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Programs for smartphones on Symbian (work with files)

Of course, it is impossible to advise all set of useful programs at once. At everyone the requirements. But there are those programs need in which is felt almost as everyone, here its and would like to recommend. And it is worth beginning with the organization of work with files and appendices is a basis of any digital device.
Unfortunately (or perhaps and fortunately), wandering in boundless open spaces of the Internet, you encounter questions such: "Bought Nokia N-series, it is my first smart. What on it to put?" Or here it is even better: Whether "The .sis and .sisx programs will suit me?" And it the person who bought the smartphone on the basis of Symbian asks! Examples not for laughter, everything once were beginners and did not know how to handle smarts.
And after all the word "smartphone" is not that former surprising and admiration, former at the time of their first emergence for a long time. And already not so it is not enough users of "clever phones". Only not everyone is grounded in smartphone opportunities. And opportunities these program character. The smartphone can be stuffed with such set of programs that basic opportunities will be incommensurably wider than that are painted in the most detailed technical characteristics. And the person, that is the interface of the smartphone can be changed to unrecognizability. Not for a show off, and convenience for the sake of.
Of course, it is impossible to advise all set of useful programs at once. At everyone the requirements. But there are those programs need in which is felt almost as everyone, here its and would like to recommend. And it is worth beginning with the organization of work with files and appendices is a basis of any digital device.

File manager X-plore

    Developer: Lonely Cat Games
    Program site:
    Compatibility: Symbian 6-9, Symbian UIQ, Symbian UIQ 3.0
    Language: Russian
    Distribution: 7,5?, the free version is available
    To download: app=xplore
The first in the list of programs from the category "has to be" – the file manager X-plore. I have version 1.22. Much more conveniently than the standard dispatcher of files in smartphones on Symbian. And functionality, of course, a cut above.
The interface is almost identical to the Conductor on the home computer is the one panel displaying file system of the smartphone – all contents of the smartphone as palms.
Интерфейс практически идентичен Проводнику на домашнем компьютере – это одна панель, отображающая файловую систему смартфона – всё содержимое смартфона как ладони
It is possible to open/close folder contents both on a joystick deviation to the right/to the left, and on pressing it. The first way is most convenient, to it quickly get used and involuntarily try to use when wandering according to the menu of the smartphone.
Work with files
With the basic purpose the program X-plore справляется perfectly well.
1) It is possible to open/see/reproduce files directly here.
That is remarkable, there are even players of audio and video. Even if reproduction is realized at the elementary level (audio it is possible to listen to files only on one, video – only 3gp), but from this program bigger and it is not required.
В программе имеется даже проигрыватели аудио и видео
Pleased functionality of the built-in browser of a photo: the following/previous photo, increase/reduction and so forth functions, of course, is and are taken out on "hot" keys. In addition from here it is possible to establish the pleasant photo as background drawing. A trifle, and it is pleasant.
Text files in the txt format open right there, Word documents will be redirected in the built-in application of Quickoffice.
By the way, in X-plore есть even access to the entering messages (on the "hot" 4 key). The option is useful when the file received through Bluetooth and which got to the entering messages cannot be moved to other place with standard means. For example, the same archive from the entering messages just like that not to extend in other folder, for this purpose it is not enough opportunities of the "naked" smartphone.
