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Hypostases of feet at pregnant women

Happy months when the woman bears the desired kid, sometimes are followed also by the unpleasant moments – nausea, heartburn, spasms and hypostases of the lower extremities. If to trust statistical data, hypostases arise at 80% of pregnant women. Why there are hypostases, whether it is dangerous what to undertake, and whether it is possible to prevent their emergence? Questions are very actual.
Happy months when the woman bears the desired kid, sometimes are followed also by the unpleasant moments – nausea, heartburn, spasms and hypostases of the lower extremities. If to trust statistical data, hypostases arise at 80% of pregnant women. Why there are hypostases, whether it is dangerous what to undertake, and whether it is possible to prevent their emergence? Questions are very actual. Therefore also decided to help to understand all this to women and relatives surrounding them. After all many know that in the absence of pregnancy hypostases can be a signal that the person has violations in functioning of warm or vascular system or kidneys. Whether hypostases so are considered at pregnancy too as pathology or this normal phenomenon?

General information about hypostases

Отеки ног у беременных Developing of hypostases at the women who are going to become mothers is connected most often with change of a water-salt exchange in internal environments, violation of normal outflow of blood and a lymph from the lower extremities, a blood condensation, a liquid delay an organism as if "in a stock", after all during this period water is necessary as solvent for course of many processes during the forming and growth of a fruit. Allocate four stages in development and manifestation of hypostases during pregnancy:
  1. Emergence of hypostases in shins or feet.
  2. Further hypostases rise above, affect the lower part of a stomach and even lumbar and sacral area.
  3. The following stage – here is already added puffiness (pastosity) of the person and puffiness of hands. Pregnant women are upset very much by an obvisaniye of eyelids. There is it because in them friable cellulose, detaining water as if a sponge settles down.
  4. The general hypostasis which is characterized by extensive distribution.

Mechanism and reasons of developing of hypostases

The delay of liquid happens because of the following factors:
  • increase in weight of the woman that leads to strengthening of load of feet;
  • the uterus grows, increases in volume and "presses" on vessels. Especially "gets" to veins of the lower extremities and a small pelvis;
  • the uterus sometimes squeezes also mochetochnik therefore urine is badly emitted;
  • the hormones which are developed in large numbers at pregnancy compel an organism to detain liquid;
  • pregnancy can push the diseases of kidneys dozing in an organism, earlier not shown, hearts or varicosity. Then hypostasis will be one of symptoms of these illnesses;
  • the heat provokes hypostases, and also the frequent use of excessively salty or fried food.

Assumptions and independent diagnostics of the house

Not all hypostases are noticeable visually, sometimes they have the hidden character. Many women complain that to them the shoes loved earlier began to reap and squeeze foot, the thong of sandals should be weakened constantly, there is a discomfort when carrying a wedding ring, it became bad to be removed from a finger or leaves a noticeable trace. And bathroom scales show that in a week weight increases more than by 300 grams.
At healthy women in most cases hypostases arise in the late afternoon. In the morning they are almost not noticeable, during a night dream of liquid are evenly distributed on all body. And here in the afternoon the woman goes, works, is in vertical situation much, here then liquid and accumulates in a lower body – especially in stupnyakh and shins. If to press a finger on the swelled fabric, there is a pole which is slowly filled and leveled. Skin thus pale, intense.

Survey and methods of diagnostics at the doctor

Отеки ног у беременных If future mother is disturbed by hypostases which become constants, it is necessary to tell about it to the gynecologist. The skilled doctor will perform inspection, will ask on a state in more detail, will find out, whether there is no predisposition to heart, renal diseases or pathology of veins. Here that else the doctor will carry out:
  1. Weighing and comparison of results in dynamics. It will help to define, whether there is no excess in an increase that testifies to the latent hypostases.
  2. Researches of diuresis in days, that is the amount of the drunk liquid and the emitted urine is compared. In norm three quarters of the arrived quantity have to leave an organism, and one quarter is allocated with then and at breath. When the amount of the left liquid is less, it already its delay in fabrics.
  3. The analysis of urine, especially look, whether there is no protein in it.
  4. Measurement of a circle of a shin in a certain place. It is considered that if this indicator in a week increases more than by 10 mm, liquid obviously accumulates in feet.
  5. Implementation of voldyrny test. Sometimes the nurse enters into area on an internal surface of a forearm a thin needle vnutrikozhno physiological solution in number of 0,2 ml. In norm this formed blister has to resolve within 60 minutes.
  6. Control of a blood pressure, hypostases happen satellites of a hypertension.
  7. Blood test to define, whether not too it dense, whether is not present risk of a tromboobrazovaniye.
  8. If necessary heart and kidneys are examined.

