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Hypostases of feet

I think, such trouble is familiar to many readers – to evening of a foot become heavy, there is a fatigue, pain. There is an impression that feet "hoot". Again swelled. There is a desire to take off attractive shoes and somewhat quicker to reach the favourite sofa. As to relieve the legs of such sufferings and puffiness?
I think, such trouble is familiar to many readers of – to evening of a foot become heavy, there is a fatigue, pain. There is an impression that feet "hoot" or "burn". Again swelled. There is a desire to take off attractive shoes and somewhat quicker to reach the favourite sofa …
As to relieve the legs of such sufferings and puffiness? You will find useful recommendations and councils in this article.

General information about hypostases

Отеки ног Doctors say that every fifth patient addressing to them, on reception complains of periodically arising or constant hypostases in feet. In a hot season this situation is aggravated that very much worsens quality of life, prevents to work and have a rest.
Most often otekaniye of feet are result of violation of outflow of blood, a lymph, stagnation of liquid in extremities. The arisen excess of moisture accumulates in cavities of fabrics, thus volume increases, and forms change. Hypostasis can be a symptom of a number of internal neblagopoluchiya in an organism and diseases, secretory, warm, vascular systems, inflammations of joints, vein thromboses. Sometimes the pain and weight which joined hypostases of feet signal about such illness as "a syndrome of heavy feet". At times this disease results is latent the proceeding varicosity – standing there are no "asterisks", large veins do not act on a surface, "setochka" is not observed visually. But it is possible to note other characteristic symptoms of an illness – "crawling" of goosebumps on extremities, spasms of gastrocnemius muscles, a pricking in stupnyakh. Fault to everything is hereditary predisposition or long, constant and everyday load of feet. Most often arises at hairdressers, sellers, druggists and at representatives of other professions which are carrying out the most part of the working day in vertical situation. Negatively provocative factors also affect a condition of feet: excess weight, footwear not by the size, high heels, frequent stay in saunas, baths, sunbeds. Veins stretch, overflowed with blood, its outflow is at a loss, here so liquid and accumulates in tissues of extremities. If feet swell because of fatigue and physical activities, simpler to cope with a problem. It is more difficult, when hypostases – a consequence of the main disease.

Why feet swell

For the correct treatment it is important to know the reason of hypostases. They are promoted:
  • close clothes, tight shoes, which very graceful, but not your size;
  • long and continuous stay on effective, but too high heels;
  • body weight, superfluous for you, platypodia;
  • long stay in the same situation – standing or sitting;
  • use of salty food, especially late evening;
  • physiological reorganization of an organism during pregnancy or a climax.
And here more serious reasons:

Consultations at experts

If hypostases disturb you constantly, it is necessary to take a talonchik to the therapist. The skilled doctor after attentive survey will direct you on analyses or to the cardiologist, the nephrologist, the phlebologist, the endocrinologist. After identification of the reason the doctor will pick up treatment necessary to you. It is not necessary to accept independently medicines, after all besides therapeutic action they have undesirable effects and contraindications. Without knowing them, the health can do much harm involuntarily. According to indications the doctor can appoint physioprocedures, massage, wearing compression stockings or stockings. In certain cases at diseases of veins operation is required. Now there are a lot of hi-tech and sparing techniques of its execution.


