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The review of the movie Day when Earth stopped

In the movie people of Earth who systematically destroy the native planet are the main reason of destruction of human race. More developed civilizations long watched it, but understood that people will never improve and will not calm down, will not destroy Earth finally yet. They decide to interfere and for the sake of rescue of the planet to destroy harmful human Race.
    Name: "Day when Earth stopped" ("The Day the Earth Stood Still")
    Genre: fantasy, thriller, drama
    Slogan: "We considered the planet of the. We were mistaken"
    Duration: 110 min.
    Country: USA
    Director: Scott Derrikson
    In roles: Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Cathie Bates, Jaden Smith, John Cleese, John Hemm, Kyle Chandler, Robert Nepper
    Scriptwriter: David Skarpa, Edmund X. Nort
    Operator: David Tettersoll
    Composer: Tyler Bates
    Producer: Paul Harris Bordman, Gregory Gudman, Ervin Stoff

Always popular subject

Doomsday – always a popular subject, especially for shooting. Especially if there is an opportunity to make the first-class special effects. For this one subject there is a separate genre – the movie accident. Why we so are interested in this subject? How many there is a person, always there are those who waits for the Doomsday. For this purpose even there is a special term – "Eskhatologiya". In many religions of the world events of "Last Judgement", "Apocalypse", "Ragnaryok" are described. Modern ideas of a doomsday are connected also with creation of a Large Hadron Collider, with environmental disaster. In religions expectation of a doomsday allows to manipulate people, to force them to behave according to religious canons. Quite often use it and swindlers, creating infinite sects.
    On various sources, till 2020th year we are expected by about 15 doomsday for various reasons. The main – falling of an asteroid and world nuclear war. In most the 2020th the Armageddon which was predicted by Isaac Newton is expected, it calculated a doomsday on John the Evangelist's predictions.

About the movie

In the movie "Day when Earth Stopped" people of Earth who systematically destroy the native planet are the main reason of destruction of human race. More developed civilizations long watched this process, but understood that people will never improve and will not calm down, will not destroy Earth finally yet.
And here they decide to interfere and for the sake of rescue of the planet to destroy harmful human Race. As the punishing sword Keanu Reeves in an elegant suit is chosen unique, as always quiet and balanced. "Earth will be lost – be lost you, you will be lost – Earth will escape", – the space newcomer unperturbably explains to doctor biologist Helen (it Jennifer Connelly plays). It is the main and only idea of the movie. Everything that occurs round this subject line, to put it mildly, surprises.


According to, the plot of this picture is very specific and in many moments is deprived of common sense. Imagine – the next killing space body flies towards Earth. It flies, naturally, to the USA, is more exact to New York (and where still?), and is even more exact – in Tsentral Park.
Naturally, Americans collect in such occasion of all the scientists – biologists, astrophysicists and simply clever people whom in the sum it was gained no more than dozen, and send to the center of events. Right there show us the timer – to a doomsday there was exactly 1 hour 18 minutes. The report goes, nothing can be made already, all narrowed eyes and … occurred nothing. The celestial body accurately landed on a lawn. Professors are sent for studying of object. "You feel it?", – one of physicists asks the main character of the movie Helen. I "feel", – she answers. The acquaintance Keanu Reeves, in this picture his name is of Klaatu drops out of the spaceship well to us, but we do not know yet that it it – meanwhile is only some body in a mucous membrane. Perhaps, it was felt by Helen.
Concerning an arrival of the ship a good few of the American army and all police of New York gathers. It is natural that at one of this cheerful company do not maintain nerves, and it will wound Klaatu.
Further it becomes even more interesting – the alien is carried to hospital and Helen asks an inimitable question "You have a surgeon?".
Surprisingly, in clinic the surgeon is. It opens a cover, and here we can already see Keanu in all beauty.
Marasmus grows stronger, the rigid woman in a body – Cathie Bates as the Minister of Defence of the USA appears at the alien. She decides to come into contact with alien reason in quite original way – by interrogations, tranquilizers and check on the lie detector. "You act on behalf of all people of Earth?", – Klaatu asks. "I act on behalf of the U.S. President", – he receives an irrefragable answer.
Meanwhile, in the movie the second subject line roughly develops – all military forces of America attack the huge robot of which Reeves brought with himself. Naturally, these attempts terminate in losses for military. On all Planet there are fiery spheres which act as arks, the panic begins, in a shot on fractions of a second there is Vladimir Putin, is externally pretty quiet (if to peer, it is possible to see that actually the Prime minister speaks at congress "United Russia").
    In the first version of the movie removed in the 1951st year, Klaatu's alien decides to pardon Earth, having read Abraham Lincoln's words cut on his monument. In a modern tape decided to refuse idea.
    The actors playing major roles in this movie were chosen without any casting – Keanu Reeves was seen as Klaatu by one of producers, and Jennifer Connelly as Helen Benson – the director.
So far Keanu leaves hands of FBI for the purpose of a meeting in McDonald's with the representative of the civilization – the Chinese who lived 70 years on Earth and does not want to depart from here, the robot systematically starts destroying the planet. And Helen tries to dissuade Klaatu from idea of cleaning of Earth, in passing showing to the alien love to the son which role is played by little Jaden Smith – better known Will Smith's son. Still the heroine of the movie tries to dissuade the newcomer " words we more so will not be" that looks absolutely ridiculously.
Than Klaatu's adventures on Earth will end, whether people will survive – look in the movie "Day when the Earth Stopped" on screens of your city.


Initially, the picture became as a remake of the movie of the same name of production of the 1951st year, time of a heat of cold war. Then the movie was watched in this plane and was actual. So strictly it is impossible to judge "Day when Earth stopped". What motive of shooting presently – financial crisis, natural cataclysms, environmental pollution or the politician George Bush – it is not known.
The movie can be watched at least for Keanu Reeves and beautiful special effects. And sense – sense that it is impossible to live only for today, it is necessary to think of the future, of children and to protect our planet. If you liked the movie "War of the Worlds", and this movie advises to look – you will find for yourself couple of highlights.
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