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Programs for smartphones on Symbian (Internet)

Use of a global network, Internet passed to mobile devices for a long time. We visit the sites from phone, we unload and we download files from phone, we communicate on the Internet by means of the same phone. And by means of clever phone, i.e. the smartphone and a set of some programs it can be made quicker and, the main thing, is more comfortable for itself.
Use of a global network, Internet passed to mobile devices for a long time. We visit the sites from phone, we unload and we download files from phone, we communicate on the Internet by means of the same phone. And by means of clever phone, i.e. the smartphone and a set of some programs it can be made quicker and, the main thing, is more comfortable for itself.
As you understand, in this article we will make a review of those programs which will promote your convenience of use of the Internet from the smartphone.


The standard browser on latest models of smartphones already in itself is quite good, provides the majority of necessary opportunities. Only not always these opportunities happens enough, and therefore you look for something the best, and, fortunately, this best is available.

Opera Mini 4.1
Браузер Opera Mini
    Developer: Opera Software ASA
    Program site:
    Compatibility: Symbian 6-9
    Language: Russian
    Distribution: free of charge
    To download:
The Opera Mini browser is assembled on java, and therefore is equally good both for the smartphone, and for ordinary phone. The most important that it is not necessary to look for the version under your Symbian, is a universal product.
Advantages in front of the built-in browser:
Likely, one of the most important pluses of Opera Mini is a caching of the visited pages that provides fast return on the previous pages. Same affects a traffic expense rather on its economy.
You can look through as the full-size page, and to include the option "Mobile Look" – then the page will be adjusted on width to the screen size: thus the page will be displayed a little in a vidoizmenny format, the cursor vanishes, but scale thus will remain the same (in drawing: at the left – a standard look, on the right – mobile).
Вы можете просматривать как полноразмерную страницу, так и включить опцию «Мобильный вид» – тогда страница будет подогнана по ширине под размер экрана: при этом страница будет отображаться немного в видоизменном формате, пропадает курсор, но масштаб при этом останется прежним (на рисунке: слева – стандартный вид, справа – мобильный)
It is a look it will be convenient, for example, when reading the big text, article on the page. In the mode of surfing such advises the option "Mobile Look" of to disconnect.
Pleases with cookies, at each calling on the same site it is not necessary to become authorized repeatedly even if the last visit was a few days ago. However, on some sites happens impossible to log in through Opera Mini, and then it is necessary to address to other browser (and happens, on the contrary). For example, it was not succeeded to come into mail on – in that case it is possible to use either the built-in browser, or the post program (we will speak about mailers still).
It is necessary to tell that when loading files the browser allows to choose the folder for preservation.
При загрузке файлов браузер позволяет выбрать папку для сохранения
About convenience and visual effects. In respect of comfort of Opera Mini favourably differs in a set of combinations of hotkeys practically on each function and action. It is quite possible to do and without them, but with them life for your fingers will become simpler, it is less than pressing. Still very much it is pleasant, and you for certain too estimate when when scrolling visible limits of the page are automatically displaced to the left or to the right so that the text on the page was visible since the beginning of a line. And in completion of all this the special visual effect pleasantly looks: transitions are followed by effect of shift of the page as if scrolling (for the sake of economy of random access memory it is always possible to disconnect) to the left/to the right forward/back.
Браузер UCWEB имеет возможность открыть любую ссылку в новом окне
From missing elements of the Opera Mini browser it is possible to note only lack of a mnogookonnost.
Besides the miniOpera appendix there is one more not especially remarkable, but sometimes the useful appendix under the name UCWEB. Let's not stop in detail on this browser, its main distinctive feature – opportunity to open any (we emphasize, any) the reference in a new window.
Окно настроек отображения веб-страниц в Opera Mini
There is also a good manager of loadings. But lack of the cursor prevents to use this browser as the basic, movement according to the page turns into longer process. And therefore it is possible to put it on a case of volume loadings, and provided that will foreknow that, as from where to swing.

