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Design of the room for the teenager

Teenage age – the most interesting and difficult period in the child's life. At this time there is a formation of the personality as children learn to be independent and to have own view of vital difficulties. Therefore the important part in development of the teenager is assigned to a situation in which he is the most part of time. The design of its personal room has to correspond to its age completely.

Style choice for a boyish bedroom

To issue design of a bedroom of the boy teenager, it is necessary to consider some important features of such room:

  1. The comfortable place for a dream is the most central attribute of the room, and therefore treat a choice with special attention. Give preference to a bed which will be a little longer than growth of the child as it undertakes "for growth". It is also desirable that the mattress was orthopedic as the teenage body is formed very quickly and important that a bearing, joints, a vertebra were healthy.
  2. Place for occupations – a corner which has to be isolated. Make it the lightest and functional: add many shelves for books, boxes for office and put a spacious table on which there will be able to be a computer.
  3. Lighting. Surely think over light filling of the room: hang up a big chandelier on the center, and also some sconce on walls – near a desktop, over a bed and near a window.
  4. Place for storage of personal belongings. This corner will borrow not only clothes, but also many accessories of the child. Try to make it the most functional that subjects did not accumulate the mountain on room corners.
  5. Color palette of a bedroom – the important factor influencing a psychoemotional condition of the teenager. Select tone according to wishes of the child and the stylist. Gray, brown, blue, green, claret and coffee shades will be suitable for the guy. Play with contrast: orange fragments of a decor are perfectly combined with brown walls, and gray tone harmoniously will approach under an emerald palette.

So, Mirsovetov suggests readers to understand, what styles of registration are the most popular among modern teenagers today. Designers allocate some variations.

Room of the traveler

The seas and distant open spaces of the ocean are loved not only adults, but also guys teenagers. Passion to travel, opening and knowledge of the world build up character of the fearless adventurer and intellectual. The corresponding color scale – shades of sand and water will be suitable for such interior. Also it is worth using natural materials – a lot of stone or wood, modeling the deck.

Such bedroom has to be spacious and filled with a daylight. In particular the teenager will like sea attributes – a window instead of a window, pictures with sea or piracy subject, the world map, sea circles, the globe, flags, decorative ropes, compasses, networks and a telescope. Observe moderation that the design did not look ridiculously or too "heavy" for room parameters.

Room of the musician

Young music lovers need a suitable bedroom which completely would reflect their inner world and experiences. Perhaps your son - thorough "beatlemaniac" or the adherent of electronic music, the main thing – to give vent to the imagination. It is here too important to pay attention to thematic attributes and details. Decorate the room musical instruments which will be both functional, and esthetic subjects at the same time. Guitars, drums, a synthesizer, musical columns, posters with idols, plates, the DJ panel – all this will help to create the necessary atmosphere.

The palette has to reflect natural color gamut: light green, white, blue, sand or claret shades will come in handy. Missing accents can be created by means of use of red, turquoise, blue, orange and brown flowers.

Sports bedroom

For registration of such style it is necessary to consult to the child as the design of the room of the teenager has to reflect his sports preferences completely surely. The palette of shades in such room can be any – from symbolical flowers of a favorite soccer team to saturated natural shades.

At the "sports" room there have to be the corresponding attributes – flags, posters with the favourite player or team, cups. Also as a decor the real stock – baseball bits, t-shirts, helmets, rackets, balls, helmets and so forth will approach. Do not limit the imagination of the teenager, allow it to hang out and spread out everything that to it it is expensive.

We equip the room for the girl teenager

The little princess by 15 years becomes the real lady who demands attention and a cosiness. Therefore at creation of an interior in her bedroom it is necessary to remember that such room has to share on some functional zones:

  • bedroom;
  • place for study;
  • the meeting place with friends;
  • the wardrobe;
  • studio of beauty.

Registration and situation of the room of the girl teenager should be made taking into account as much as possible to isolate each zone of the room, to fill them with a certain atmosphere and thus to keep the uniform stylistic concept of the room.

Correct tonality of an interior

If to look at what variety of shades surrounds daily life of your daughter, then becomes obvious that it is best of all to issue walls in the room pastel tones – peach, mint, apricot, light blue, dairy, light pink and so forth. A cold color will be pertinent in a working corner of the room, and here bright – in a recreation area.

Do not miss contrasts and combinations from attention: the odious pink shade will harmoniously look with cream, gray or mint. Using some soft tones it is possible to create romantic and very modern design of a bedroom for the teenage daughter.

If you decided to add some bright drops to an interior, shades will become quite good option azure blue, emerald, orange, green or violet.

Think of space

For teenage girls very important that in a bedroom it was spacious. Do not forget that this small room actually is its personal corner, its territory in which it feels protected and quiet. Therefore it is not necessary to encumber the area with heavy cases and massive furniture. Choose multipurpose subjects of a situation, mobile or modular which can be transformed or cleaned at all if there is such need. Give preference to rigid or orthopedic mattresses as the teenager's backbone is only formed and it is important that this process took place without negative changes.

That the girl teenager could spend time preening feathers, it is necessary to equip for this purpose a special place. Put a small rack with a set of boxes and shelves there. Also think of where it will place guests, after all devchach a sit-round gathering at teenage age are especially necessary. For this purpose it is possible to put some chairs or to buy cushions in identical color scale. The main thing in creation of an interior – completely to consider wishes of the child, after all it is his personal zone, and in these walls there will pass the most important part of the life.

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