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Remedial gymnastics for a backbone

The complexes of physical exercises developed by medical specialists directed on treatment and prevention of diseases of an organism are called as remedial gymnastics. The gymnastics helps to get rid of problems with joints, bones, muscle strain etc. In this article we will consider one of the hottest topics – remedial gymnastics for a backbone.

Why the gymnastics is necessary

In a basis of gymnastic exercises the principle of natural movements of a body of the person therefore to understand, why it is necessary is underlain, we suggest to go from the return. If the person moves a little or systematically does it incorrectly, natural physical functions of a body therefore there is a disease – a backbone curvature, intervertebral hernia, osteochondrosis, a clubfoot, etc. are broken.

As for backbone diseases, they arise even more often recently. It is possible to explain it very simply – universal distribution and development of the computer sphere allows "to facilitate" life. For example, to regale on pizza, it is absolutely optional to go to shop or a pizzeria – enough, without rising from a sofa, to dial phone number, and the courier will bring your order directly home. Technical progress played a dirty trick with mankind, having exempted from performance of "excess gestures".

Staying days behind the computer, many start noticing that it is already impossible to reach toes and the waist somehow unpleasantly aches a bit, the neck becomes numb, fingers of hands grow dumb … Until these harbingers of serious diseases flowed in something fatal, it is a high time to do remedial gymnastics for prevention.

Why there are problems?

Still ancient Chinese wise men noticed that physical activity is guarantee of health. They even had a special system for prisoners – criminals were put in tiny rooms where they could not move fully but only to sit in one pose. Literally in 3-5 days of a muscle started atrophying, and the person weakened so that could not run away from prison any more.

Unfortunately, today many create similar conditions of "imprisonment" voluntary, nestling in chairs in front of the computer or the TV. Blood circulation and food of all bodies, muscles and a skeleton is as a result broken. The body gradually weakens, muscles "forget" to carry out the natural functions including to support a backbone.

Interesting fact: a waist pain from which almost every 5th inhabitant of the planet suffers, is "payment" for bipedalism – the lumbar department experiences enormous strain of an upper body, and therefore needs continuous trainings.

Remedial gymnastics for a backbone registers without fail regardless of the diagnosis as only the movement is capable to restore natural work of an organism. During exercises the most vulnerable muscles for this or that situation and bone connections which regular training leads to recovery are involved. Actually, forcing itself to do a complex of the directed exercises, you remind a body as it is necessary to work.

Important: any exercises of remedial gymnastics for a backbone can be carried out only after inspection at experts and detection of the exact diagnosis. Otherwise the situation can be aggravated.

Gymnastics at osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis – very widespread disease and if earlier from it only people of advanced years suffered, today the already 30-year-old can "brag" of the sad diagnosis. Remedial gymnastics in this case helps to eliminate completely or significantly to strengthen an organism, having minimized medicamentous intervention.

The main reason for development of osteochondrosis – a hypodynamia as a result of which muscles weaken so that cannot support a backbone any more, to smooth blows from walking and not to allow to be used up and injured to intervertebral disks.

Distinguish some kinds of osteochondrosis depending on the district of defeat: cervical, chest and lumbar. According to it the set of exercises directed on rehabilitation of muscle bulk gets out. For prevention of recommends to pay attention to all departments of a backbone.

Before starting practice, it is a little more recommendations:

  1. Do not carry out exercise in the period of an aggravation of pain.
  2. When performing remedial gymnastics watch that pain amplified. If any movements cause sharp pain – postpone their performance for the following time.
  3. Between exercises on tension of back muscles it is necessary to relax not to go too far in loading.
  4. Carry out all movements slowly and smoothly, watching a correct posture.

Exercises at cervical osteochondrosis

At cervical osteochondrosis there is pain in a neck – it difficult or it is impossible to turn, discomfort at inclinations, the aching pain. Exercises are carried out in standing situation at an initial position – feet on width of shoulders.

Remedial gymnastics at cervical osteochondrosis:

  1. Get up in an initial position and incline the head to the right, take 10 sec., straining neck muscles as if try to resist pressure from above. Then become straight, relax on 5 sec., make the movement to the left. Repeat inclinations of 15 times. Do the same with a ducking back and forth.
  2. Turn the head so that to touch a chin a shoulder (shoulders direct), be late on 10 sec. Repeat turns to each shoulder on 10 times.
  3. In air write invisible figures with a chin, since zero, finishing with ten. It can be done and sitting, for example, at office. Exercise not only relaxes neck muscles, but also removes stress in all back.
  4. The following exercises should be done lying on a flat rigid surface (karemat, a carpet). Lay down, raise the head, remain in such provision of 10 sec., hang the head and strongly relax muscles on 5 sec. To repeat 5-10 times, lying on a breast and on a back.
  5. Turn over sideways, raise the head parallel to a floor, remain in such position of 10 sec., have a rest 5 sec., repeat on 10 times on each side.

Important: Do not do roundabouts-headed is it is very negatively reflected on health of cervical department!

Exercises at chest osteochondrosis

Chest osteochondrosis is dangerous that as a result there can be a backbone curvature, beginning from slight scoliosis, finishing with a hump. Exercises should be carried out directly, feet on width of shoulders.

Remedial gymnastics at chest osteochondrosis:

  1. Bend a back, trying to reach as if a chin a stomach and having cramped shoulders. Remain in a position of 10 sec., be smoothly unbent, having straightened shoulders and having cramped shovels, throw back the head up and be late in such situation on 10 sec. Repeat exercise of 10 times.
  2. Raise shoulders (not a hand) in turn 10 times, then move two shoulders at once, detaining them above on 10 sec. Repeat 10 times.
  3. Execute roundabouts shoulders of 10 times forward and as much – back.
  4. Put feet together, extend hands along a body, bend aside, trying to reach a straight arm a knee. Be late in such position on 10 sec., repeat for each party on 10 times.
  5. Rest both fists against a back below shovels and most strongly cave in, pressing hands. Be late on 5-10 sec., stoop and slowly bend forward, "having embraced" themselves hands. Repeat exercise of 10 times.

Exercises at lumbar osteochondrosis

The most widespread type of a disease generated by sitting behind the computer, inactive work and the same inactive rest.

Remedial gymnastics at a waist pains:

  1. Get up in an initial position, smoothly bend forward, holding a back equal, then be straightened and bend back. To repeat 10 times + as much for inclinations in the parties.
  2. Get up on all fours, straighten a back and be curved aside, having thrown a hand for a back. Hold on in such position of 10 sec., then relax and repeat for other hand. To repeat 10 times.
  3. Lay down on an equal rigid surface, strain a press, pressing a back in a floor. Be late so on 10 sec., then 5-tisekundny rest and repetition of 10 times.
  4. Lay down and bend feet in knees. An elbow of the left hand reach for the right knee, and vice versa. To repeat 10 times.
  5. In a prone position extend hands behind the head and as much as possible unbend a back, having been late on 10 sec. To repeat 10 times with respites in 5 sec.

    Important: even if you feel that it became easier for you, do not do sharp movements!

For prevention besides remedial gymnastics for a backbone it is very useful to practice yoga, to do massage and it is simple to go to a bath. Mirsovetov recommends to treat validly the body, giving it regular, but not strong loadings.

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