ICQ clients

It is enough mobile ICQ clients for smartphones, but functional it is slightly less, convenient – only 2-3. There is mobile version well familiar to all QIP for desktop computers – QIP PDA. The program is simple and clear, but is not present in QIP PDA of those superstructures and additional functions which introduce in use of other ICQ clients more convenience and pleasures, perhaps. It does not mean at all that we against QIP PDA – on the contrary if the simple client for Internet paging is required, this program can use, "glitches", as they say, in it is not noticed.
As that not to exchange for the review more functional ICQ clients chose, and we recommend them for your smartphones.

Мобильный icq-клиент Smaper
    Program site:
    Compatibility: Symbian 7-9
    Language: Russian
    Distribution: free of charge
    To download:
Smaper will be estimated first of all by who has ICQ also not one, "working" and "friendly", for example. That especially pleases, new UIN can be got directly here, and the password is allowed to be changed too through the program, passing the appeal to the computer.
Новый UIN можно завести прямо здесь, и пароль изменить тоже позволяется через программу, минуя обращение к компьютеру
Interface quite convenient and pleasant. Correspondence with each contact is organized in the form of a habitual window: type the text in the lower part, in top – display of history of messages.
Переписка с каждым контактом организована в форме привычного окошка: в нижней части набираете текст, в верхней – отображение истории сообщений
From convenient features of the program: all contacts with which it is corresponded, are taken out in separate group "Open Chats" (at desire this function can be disconnected in settings).
The contact list can be displayed as in one, and two columns – one more plus, in particular, for owners of a large number of contacts.
There is also spam filter that for 99,9% rescues from boats and other undesirable contacts. The list seeing seeing, an ignore list as a last resort.
In the curtailed mode at new messages in the right top corner there is a small square with number of new messages.
В свернутом режиме при новых сообщениях в правом верхнем углу появляется квадратик с количеством новых сообщений
That then here is not present?! would like to tell about minuses of Smaper'a and obvious contraindications to use is not present.
By the way, for those who likes to communicate not simply and and to do it it is beautifully possible to establish any pleasant skin from their official site (, in the same place it is possible to find also packages with smiles.
Smaper has also the java-version i.e. working not only on smartphones, but also on ordinary phones. Whether it is worth putting it on the smartphone? It is impossible to say no, unambiguously. Of course, the java-application concedes on functionality (the main thing, works only one profile at the same time), other interface. But at the same time Smaper – rather simple appendix, a question of its installation by and large goes on java at the level it is pleasant / it is not pleasant.

    Developer: Lonely Cat Games
    Program site:
    Compatibility: Symbian 6-9, Symbian UIQ, Symbian UIQ 3.0
    Language: English
    Distribution: the test free version is available
    To download: app=slick
Slick is an ICQ client who surprises with trifles from first minutes of work with it, these trifles pleasant and not really. One is obvious – when using of this program you will open for yourself something new.
The first that surprises, except icq this program supports also such protocols as Yahoo, Aim, MSN, Google Talk, Jabber. If there is an account at least in one of them – already huge advantage, the such combine to online communication.
Кроме icq программа Slick поддерживает и такие протоколы, как Yahoo, Aim, MSN, Google Talk, Jabber
If anything, except icq do not use, then such functionality will be excessive so far.
At start of Slick'a at those who is already familiar with appendices from Lonely Cat Games (LCG Jukebox, etc.), there will be feelings something familiar. Honestly, interfaces of all programs are identical, the developer did not begin to think out every time something new – and it is quite justified practice, successfully realized menu only adds recognition.
Unfortunately, Slick has no Russian in the menu yet, the version test, it is necessary to wait for a final version.
К сожалению, Slick пока не имеет русского языка в меню, версия тестовая, придется подождать окончательного варианта
With settings of problems does not arise: UIN, the password, and the server and port are already entered by default. It is necessary only to choose an access point that the program did not ask its every time – that's all.
Wow-effect, let and small, the line leaving over all windows with information from whom and how many came new messages causes. What to tell – it is convenient, any message will not pass by your attention.
Wow-эффект, пусть и небольшой, вызывает выходящая поверх всех окон строчка с информацией, от кого и сколько пришло новых сообщений
All open chats are displayed as it is many got used to see on the computer – in the form of bookmarks, so to move between them not less conveniently.
Все открытые чаты отображаются так, как это многие привыкли видеть на компьютере – в форме закладок, а значит перемещаться между ними не менее удобно
Information output about traffic volume in a miniwindow over a contact list also belongs to convenient practices. The counter, perhaps, and now is actual for users, whose operator does not please with available tariffs for the Internet, and it is simple for control of a traffic.
К удобным наработкам относится и вывод информации об объеме трафика в миниокошке поверх контакт-листа
But in too time in this Slick'a version is absent though any spam filter, the ignore list too is absent at all. And spam message start coming, and there's nothing to be done: either delete, or do not pay attention (and how not to turn if from time to time jumps out an inform line about the new message from unwanted numbers). It is possible to give a discount that the version test, and to wait for a new modifed copy.

