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Tea mushroom for weight loss

And again about extra kilos. This subject always was and will be actual, it is so much talk, councils and means is devoted to it. Sometimes, having tried a lot of everything, girls despair and do not know what to do to get rid of excess weight.

No modern preparations help. It is necessary to hope only for a miracle, and still – for gifts of the nature. Just to grow thin, it is possible to try to drink a tea mushroom. wants to focus at once attention of readers that you should not expect a miracle from a tea mushroom. There is no such preparation which will relieve once and for all of excess weight. To return to a figure former symmetry, one mushroom will be insufficiently. The healthy nutrition (to exclude fat, sharp, fried, fast carbohydrates, chocolate, alcohol), moderate physical activities plus regular reception of a tea mushroom will help you to return to normal.

That represents a tea mushroom

The tea mushroom belongs to ancient microorganisms which are known to mankind long ago. The mushroom is for the first time mentioned in Manchuria in 220 B.C. The mushroom homeland – Ceylon, later curative drink moved to Asia, and from there – to China. A tea jellyfish or a mushroom it was popular in China 250 years ago B.C. and did not lose relevance and to this day. Chinese read this drink and called it immortal. A little later Russians could estimate taste and advantage of this drink.

Opinions concerning history of emergence of a tea mushroom disperse, some scientists consider that it appeared in Ceylon, and some claim that it was for the first time found on Tibet. From other sources it is known that drink was taken in Ancient Greece. Now it is impossible to learn the truth about history of an origin of a tea mushroom, we only need to enjoy unique taste of drink and its curative properties.

The structure a zoogley (mucous education) was found out by the Russian scientists. As a part of a tea mushroom there are acetic bacteria and some types of yeast.

The tea mushroom (the present name meduzomitst) is an amber drink which was received by a sbrazhivaniye of yeast and bacteria in tea. As a basis both black, and green tea can be used. It depends on flavoring preferences of each person. If to prepare drink from black tea, its color will be saturated, amber and if from green – the shade of drink is light.

Externally tea mushroom looks as a dense film of white, yellowish or brownish shades which floats on a capacity surface. Resembles a mushroom hat superficially, because of it meduzomitst and received the name "tea mushroom". As a part of drink vitamins of group B, and also iron, phosphorus and potassium contain.

How to prepare curative drink

To prepare drink, we need a small amount of the mushroom, and also such components:

  • glass a large bottle on 3 l, it is desirable that the neck was wide;
  • gauze cut or fabric napkin;
  • sugar (it is possible to take usual refined or reed);
  • tea – black, green and collecting a grass.

To buy a tea mushroom for weight loss in shop it will not turn out, it can only be taken as "ferment" from acquaintances, neighbors or friends. Also good option to find a tea mushroom according to announcements on the Internet. The mushroom constantly so it is possible to grow up it from a small slice grows, and then with pleasure to share a useful mushroom with friends, colleagues, native and neighbors.

The mushroom quickly breeds, it is easy to trace this process: when the lower layer separates from a "maternal" mushroom, it can be made multiple copies in a separate can.

Preparation of drink from a tea mushroom:

  1. Mirsovetov at once pays attention of readers – you need to prepare 2 capacities: in one there will be a mushroom (to breed), and in another it is necessary to merge ready drink.
  2. Take a pure can, put in it a mushroom.
  3. Prepare a pure gauze (it needs to be put several times) or a fabric cut (surely pure and from natural leaky fabric). Drink has to "breathe". It is impossible to close capacity with a mushroom a cover, it will be lost at once.
  4. That the mushroom developed and grew, it needs a certain food. We do solution of mix of tea (any) and sugar. We take 2 l of tea and 220 g of sugar. We mix sugar before full dissolution.
  5. We fill in with solution a mushroom. Remember that water has to be only boiled. If to take usual tap water, at interaction with a mushroom salts of calcium will be emitted and at the bottom of banks the deposit is formed.
  6. Quickly to dissolve sugar in tea drink, it is possible to warm up water a little. When fill in a basis in bank with a mushroom, water has to be cold. Because of high temperature the mushroom can be lost at once so be not too lazy and at once cool water for a mushroom.
  7. At preparation of tea drink it is necessary to remember that the mushroom is afraid of strong tea. It means that everything has to be moderately.

The acceptable temperature for normal activity of a mushroom of +25 °C. If indoors temperature is lower, than +17 °C, in a mushroom the mold of a greenish or blue shade will be got (the green or blue alga is called).

To receive the real drink which will relieve you of extra kilos, it is necessary to provide normal conditions for its preparation. So, the mushroom needs to be put far away from a window, direct sunshine in summertime and cold air in winter time will slow down development of a fungus.

It is necessary to merge infusion 5-6 days later in a cold season and in 3-4 days during the summer period. It is necessary to merge infusion through the gauze put in some layers. Taste at a tea mushroom is similar to kvass, with the same sharp content of gases.

If for any reasons not to merge infusion in time, the mushroom is perebrodit also by a film which is formed from above, will change the color. It means that the mushroom deteriorated.

Fill in a mushroom with both black, and green tea. As for weight loss it is better to use green tea (in it many vitamins), and the effect will be much the best. If you to any reasons do not want to use green tea, it is possible to make infusion on grass broth or to make mix of herbs with addition of green tea. Just to clear an organism and to get rid of excess slags (so, and kilograms), it is possible to add coltsfoot grass, leaves of wild strawberry and a birch, and also hips. On 1 l of water it is necessary to take 2 h. l. herbs and 1 h. l. green tea. The grass which contains a large amount of essential oil (a camomile, wild currant, a sage etc.) needs to be used in a small amount.

How to accept a mushroom for weight loss

To get rid of extra kilos, infusion of a mushroom needs to be drunk in 60 minutes before food and 2 hours later after meal. In day it is possible to drink about 6 glasses. A course of reception of a tea mushroom – 30 days. To see how the mushroom works, it is necessary to conduct 3 courses of weight loss. The result impresses – in a month it is possible to lose to 7 kg. Naturally, next month extra kilos will leave not so intensively. Also you should not hope only for one mushroom, these simple rules in a complex will help you to achieve excellent results:

  1. Reduce the volume of portions.
  2. Your daily diet has to be created on such formula: 60% - cereals (otrubny or grain bread), 20% - fruit and vegetables, 15% - meat, fish, dairy products, and only 5% - fast carbohydrates (the bakery and containing sugar products).
  3. Drink clear water (on 1 kg of weight – 30 ml).
  4. Vegetables and fruit need to be eaten in 20 minutes prior to reception of the main food.
  5. Eat as it is possible more slowly, carefully chewing food and waiting until its taste leaves.
  6. Once a week arrange a fasting day – eat only fruit and drink water.
  7. Nobody cancelled physical exercises! 30-minute training - once a day.

What contraindications?

In spite of the fact that the tea mushroom at first sight seems harmless, it is necessary to consider that it will be useful not to all people.

It is necessary to refuse the use of a tea mushroom, if:

  • you have a diabetes;
  • low pressure;
  • stomach diseases;
  • low acidity.

It is forbidden to drink a tea mushroom on a hungry stomach, and it is better to dilute too concentrated drink with water.

Refuse the use of drink if you are not sure that it is prepared in sterile conditions. Preparation of drink for weight loss in ceramic ware is forbidden, otherwise it is possible to poison with lead.

If it is correctly to do everything, in a month it is possible to notice excellent results. To lose extra kilos, to feel more vigorously and more vigorously curative drink – a tea mushroom will help. And that it was more pleasant to you than it to drink, it is possible to reduce amount of sugar and before the use to add a honey spoon to drink. Be harmonous and healthy!

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