Different views of doctors on a problem

Отеки ног у беременных If to puffiness the hypertension and availability of protein in urine does not increase, abroad doctors do not consider such states as pathology long ago. And here many gynecologists in Russia still hold the opinion that at hypostases it is necessary to undertake measures and medicinal therapy urgently. They are sure that dropsy of pregnant women surely leads to development of such complication as gestoz. Such doctors adhere to the point of view that the drugs in time accepted will relieve the woman of emergence of a hypertension and proteins in urine. Supporters of such approach to puffiness write out to the patients diuretics, sharply limit them in table salt and drink.
But there is also other group of doctors who reject such approach. They are convinced that not always hypostases conduct to a gestoz and an eklampsiya. They against appointment to pregnant women of diuretic medicines as consider that these drugs will worsen water-salt balance in the woman's organism, and it will do much harm more, than hypostases. I will notice that diuretics possess the side effects extremely undesirable at pregnancy. I too hold such opinion that it is necessary to appoint these diuretics only in exceptional cases, the demanding urgent measures. Of course, there are good diuretic herbs, but their impact on a fruit is studied insufficiently therefore it is not necessary to accept independently herbs which were advised by the girlfriend or the neigbours who do not have medical education. Only the knowing doctor has to make the decision on purpose of herbs during pregnancy. The second group of doctors does not even recommend to limit sharply reception of water and other liquids. They are convinced and proved that if the pregnant woman drinks a little, the organism considers that it is necessary to postpone even more waters "in a stock" that leads to strengthening of hypostases.

Measures of the prevention of hypostases and principles of treatment

Отеки ног у беременных Surely regularly visit the gynecologist who observes the pregnancy course. Share your fears and assumptions if you are disturbed by hypostases, a sleep, a pricking, weight, foot pain, night spasms with the doctor. Conceal nothing, then the skilled expert will appoint the necessary analyses, will conduct diagnostic testings and will prevent complications of hypostases. Here such recommendations are done by doctors to women to prevent developing of hypostases or to weaken their manifestations:
  1. Control of amount of postupayemy water in an organism is obligatory. It is necessary to consider that water is in soup, tea, juice, fruit and vegetables. Everything has to be moderately. In the second half of pregnancy the organism has enough on average 1,2-1,6 liters of liquid per day if there is no pathology of kidneys. Give preference to that liquid which possesses ability to be late in blood system and does not get into fabrics. This milk, kefir, freshly squeezed juice in house conditions – carrot, apple. For a satisfying of thirst it is possible to eat a fresh cucumber, bilberry, strawberry, currant, blackberry, a cranberry, cowberry a slice of a water-melon or a melon – depending on a season. The listed products have quite good diuretic effect and will promote removal of excess liquid.
  2. It is important to organize the food correctly. Try to use less such food which causes thirst and promotes the excess use of liquid drinks. Carry to such undesirable products salinity (the herring, caviar, nutlets in bags which are generously flavored with producers I will merge, marinated and tinned vegetables, sausages), sweets (pies with cream, jam, candies). Sparkling water with fragrances and sweeteners too does harm. Avoid fried food, give preference to boiled or stewed dishes. Try to add greens of fennel to salads or make its seeds – this spice will remove excess liquid.
  3. Vitamins, especially groups B, and means for strengthening of walls of vessels are sometimes shown to application.
  4. At work if it is necessary to sit much, do not put one foot on another not to squeeze vessels. Whenever possible substitute a small small bench or a support under feet. Each hour get up from a chair or a chair, go, do small gymnastics.
  5. Choose footwear convenient, without heels. If it is necessary to be all day in footwear, periodically remove it, allowing feet to have a rest and "breathe". Thus ask native to do you the easy and weakening massage of extremities. The movements have to be from below up – from a foot to knees.
  6. That liquid did not accumulate in feet, it is necessary to move more, more often to walk. If hypostases nevertheless develop by the evening, it is necessary to lay down, having raised slightly feet. The roller, a small pillow, a sofa armrest will help with such cases. That liquid did not stand in feet, "quiet time" in the afternoon and a full-fledged dream not less than 10 hours is desirable at night.
  7. Houses periodically do trays for feet, using a bucket during procedure to immerse in warm or cool water not only a foot, but also a shin. Thus it is useful to add sea salt or infusions of herbs, for example, of a camomile, mints.
  8. For the prevention of pathologies of vessels of extremities, pregnant women are recommended to put on a prenatal bandage, now it is possible in a drugstore by means of the druggist to choose option convenient and suitable for you.
  9. In certain cases the phlebologist (the specialist in veins) will advise to carry compression linen – stockings or stockings. According to indications the phlebologist can write out for the prevention of changes in veins and a congestion of hypostases of a tablet, creams and ointments.
Having got acquainted with this information, it is possible to draw conclusions that the pregnant woman should not be anxious and nervous if by the evening at it feet swell. Adhere to the above recommendations, watch over the health, visit the doctor, consult on it. In cases when hypostases become constants, do not disappear after rest and a dream if swell not only feet, additional inspection is required to prevent complications. wishes to future mothers of easy pregnancy and healthy kids!
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