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Review of Sunrise Holidays Resort 4 hotel *, Hurghada, Egypt

Than Egypt, except relative availability of travel is good? In my opinion, there are two indisputable moments: first – a practical vsesezonnost of rest, secondly – opportunity to touch history of the most ancient civilization. In this article – the story about autumn rest in the resort of Hurghada and about visit of sights of ancient Luxor.
Отель Sunrise Holidays Resort 4*, Хургада, Египет
Than Egypt, except relative availability of travel is good? In my opinion, there are two indisputable moments:
  • first is a practical vsesezonnost of rest;
  • secondly – opportunity to touch history of the most ancient civilization.
In this article – the story about autumn rest in the resort of Hurghada and about visit of sights of ancient Luxor.

Small background

Circumstances developed so what to escape in small holiday it turned out only in the fall. And as the child was already a first grader, it was necessary to be guided by autumn, November vacation. Therefore the choice of economic option was small – practically only Egypt!
Отель, вид с моря
Doubts in that will be warm, were not. So, naturally, also it appeared. In the mornings – happened and is slightly lower, than +20, but further – everything is normal, and on the sun – simply hot. And here quite strong winds which are constantly blowing on the coast appeared a surprise. They, by the way, blow also in the summer, but then it perceive as the benefit, and on - falls and at water it is strains a little.

Sunrise Holidays Resort 4 hotel *

From the airport of Hurghada to hotel to go minutes five, probably. That is the arrangement – practically it does not create the center of the town, but problems.
The hotel consists of one quite big building, ledges located directly on the bank of the Red Sea. The facade comes to the road, the majority of numbers – overlooking the sea, but is and fronting in a courtyard.
Отель, вид с дороги
In general hotels of Sunrise group in one Hurghada not that 4, not that 5 pieces. This was chosen by process of elimination because of availability – after all the European vacation time for Egypt – a high season!
Внутренний двор отеля
Внутренний двор отеля
By the way, in hotel there were very many Europeans – Germans, French and … Ukrainians – at them "schedule" of autumn vacation differs from the Russian!
    We had a "ultra all inclusive" system. Delights of this fact were not noticed and did not aspire to it – so it turned out. But, running forward, I will tell that in hotel, in my opinion, surprisingly level of service, very high for Egypt. Both in numbers, and at restaurants. It, sometimes, takes the ugly forms when it is necessary to wait for the ordered glass of juice or a cup of coffee long – service, understand! But, I will repeat, the general level is high, especially, for 4 stars.
The territory is so small that it is practically not present! There are 3 restaurants, bars, a beach, a pier, the children's town, the pool. But all this tiny. Problems were not to be placed on a beach, however, and here to get to the restaurant chosen for this moment, happened sometimes complicated – asked to wait! Places where it would be possible to take a walk – no. Well not on sand?! But it is feature of the hotel located directly at an edge of water and limited by the road on the other hand. Therefore if there is a wish to walk – forward, to Hurghada!
Plus is that, having left the building, it appear directly on a beach. Nearly from a balcony it is possible to jump in the sea!


On arrival a number was got quickly. Came. Very small, two double beds. If to put an additional bed for the child, it will be impossible to open a door on a balcony. Went to reception (in the course only English or German languages), explained. Rummaged in the computer and without pressure gave number significantly more, but on the first floor. I not really wanted it, but the hotel guide told that many specially choose such – directly from number an exit to a beach, funny. "Go, look". Time was later, the child fell asleep on the feet therefore looked and moved.
In the course of unpacking of things it is ringing. The girl (the guide who already left by this time hotel!!), reports:
– What do you do not approach on reception, they to you found good number?!
– Yes I already in it!
– No, they found even better. You, please, approach, look after all …
Once again went, looked. Number is even more, much better, on the 2nd floor. Once again moved! And all this without any bribe, only gave some additional $ to the guy who had to drag 3 times our suitcases!
Number and itself big, and with a big terrace and a bathroom. Any delicacy – only 4 * after all! A floor – a tile. A minibar, the TV, cases, a sofa, a wicker furniture on a terrace and … a remarkable view of the sea!
Вид с террасы номера на пляж и пирс


Actually, the beach consists of two parts. One – on a coastal strip, another – on a pier. On a ladder you descend from a pier directly in the sea, on depth. Remarkably, but as all the time is windy, therefore absolutely small wave constant, however. Before a pier the sea forms a small lagoon (probably, meters 100 along the coast and 20-30 meters to pier structures) with a flat sandy entrance – an ideal place for those who travels with children.
На пляже
На пляже


I cannot allocate anything special. In my opinion, in hotels of Egypt serve quite decent wine of local production. Food usual. As always, the sea of sweets, surprisingly is not enough seafood, but it is common fault of hotels and Turkey, and Egypt (strangely enough) …
In total usually. Permanent, unostentatious animation in any languages. Aqualung, tattoo, massage, tennis, volleyball, aerobics, throwing of steel spheres (French entertainment) both other, and other.
The city as I spoke, nearby. If there is a desire – without problems. On my taste, there is nothing to do there, but time to kill, buy souvenirs, it is possible. From goods – qualitative Egyptian jersey.
В Хургаде