At desire all files (a photo, video, audio and so forth) it is possible to open standard means of phone directly from X-plore (The menu – – to Open the File in system).
2) Copying / movement / renaming / removal / viewing properties / purpose of attributes to files – these functions work without complaints, a detailed explanation to them it is not required. It is only worth telling that when copying, moving or removal it is possible to select at once some files by means of the Pencil button on the keyboard (or «#» if there is no "Pencil").
При копировании, перемещении либо удалении можно выделить сразу несколько файлов с помощью кнопки «Карандаш» на клавиатуре (либо «#», если нет «Карандаша»)
3) It is possible to edit only text files with the txt expansion. When editing function of search and standard opportunities to copy/cut out/insert works.
To make changes to the Word document through X-plore, unfortunately, will not leave, it is necessary to use other programs for this purpose. When editing function of search and standard opportunities to copy/cut out/insert works. Generally, is suitable only for fast editing not especially significant texts and no more than that.
4) To create the new folder – opportunity often necessary, this function is assigned to the 9 button. Also easily here it is possible to create the text txt file.
5) Also search of files works. For example, at the request of "*.jpg" it is possible to find all pictures on your smartphone.
Additional functions
In addition to the main functions the file manager has also other opportunities. There is not a lot of them but as for work on the smartphone – they are the most useful.
The program X-plore allows to work with ZIP archives that is important if it is necessary to download other programs directly from phone (which are often packed into ZIP). Opportunities quite are enough to cope with extraction of contents and ZIP, and RAR archives. Packing goes only to ZIP archive.
Программа X-plore позволяет работать с ZIP-архивами, что важно, если придется скачивать другие программы прямо с телефона (которые часто упакованы в ZIP)
With the help It X-plore is possible to transfer files through Bluetooth and infrared port. And what standard means it is impossible? It is possible, but not all. Try to transfer the adjusting .sis or .sisx file, and the smartphone will tell you that "the protected file cannot be transferred". The adjusting file it is not obligatory the fitter of the program; the fitter of a subject for phone too goes in the same format. Java-applications cannot also "share" with the next device on the Bluetooth channel unaided X-plore.
С помощью X-plore можно передавать файлы через Bluetooth и инфракрасный порт
By transfer of the file through this program the status of process is displayed (the volume of the transferred data in MB).
Not often used, but, nevertheless, possibility of soft reset of the smartphone was useful function. At the time of installation of some programs or incorrect operation of applications sometimes it happens that the smartphone does not respond on other actions. Only reset rescues, thus it is possible to do without switching off/turning on of the smartphone.
Не часто используемой, но, тем не менее, полезной функцией оказалась возможность мягкой перезагрузки смартфона
It is necessary to tell, X-plore has quite tolerable analogs – Y-Browser, for example. It is possible to master also other file managers, but to master at least one of them it is necessary.
By the way, the free version X-plore выделяется with existence here of such window (as in drawing) at start and closing with a request to buy this program – then the window will cease to appear.
Бесплатная версия X-plore выделяется наличием вот такого окошка (как на рисунке) при запуске и закрытии с просьбой купить эту программу – тогда окошко перестанет появляться