Post programs

ProfiMail v.2.91
    Developer: Lonely Cat Games
    Program site:
    Compatibility: Symbian 6-9, Symbian UIQ, Symbian UIQ 3.0
    Language: Russian
    Distribution: 23,50?, the free version is available
    To download: app=profimail
After a basic e-mail client impression of the ProfiMail appendix – as the sky and the earth, well or is at least one step higher. It can seem advertizing, but again more than the successful appendix from Lonely Cat Games. ProfiMail superiority in comparison with the built-in client is not so much in the functional plane (here all approximately at one level), how many concerning the interface.
With the ProfiMail control no difficulties should arise, each field is followed by helps in the bottom of the screen. You can learn addresses of servers of the entering and outgoing mail on the e-mail server.
The only thing, recommends: attentively to fill fields at control. The matter is that if input Russian is installed in your smartphone, at input of an email address mistakes are sometimes made: instead of an English letter enter the Russian, identical on writing. And as the result – the post program does not work and why – at once to find not easy. Therefore attentively enter "a" and "e" symbols, they are on the same key at smartphones with a standard telephone apportion.
In general, at once It should be noted positive differences of use of ProfiMail as the main post program on the smartphone.
First, here it is possible to create the folders and to sort according to them incoming mail. Sorting manual, it is impossible to set rules for the redirection of the letter in the necessary folder.
    Notice that at such sorting your correspondence in the post program on the computer all the same remains in the Entering folder, and the folders created on the smartphone in the ProfiMail program anywhere, except as in the smartphone, are not displayed.
In other words there is a possibility of streamlining of correspondence in phone, at least the basic.
The second noticeable difference between the e-mail client and ProfiMail which is built in the smartphone is a work with investments. All file system is available to the ProfiMail program, so it is possible to attach and keep investments not only in standard folders ("Music", "Audioklipy" and so forth), and in any what it is only required.
Для программы ProfiMail доступна вся файловая система, а значит прикреплять и сохранять вложения можно не только в стандартные папки («Музыка», «Аудиоклипы» и пр.), а в любые, какие только понадобится
As for obvious pluses of the ProfiMail interface in front of the built-in browser, at the first appeal to the program the way of display of the list of letters is evident.
Плюсом интерфейса ProfiMail перед встроенным браузером является способ отображения списка писем
Two thirds of the screen are taken away under the list of letters with a name of the sender and a subject of the letter (if the letter subject if does not find room in screen borders, is removed in the form of a running line). The lower third of the screen displays text contents of the allocated letter, it can be read, without opening. To reach investments, the letter nevertheless needs to be opened. The attached files can be seen as by means of the most e-mail client (the browser of text documents and a photo is built in), and to open standard applications. The same concerns hyperlinks in the letter: they can be seen as through ProfiMail, and to redirect to the built-in browser.
    It would be desirable to say a couple of words and for other e-mail clients. For example, Google and created own e-mail clients (java-programs) – Gmail Mobile and the Mobile Mail carrier (mobile postman), respectively. Interest in the Mobile Mail carrier is for all owners of mail on as displays contents not only the Entering folders, and and all others. But, unfortunately, this program is not able to work with investments at all (only shows that they are and only).
Интерес в Мобильном Почтальоне есть для всех владельцев почты на, поскольку отображает содержимое не только папки «Входящие», а и всех остальных
From all programs offered within this article it is visible that there is no one best program under each separate task, somewhere something and is not enough. Therefore it is better to have a collection of complementary programs in the smartphone, and to use each of them when they on that are necessary.
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