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Check and testing of the computer upon purchase

This time it will be a question how to check the computer for lack of defects and defects of collectors. It is impossible to check process of the assembly of the personal computer therefore it is necessary to pay close attention to operability of your purchase then when you take away it from computer salon.
Before already quite in detail considered a question of acquisition of the computer ("We choose the computer, part 1" and "A computer choice, part 2"). This time it will be a question how to check the computer for lack of defects and defects of collectors. As if carefully we did not select accessories, it is impossible to check process of the assembly of the personal computer therefore it is necessary to pay close attention to operability of your purchase then when you take away it from computer salon. The benefit, the law allows to check the acquired goods on a place or at home in case of delivery. Let's consider the main aspects, on what it is necessary to pay attention.

Complete set

Attentively check a complete set of delivery of the computer. Study all documentation where it will be specified what and how many wires or disks are delivered with this product. Do not hesitate to specify it at employees of salon – they are obliged to provide you all necessary information. By no means you should not lose sight of this point just because at warranty repair, existence of a full complete set of goods, i.e. if you lose usual conductings which will seem to you absolutely useless surely is required, the firm has full authority to refuse to you and not to provide the corresponding guarantee.
How to check, whether really to us assembled the computer from those spare parts which were ordered? After all nobody will allow to untwist all sistemnik. There is an easy way to define correctness of "iron" programmatically. There is a number of the programs allowing to learn models of the accessories hidden from eyes of the buyer. Leaders in this area were and there are Everest and SiSoft Sandra. However it is possible to do and without them. The Windows XP operating system allows to do the same by the built-in utilities. We will also consider this option.
    Council from! Be not frightened to seem the meticulous client carping at each trifle. Reliability of your capital investment depends on it! Spend excess 10-15 minutes for inquiries, than 10-100 dollars on not guarantee repair of the new personal computer!

Check of the processor and random access memory

We look for a label "My computer" which is located on "Desktop" or in the Start-up menu and we press it the right button of a mouse. In the appeared menu it is chosen the last line – "Properties". It is possible to enter this menu also, having simply pressed a combination of the keys "Win" + "Pause/Break". We wait until the system makes scanning of the equipment.
Окно с информацией о процессоре и оперативной памяти
Now before us the window with information on our OS, the PC user and that equipment which and interests us – the processor and random access memory opened.

Check of the videocard, winchester and multimedia

Закладка Оборудование окна свойств системы
For check we carry out the same actions as in the previous point ("Win" + "Pause/Break"), both we select the Equipment tab and we press on the Device manager button. Here we can see information on hard drives, sound and video devices.
Окно диспетчера устройств
This and other information can be received in a different way. We open the Start-up menu and we select the Execute item. In the opened window we write "dxdiag" and we press "Enter". We agree that the program will scan the equipment, having pressed the Yes button. In the opened window we can also check, what processor, memory and the videocard inserted into our new computer.
Открываем меню «Пуск» и выбираем пункт «Выполнить». В открывшемся окошке пишем «dxdiag» и нажимаем «Enter».
Сканирование оборудования компьютера
Окно с информацией о процессоре, опертивной памяти и видеокарте

Testing of components of the computer recommends to take an interest, whether the equipment acquired by you as separately, and in assembly, in order to avoid incompatibility of accessories was tested. Will be also useful to learn, which programs tested the computer.
If tests were not carried out or you decide to recheck operability of acquisition, can always make it independently. For this purpose it is possible to use a set of programs, we will consider some of which.
Memory testing. For similar testing it is worth getting the small utility which is called as TestMem. It is quite long process therefore for detection of defect it is worth leaving the computer on the test for the night. The column Errors shows quantity of mistakes therefore at working memory it remains with value 0.
Testing of the videocard
The 3D Mark'om it следует to make check of the videocard of your computer. Attentively look at the testing videos – at malfunction of the video adapter it will be rebooted at the father-in-law or on the screen there will be "a graphic garbage" (any multi-colored lines, points or other distortions of the picture).
Тест видеокарты
Testing of the hard drive
The winchester can be tested the MHDD program. It allows to scan a store surface, gives out a detailed report about bad-sectors, also allows to do check of Smart-area.
General test of the computer
One of the best programs making a stress test of system is S&M. It checks for working capacity the processor, the power unit, memory, the hard drive, etc. by extremely maximum loads of details. In case of a mistake the program will give out us a detailed report.
Общий тест компьютера

Mechanical devices

Do not forget to check the device of reading compact disks and the disk drive. Listen, whether the CD/DVD drive carriage when opening knocks. Whether he reads disks. Also check readability of floppi-diskettes.
Проверка и тестирование компьютера при покупке

Entrances and exits

Check all sockets of connection of devices to the computer on the back and forward panel (and also if are present, sideways). The special attention of advises to give to the forward panel – check all USB and audio exits. For this purpose it is desirable to bring with itself the Flash-store or to ask it for employees of salon. Also for check of the computer it is necessary to take also a microphone as at connection of distributing of forward audio of inputs and outputs there can be some problems, especially at inexperienced collectors. So, be vigilant, ask questions and insist on full check. After all you do not want to be disappointed in the acquisition right after arrival home!


The last criterion – appearance. Check the case for existence of scratches, cracks, a rust and other defects. Look, whether case face indicators work: networks and operation of the winchester (green and red respectively) if on the case there is an operated LCD screen, check operability of all buttons.

Here, in principle, and all. Having carried out all our instructions, you will get completely working computer, will not be afraid for guarantee certificates of salon seller, and also will not be deceived by swindlers. Successful work to you and your personal computer.
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