Smartphoneware Tracker 1.02

    Developer: SmartphoneWare
    Program site: version of
    Compatibility: Symbian 9
    Language: English
    Distribution: $19,95, the trial 15-day version is available
    To download: www (from mobile
More than worthy replacement to a task manager, first of all, on functionality (on convenience it will be pleasant not to everyone, it individually).
Tracker is an association there is nobody similarity of a desktop, the dispatcher of appendices, the list of the last actions. All this is executed in the form of 3 bookmarks on which it is possible to move horizontally.
The program can be adjusted on automatic start or to take out on software key (left or right) and to start as required. So, we open the program …
The first bookmark – personally reminds me symbiosis of a desktop and the panel of fast start. In a waiting mode by short pressing the Menu button we get to the habitual menu of phone, by repeated pressing the same button – to the Tracker program on the first bookmark. Here with own hand and with hardly any trouble at all it is possible to take out labels for a fast set, sending the SMS and mms on any set email address chosen from the telephone directory of number, and also sending mail on (the SMS, mms and e-mails have to be adjusted in the smartphone). Or to create a label for opening of the set contact from the telephone directory, and later to solve, call or send the message to this person. Here it is possible to take out a label for start of any appendix, opening of the document or the web reference. And once again here it is possible to take out points of the menu of phone to which you most often address, for example, "Settings of phone", "Bluetooth", etc.
Первая закладка напоминает симбиоз рабочего стола и панели быстрого запуска
And not to create a chaotic heap of all this, advises to structure and sort elements according to folders, the benefit such opportunity is thought over and realized by developers of the program. Folders can be created as on the same panel, and having created vertical division. On the right sideways ("under hours") folders are created and to pass according to them also simply, as on the conductor on the computer.
Чтобы не создавать беспорядочную кучу можно структурировать и разобрать элементы по папкам, благо такая возможность продумана и реализована разработчиками программы
In the first folder (perenazvat it in "Desktop") it is possible to take out, for example, everything, most often used. In the following folders it is already possible to take out not only often used, but anyway necessary contacts, web references, documents, notes, etc. Thus, all the most demanded always appears near at hand.
The second tab of the program (Tasklist) is a list of all applications run at the moment and open points of the menu, in other words a task manager.
Вторая вкладка программы (Tasklist) – это список всех выполняемых на текущий момент приложений и открытых пунктов меню, другими словами диспетчер задач
It is possible to pass into this bookmark or moving on bookmarks in the program, or at any time on long pressing the Menu button. Advantage of this dispatcher before standard that from here it is possible not only to close any task, but also forcibly to finish work of "the hanged appendix". And if necessary it is possible and to finish all tasks at once.
Преимущество этого диспетчера перед стандартным в том, что отсюда можно не только закрыть любую задачу, но и в принудительном порядке завершить работу «зависшего приложения»
The volume of free random access and constant memory, plus free volume on a memory card is right there displayed. By the way, right there it is possible to optimize use of a RAM, not much more, but it is possible.
The third bookmark (Recent) – literally, means "last". Here the latest events which were carried out on the smartphone are fixed.
Третья закладка (Recent) – дословно, означает «последние». Здесь фиксируются последние события, которые выполнялись на смартфоне.
Actually, if to manage to adjust the first two bookmarks of the Tracker program for communication with the smartphone, it is necessary to address to this bookmark not so often. But that unambiguously here it will be useful is the right column where labels for fast transition to the entering SMS, to records and affairs in a calendar are taken out today.
As you can see, Smartphoneware Tracker gives rather big circle of opportunities but as far as it is necessary, everyone has to solve for himself.
On the one hand, the program allows to reduce the most often used tasks in one point, to arrange an arrangement of these tasks "under itself". When using of this program you receive a certain way of the appeal to smartphone opportunities, excellent that offers the standard menu. It is the uniform center from which it is possible to get to any corner of the smartphone no more, than for three steps.
At fine tuning of the program "under itself" of recommends to add at once all folders and tasks in that order in which you want that they settled down. Otherwise after it is necessary to pass through tiresome procedure of movement of a label up or down, displacing it only on one position.
From other, negative side, the appendix eats off a certain part of random access memory that, of course, affects operation of the smartphone. At least, at the same time it will be able to be started one appendix less. As at most, some volume and not really applications will not be started in the presence of a large number of other programs, including Tracker at all.
But, nevertheless, for today there is not a lot of analogs at Smartphoneware Tracker, and than worthy alternative and that it is less. Not the vital program, by no means, but convenience the adding.

Nokia Search 4.0 – mobile search

    Developer: Nokia
    Program site:
    Compatibility: Symbian 9
    Language: Russian
    Distribution: free of charge
    To download:
Программа Nokia Search 4.0 - это приложение для поиска внутри самого смартфона
The application for search in the smartphone, version 4.0. This version of the program is intended for smartphones with the Symbian 9.2 and 9.3 version, on some it is preset initially, on others it is necessary to establish it independently. It is necessary to get search to owners of Nokia 5700 Express Music smartphones, 6110 Navigator, 6120c, 6121c, 6290, E51, N76, N95.
Программа выдаёт результаты поиска сразу же после ввода очередного символа (причем не важно, в какой части названия файла содержится введенное для поиска сочетание символов)
If you are familiar with how search works at Windows Vista, you will understand. Here something similar, search results are given at once after input of the next symbol (and it is not important, what part of the name of the file contains the combination of symbols entered for search). Search is conducted among a set of types of files (among music, pictures, messages, letters on e-mail, records in a calendar and all others). When aiming at each found file the full way to a place where it lies is displayed.
When the set of files on your smartphone collects, you estimate usefulness of this appendix.

Perhaps, these programs will seem to beginners in "smartphone" affairs first a little useful and even somewhere the boring. First of all, much bought the smartphone interests him multimedia opportunities (music, video, a photo) and the Internet (ICQ, surfing). But anyway, having played enough with a smart, it is just necessary to put a set of the saved-up files in order. And here you address to such programs as we designate. They are necessary, without them well in any way. Ours to you council: begin equipment of the smartphone with programs for work with files – you very strongly simplify to yourself further use of "clever" phone. And then multimedia-applications and Internet programs – we will surely tell about them in the following selections reviews of necessary programs for smartphones on the basis of the Symbian operating system.
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