.
  6. Lying on a back, put a small pillow or the towel twisted by the roller that the head was on weight under a neck. Now arrange a palm of the right hand over the top at distance about 4-5 cm. Put a palm of the left hand from above on right so that your hands raised up formed an arch over the head. Slowly move the put palms in the direction from a forehead to a nape. Repeat 30 times.
  7. Position of a body and hands remain same, as in the previous exercise. Move the put palms from one ear to another, at first to right, then to the left. Execute this movement 30 a time in a row. Exercises No. 6 and No. 7 tighten muscles and strengthen a tone on hands, develop joints.
  8. Cover with the opened palm of the right hand a throat in a thyroid gland, a palm of the left hand move from "thyroid gland" to a stomach to a navel (30 times). In the thirtieth, the last, time the left palm press from above to right, and then lower hands from a neck to a stomach.
  9. Place the palms put together (the left palm is from above) on a stomach. Carry out palms the rotary slightly pressing motions in the direction of an hour hand, without tearing off them from a stomach. The exercise repeated 30 times will improve a small motility of intestines.
  10. Continuing to lie on a back, raise the straightened hands and feet up. Twist brushes and feet, following the direction of an hour hand, then make the same in the opposite direction. Now vigorously shake by brushes and stupnyam, still holding them on weight. If it is heavy to you to hold the top and lower extremities lifted at the same time, carry out exercise at first for hands, then for feet. Such movements help to normalize blood circulation in small vessels.
  11. Sit down and intensively pound feet. For convenience it is possible to apply on palms on some drops of vegetable oil. Without interrupting massage, move hands at first to knees, then to hips.

For activization of a metabolism after completion of occupations by small drinks drink a glass of warm water. The Tibetan hormonal gymnastics – the excellent beginning of new day. In this simple set of exercises there is everything in order that the person woke up, cheered up and was ready to conquer new peaks. Regular and correct performance of this fitness training will help you to strengthen immunity, will minimize symptoms of already available chronic diseases and for a long time will prolong your youth. Good luck!

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