Went to Luxor (~ $130 for three with a lunch).
    There to visit, I consider, it is necessary to go at least once to Hurghada (from Sharm el-Sheikh – much farther and more expensively, practically, only by plane).
Action begins from the dawn – depending on an arrangement of hotel at 5:30 – 6:00 local time. Then all (from different hotels) gather in Safagu – the resort town in 30 km to the South from Hurghada, from where already armada from more than hundreds of buses – speak, for safety – is compact, accompanied by police, moves through quite picturesque mountainous desert to the purpose. Scales of a caravan make strong impression.
On the way – a stop to warm up feet, to visit public places and to have a bite the dry breakfast taken in hotel (plus, naturally, souvenirs, camels, etc.). The parking absolutely useful – the road to Luxor on time takes 5-6 hours.
And here, at last, you appear in Luxor – the ancient capital of the country, part of the well-known Thebes known from the middle of the III millennium B.C. There is it before noon.
The first visit – in grandiose Karnak Temple which was built and reconstructed by Pharaohs of various dynasties for hundreds of years. The impression of a construction is comparable with impressions of pyramids of Giza. But that to feel all this, it is necessary to appear there – will not regret! A lot of things are destroyed, but a lot of things and are whole. It belongs and to blowing and now the mind to a building facade, and to sculptures, colonnades, avenues of sphinxes.
Карнакский храм
Карнакский храм
Карнакский храм
As established grandiose columns (which number is measured by hundreds) and overlappings it is unclear! In places on an ornament and hieroglyphs kept color of paint which is not less than 3500 years old! And, by the way, sphinxes on Neva Embankment in St. Petersburg – just from here.
Местами на орнаменте и иероглифах сохранили цвет краски, которым не менее 3500 лет
Then – a lunch on Nile Embankment in one of numerous restaurants of Luxor. The food, ice cream, but not drinks are included … On the embankment of Luxor a huge number of motor ships – here a stop of all excursion vessels plying across Nile on a route Cairo – Abu Simbel (it near Aswan hydroelectric power station; nearby – the well-known temple with enormous sculptures of the Pharaoh Ramesses II).
Луксор, Нил
After a lunch – on the boat which transports you on the left coast of the great river where the following objects of the world heritage the most known of which – Valley of the Kings and the temple of the queen Hatshepsut are located.
The first object on the way – two enormous statues – Memnon's colossuses. Scales of sculptures can be estimated, having only approached closer. By the way, various antiquities in this part of Egypt meet continually. Continually on the parties recently dug out statues, ancient ruins and other are visible.
Луксор, колоссы Мемнона
Луксор, колоссы Мемнона
The temple of the queen Hatshepsut – only in the history of Egypt the female Pharaoh – makes very strong impression. Directly among rocks it is dug out (and it continues "to be dug out"!) perfectly remained palace on which it is possible to walk, be photographed, etc. And thus the construction is built around the 1500th years B.C., that is to it already more than 3,5 thousand years! The construction is absolutely atypical for Egypt, both on architecture, and on safety level. The last circumstance is connected, most likely, by that it is dug out relatively recently. It is dug out for some reason mainly by Poles who for it here very much are loved?!
Храм царицы Хатшепсут
Храм царицы Хатшепсут
Храм царицы Хатшепсут
The following arrival – on stone-cutting factory. To the trade located in this place of the country, not one thousand years. Make vases, vessels, figurines from sandstone and other stones. That is literally from an integral piece of a stone! It if is not really beautiful, for certain, very originally. Still did not regret about the "pot" and a figurine brought from there!
Выставочный зал фабрики
Выставочный зал фабрики
The last historical visit – Valley of the Kings (Pharaohs). These are the most ancient, to pyramids, burial of the Egyptian tsars and the nobility which was carried out in the thickness of rocks. Their more than one hundred is. All was plundered (process went the millennia!), except the well-known tomb of Tutankhamun (governed about the 1300th years BC), which contents found only at the beginning of the XX century is in the Egyptian museum of Cairo. Now it is possible to see only descent down (sometimes on considerable depth), chambers where earlier sarcophagi settled down. All this still under protection, is not allowed to remove inside, even force to hand over equipment for the period of descent in a tomb.
Долина царей, вход в гробницы
Final chord – arrival in the museum of the papyrus. This action is included into "range" almost in any Egyptian excursion regardless of the region of residence. Will show how made the papyrus earlier and will suggest to get souvenirs (pictures) from the ornamented papyrian paper. Quite originally, but all this can be seen now in any souvenir shop and in Russia. But some things very attractively look and, by the way, are very expensive (more than one hundred U.E.)...
From Luxor buses go to a way back around 18.00 so in hotel you are only closer by midnight …
And, in summary, about tour operator and conditions of a trip …
In our case went through TezTour, Transaero flied. Neither to those, nor to another claims are not present. Everything managed for two adults and the child for a week about $1500 about which never regretted. Have remarkably a rest. I recommend!
Колонны храма
    There is an undoubted charm that from November cold weather and slush you get, though for a while, again at summer! Also do not forget about sun-protection creams and points – they, in Africa, are necessary even at the end of fall!
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