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Substitute motherhood

It is so conceived by the nature that the person seeks for continuation some kind of. But what to do if speaking to the modern language, "the program gives out a mistake". For many couples which cannot have children, the substitute motherhood becomes really the last ray of hope. But in too time for many people this phenomenon immoral and unnatural.

What is the substitute motherhood

With the advent of EKO it seemed that the way is found, to make everyone parents, but it became clear, as this method is not panacea from infertility problems. So, there are some factors which do not allow the woman to take out the own child independently. For example, when at the woman is absent or the uterus is deformed, or there are diseases which lives of the child and mother can threaten, or there were already some ineffectual attempts of EKO. In such cases the substitute motherhood comes to the rescue. As it occurs: to the woman who approached for a role of substitute mother, the embryo, procedure just the same place in a uterus, as well as during EKO. Only in this case the embryo sits down not to biological mother, but foreign woman. She also bears pregnancy.

Before procedure parents make all necessary tests. The woman receives a hormonal dose which will provoke a superovulation, that is at once there will be some ova, thus, will increase the chance of that fertilization in a test tube will take place. Further at the husband sperm undertakes, and the doctor connects it to ova. Then ova for some days place on a certain Wednesday, after this time look, whether passed fertilization. If an affirmative answer, cells of future child enter into a uterus of substitute mother. It has to accept after an embryo podsazhivaniye two weeks a hormone a progesterone that the prizhivleniye of the child took place. Under stable attention of doctors the fruit is till 12 weeks, clear malformations if they are are during this time already visible. After 12 weeks the woman is followed up by a doctor, as well as other pregnant women.

The favorable outcome of this procedure depends on several factors. First of all, this health and psychological stability of substitute mother, and also qualification of doctors and accurate observance of all recommendations.

Requirements to substitute mother

Can become substitute mother for couple both the relative, and absolutely foreign woman. The main thing that its age was ranging from 20 till 35 years and it had already healthy children. It has to be healthy, whether and to define so it, the woman who will bear the child, passes survey at the therapist, the gynecologist and the psychiatrist. Take from it on the analysis blood and urine and dab. Besides, an indispensable condition is lack of addictions.

If in all respects the woman approaches for a role of substitute mother, further there comes the stage in which there is a synchronization of two menstrual cycles – at biological and substitute mothers. It is necessary in order that the impregnated cages well got accustomed in a womb not of his biological mother, and it occurs only when a certain level of maturing of a uterus comes. "To adjust" the cycle to a cycle of biological mother, the woman uses hormonal preparations, especially for it intended.

Childbirth takes place in the same way, as well as at usual pregnancy. If there are any complications or threat of life of a fruit and mother, can there be a speech about Cesarean section. If substitute mother agrees and it will not contradict rules of concrete maternity hospital, biological mother can be present on childbirth.

Legal aspect

Because of disagreements and defects of the Family code of the Russian Federation very many childless couples do not decide to resort to services of substitute mother. Because the legislation, first of all, protects interests of the woman who gave birth to the child. So, for example, procedure of such child is registered as well as any other, that is by bodies of the REGISTRY OFFICE. And mother the woman who took out the child a priori is considered. Therefore if mother does not agree that child wrote down on biological parents, they will lose on him all rights. If substitute mother gave a green light to registration of the child addressed to biological parents, in the future she has no rights to challenge the motherhood. That somehow to secure itself, recommends to parents to pay the last part of the sum after registration of the child. Though here under risk substitute mother gets. To avoid similar situations, it is necessary very carefully, with participation of the sensible lawyer to make the contract. And substitute mother needs to be chosen too very carefully. There are even special sites in which there are "black lists" of such unfair women.

The child should not appear in the contract, as object of the transaction because it is forbidden, both Russian, and international law. And in it there should be no penalties if mother refuses to transfer the child to biological parents after his birth. Only that in case of cancellation of the transaction the refund is provided can be stated in the contract. But only in case all expenses in turn were certified documentary.

Under the law of biological mother the child care leave, as well as to all other parents is put. It can be issued at the enterprise at presentation of the birth certificate of the child.

It will be necessary to take out how many the child substitute mother, anybody will definitely not tell. Among those who used such service, the figure about 500 thousand rubles appears. But it only the fee to the woman, does not enter this sum EKO procedure payment, analyses, preparations etc. Also you have to agree with surmamy and state in the contract where she will live. If you completely trust the woman, she can live at home, and you will pay her some hundreds of dollars a month for needs.

If you want to keep everything under the control, it will be necessary to rent for all nine months apartment near the house and to look after that future mother behaved according to her situation. It will be additional expenses, but is so much quieter.

Against substitute motherhood

In the world there are whole public organizations which propagandize refusal of substitute motherhood. They adduce such arguments:

  1. The substitute motherhood contradicts human nature. This argument is given usually by priests. And the church forbids to resort to services of substitute mothers.
  2. Giving the born child, at a surmama the mentality is injured. It is quite probable that at the woman the maternal instinct will wake up, and she will not want to give the child. As a rule, biological parents find ways how to take away the child.
  3. Substitute mothers are dealers people. If earlier the child was given to parents by someone from above, today it can be bought simply for money.
  4. The substitute motherhood is a type of operation of women who has no right for feelings but only to play an incubator role.
  5. The substitute motherhood undermines sanctity of a family in which the child-bearing is a certain sacrament.

It is possible to give different pros and cons for a long time. But the decision is made all the same only by three persons: future parents and the woman, in which forces how to confirm to these people a rank of the father and mother, and to disprove.

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