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Why it is impossible to be photographed in a mirror

On pages of the social networks so popular presently, we can often see the pictures of people made in a mirror. The photo in reflection became a new last word in fashion, and, doing next liftoluk, young people hardly remember long superstitions which say that be photographed in a mirror can be dangerous. Let's try understand, than a similar ban is caused.

It is a little about mirrors

It would seem that such unusual and mystical there can be in this subject, after all it, in fact, only a piece of glass which one party is covered with amalgam and a layer of black paint. But why the mirror is surrounded already many centuries with a secret aura? Why many sorcerers, witches and shamans prefer to use this subject as magic attribute for the rituals? And even the people directly related to science call mirrors "unique multilayered structure". It was not succeeded to find authentic answers to these questions yet, but one is definitely clear: the mirror is something bigger, than simply reflecting glass surface.

All of us so got used to use mirrors in life that we do not represent without them the life any more. And for certain not many of us think of that the similar subject possesses unique properties. It is considered that the mirror has a peculiar memory – it keeps information ever reflected in its surface. And especially for a long time this subject imprints the pictures and images possessing powerful, strong power, and thus not always the positive.

Perhaps, you sometime noticed that in different mirrors you look absolutely differently. For example, "house" reflection can seem to you is much more nice, than an image which you see in office mirror. All the matter is that these subjects remember not only appearance of people who in them looked, but also their characters, souls, power and thoughts. And if peace and harmony reign in your dwelling, that, admiring the reflection before withdrawal from the house, you will see attractive, vigorous, the holidaymaker and the friendly person. And here by the mirrors established in public places, daily there passes the mass of people with the most different moods and thoughts. And if before you in a glass smooth surface the person concealing rage, offense or grief looked – his power engineering specialist with ease can be transferred you, having spoiled mood for all day.

Why it is impossible to be photographed in a mirror

Let's understand in more detail on what the similar ban is based. allocated some reasons:

  1. Mystics claim that in the course of creation of a picture of people is capable "to cause" from depths of mirror memory something absolutely unexpected and unpleasant. Remember, perhaps, you sometime saw pictures of various phantoms imprinted in a smooth surface in magazines or telecasts of ekstrasensorny subject. Sometimes similar photos – only fiction, but in certain cases experts recognize images reliable. It is considered that the world behind the looking-glass is a certain world where live essence from another dimension. For the time being our parallel realities are not crossed and it is not known, whether flash of the camera promotes contact of two worlds, but you should not check this theory on own experience.
  2. The camera, as well as mirror, partly too is a subject mystical. Most of psychics will tell you that the picture is capable to store information on the person represented in it. It is considered that having photographed in a mirror, you as if connect yourself with this subject forever. And after all, as it was told earlier, the reflecting surface remembers power of all people and events, ever in it imprinted. It turns out that the chamber fixes on the image not only you, but also the zazerkalny world which can not always be friendly. As a result on your power the power of those who left the trace in an unruffled surface is imposed, and it, in turn, can negatively be reflected not only in yours health, but also in destiny.
  3. One more reason of a ban is based all on the same communication of the person with a mirror in which it was photographed. There is a belief that if this subject will ever break, the mass of troubles and misfortunes will fall upon the head of the owner of a similar picture.
  4. To trust or not to similar signs – to solve to you. gave to you the reasons of a ban on creation of pictures in a mirror, but It should be noted that all these assumptions – only the theory which is not confirmed with established facts.

Why it is impossible to be photographed in a mirror: scientific approach

The people preferring to post similar photos on social networks often spend a lot of time, selecting a beautiful pose, a smile, a look, a foreshortening, etc. It would seem, in it there is nothing dangerous, but it only at first sight. Scientists of one American institute spent 15 years, studying action of mirrors on the person. The experiments made with use of the highly sensitive magnetic and wave detector showed that the reflecting surface is some kind of power vampire. Those who carries out a significant amount of time in front of the mirror, often feel fatigue, weakness, deterioration of mood and memory. It seems improbable, but the people adoring admiring themselves grow old a little quicker than those who is unaffected by the reflection more.

National signs

The huge number of signs and superstitions is connected with mirrors. Let's consider some of them:

  1. The mirror breaks unfortunately. If you trust this assumption, here to you some councils:
    • do not look in splinters of the broken glass at all, it is considered that it will bring a set of troubles to your house;
    • accurately collect parts of the broken subject and turn in fabric then dig to the earth.

  2. If you left the house and forgot to take with yourself some necessary thing, having returned to the dwelling, be surely looked in a mirror. Similar action will take away all evil spirits from your house, and you will be accompanied on the way by good luck.
  3. Try not to place a mirror in a bedroom. If it is impossible, then simply establish a subject thus that during a dream you were not reflected in its surface.
  4. Moving to other house or the apartment, take with yourself own mirror or buy the new. The subject belonging to last owners is better to throw out as you do not know, what power they could leave behind.
  5. The mirror in a bathroom should be hung up so that you were not reflected in it in the course of bathing, otherwise, if accept to trust, you are waited by frequent and long diseases.
  6. Do not look at the reflection if you are upset, frightened, are angry, are nervous or cry. The mirror will remember negative information, and will transfer to you bad power again and again subsequently.
  7. Some signs are not advised to bring to mirrors of the children who did not reach 1 years. It is considered that the baby will badly grow and develop, and also will become timid.
  8. One more superstition forbids to use food, looking in the reflection. But, if to hang up a mirror so that in it the dining table was visible – owners will never feel need and shortages of money.
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