Отеки ног Some consider that water is guilty of formation of hypostases. It is a mistake. From a biology course at school all of us remember that the person consists of water for 70% or even slightly more. And if surplus of water is postponed in fabrics, but not removed, it only says that in a malfunction organism. Agree that feet during a heat most of all swell. So our organism reacts to external factors and creates certain "reserve", just in case. And if during this period we drink a little, the organism perceives it as a signal that water comes to an end. And what we do, when in our water taps a stream thin? Correctly, we think that water now will disappear at all, and we start it reserving in buckets or other container. Here and our provident organism starts appreciating each glass accepted inside and to postpone moisture "in a stock". Here therefore hypostases also amplify. Means, we draw a conclusion – it is impossible to limit itself in water if there are hypostases. It provided that kidneys and heart at you healthy. At healthy people surplus of liquid will always be removed – with urine, then, breath. Besides clear water use green tea or "Karkada", having diuretic effect. If having felt thirsty, it is better to eat a juicy cucumber or tomato, a glass vitamin-rich and reviver of the berries allocated besides diuretichesky action – strawberries, raspberries, currants, cranberries, cowberry. Here to us in the help there will be water-melons and melons, unsweetened grades of grapes. Do not forget about curative natural juice – apple, pineapple, carrot, grape.
But after 19 o'clock in the evening try not to drink any drinks, after all at night the organism will have a rest too, and water will postpone in fabric. It is necessary to refuse excess of salt, that is to limit in a diet cheese, herring, mayonnaise, smoked products, sausages, preservation. It is more than vegetable salatik with addition of diuretic ingredients – greens of fennel, parsley, a celery. Want to be healthy – eat properly.
If there is a tendency to hypostases, try to acquire practical, convenient and comfortable footwear from a genuine leather that feet in it could "breathe". It is not recommended to carry constantly spike, high heels if you wish to pomodnichat, put on such shoes only at some o'clock in day. Pay also attention: backs should not be rigid, and here the block has to be steady and convenient. Do not buy narrow footwear, take the size. In summertime it is better even that there was a small stock, after all by the evening, as a rule, volume a foot becomes more.
During the day periodically exempt feet from shoes or sandals. It is possible to put a support or a small stool under a desktop, periodically to raise there feet, facilitating thereby a blood-groove. Disaccustom yourself to a habit to cross feet, after all in such situation vessels are squeezed.
Several times a day do simple exercises for feet:
  1. Get up from a workplace and transfer the center of gravity to socks, rising "on tiptoe", and then again by heels. It is convenient to do it and on ladder steps, as a support a handrail or a wall will approach. Three minutes of such occupations – and a tone of vessels will improve.
  2. Put on a floor small subjects (buttons, a big candy wrapper from candies, a pencil, the handle) and lift them, clamping and holding fingers of feet. At first it will be difficult, tension and fatigue can be felt, but gradually everything will start turning out.
  3. Houses periodically lay down on a sofa, having raised feet up. Outflow of liquid well comes from extremities when performing exercises known for all – "birch", "bicycle".
For the prevention of puffiness and venous insufficiency swimming, driving by bicycle, badminton is useful to be engaged in such sports which improve blood circulation in extremities – jogging. And in general, the movement promotes prevention of hypostases.
In the evening or even in the afternoon if there is free time, do medical foot trays. We will need a bucket with warm water, sea or even usual salt. Procedure duration – 20 minutes, are possible more. At this time it is possible to watch the favourite soap opera or interesting transfer. And meanwhile salty water will extend excess liquid from tissues of feet. After the first procedure you will notice positive result. It is possible to add to water essential oil – a juniper, a lavender, a verbena … Or to pour in advance prepared infusion of herbs, birch leaves, flowers of a linden, a camomile or a calendula will approach.
It is useful also coniferous extract.
Stimulates blood circulation in feet and a contrast shower. At first pour over feet cool, then hot water. Finish procedure after several alternations by all means cold water.
At violation of venous blood circulation doctors recommend to patients the pharmaceutical ointments and creams containing menthol, extract of a chestnut and other substances, for example, "Venitan", "Gepatrombin", "Essaven" …

Known folk remedies

Отеки ног Remarkable diuretic effect tea from blackcurrant leaflets has. With the same purpose I recommend to use herbs – leaves of a birch, cowberry, a bearberry, escapes of bilberry, a grass of a sporysh, horsetail field. These natural means will bring more benefit to an organism, than diuretics Furosemide, the Hydrochlorothiazide, Indapamid.
Will relieve of toxins and excess liquid tea from a ginger root. It is better to take a slice of a back and to crush. Having filled in with boiled water, to allow to be drawn to drink of minutes, slightly burning on taste, 20. At desire add a lemon circle to such tea. If there is no crude root, the ginger powder bought in a supermarket, in department of "Spice" will be replacement.
At hypostases the flax seed bought in a drugstore will become the good assistant. We take 500 ml of water, we add one or two tea spoons of a seed of flax there, we bring to boiling and we cook on small fire of 5 minutes. We pour in a thermos or we wrap up. We leave for some hours. To accept this broth during the day. If not to filter, and to drink with soft seeds also intestines it will be good to be cleared.
Tasty hypostases medicine is yellow or orange pumpkin. Eat on a half of a big glass or even on the whole glass of grated pumpkin in day. There is even a grade of Ananasnaya pumpkin, it can be eaten with slices.
Only do not accept above-mentioned means shortly before a dream, differently yours "the internal alarm clock" will constantly give a signal therefore can not sleep.
If you have an apple cider vinegar prepared in house conditions, they can wipe the swelled feet several times a day.
In hot weather at hypostases I am helped out by trays with addition of kefir from the Tibetan dairy fungus. There are enough 20 minutes, and in feet again ease, cheerfulness and skin on stupnyakh gentle and pleasant!
Quite often hypostases annoy long time after operations, long diseases and reception of antibiotics, dogrose broth will help with such cases. It and an organism will strengthen, will sate with vitamins and excess liquid will remove. For drink 2 tea spoons of fruits on 250 ml of boiled water there are enough. Only remember that the filtered infusion should be drunk through a tubule straw that enamel of teeth from acids did not collapse. And after a propoloskayta of companies usual water.
About hypostases of feet at pregnant women of already in detail wrote in one of the articles.
Hypostases arise for various reasons is influence of hot weather, long loads of feet, fatigue can be simple. But sometimes it is a signal that in an organism there are failures in work of some body or system. Therefore at the hypostases which are constantly disturbing you, dear readers, visit the doctor and pass inspections. Also you should not buy at once expensive drugs, after all the nature in the storeroom prepared many curative plants which can help and will significantly improve health.
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