How successfully to pass examination
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How successfully to pass examination

Probably, it was necessary to each of you, and time you read this article, that, possibly and still it is necessary to pass oral examination. Pay attention that is not about written examination, namely about oral. How to use these features to receive a desirable assessment? will give you some consultations.
Probably, it was necessary to each of you, and time you read this article, that, possibly and still it is necessary to pass oral examination. Pay attention that is not about written examination, namely about oral. In what feature of this type of demonstration of knowledge and how to use these features to receive a desirable assessment? will give you some consultations.

What is the oral examination?

You, dear reader, probably, smiled, having read this question. Of course, you know that it for procedure. The passing examination is extended by the ticket, goes on a place to prepare, then rises and goes to hand over. But if you think that at oral examination, as well as on written, only your knowledge is checked, assures that you deeply are mistaken. Passing oral examination, besides delivery of the main subject you hand over the second – art to communicate and get on with people. Remember if the examiner wants you to fill up, he will fill up you. Of course, if you do not own hypnosis or not the master of communication. But such people only a few units, mortal such tricks are inaccessible to the majority. On the other hand, if the examiner is paid, nearly 100% probability that you will pass examination.
We will not concern two above described cases today, and we will make a start from that you the ordinary student or the school student trying to pass examination before the teacher who to you is initially neutral. I in this article will make a start from three components of successful passing an examination: your knowledge, your state at the time of passing an examination, communication with the examiner.

Your knowledge

In principle is the main component of successful passing an examination. At the low level of this knowledge, successful passing an examination to become very problematic. But after all the possible. Though, give one after another.
Despite possible shifts, cribs, it is one examination better for prepared to go. Read literature, abstracts – all that material which you will be asked. Spend so much time for studying, how many for you it is necessary for normal preparation.
If entrance tests in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION in case at you in the subject "problems", employ the tutor are coming you. It is desirable also that the tutor was from that higher education institution where you are going to arrive. After all besides knowledge he can make to you concrete recommendations about a manner of the answer and specific features of future examiner. Maybe it has a favourite question or something something like that. Such consultations can be very useful. suggests to examine and other questions connected with a choice of the tutor.
If examination within the walls of your Alma Mater is necessary to you, on the lowest courses you can get similar advice from the senior companions, and on the highest you and so know everything. Simply use it.

Your internal state

Here your head is to the full stuffed by necessary information. But the nobility is not enough, it is necessary to show knowledge.
Excitement can become the first obstacle to successful passing an examination for you. It can arise because of any neopredelyonnost or possible surprises before the forthcoming examination.
The surprise can be of this kind:
  • The taught less ticket. Exit: to finish learning, or to convince itself that according to the theory of probability it will not get.
  • Bad mood of the examiner. Exit: to overpersuade itself, to forget, become confident in the forces.
  • Uncertainty in the forces or knowledge. It seems as everything was learned, but all the same some doubts. Try not to think of it. Take even with yourself a crib, but do not apply, in order to avoid risk to be removed from audience.
  • Other expected difficulties. Use the same ways of psychological protection:
    • (to forget) replacement,
    • rationalization (to present that a problem – a trifle, and you will easily cope with it),
    • regression (generally this behavior childly, but it is necessary to treat with humour, i.e. to laugh over a problem even if laughter artificial, in a different way a problem not to perceive).
Before examination it is necessary to sleep. At least some days to it. If to sleep it did not turn out in any way, drink a cup of strong coffee or a jar of energy drink. The caffeine containing there will help you to make active reserves of your organism. It is possible to eat a chocolate also. But look do not go too far in caffeine, differently at examination to you will have no time for a subject.
Try to come to examination in good mood. How to lift it probably you know if is not present – that read a selection of councils "How to lighten mood" from

Communication with the examiner

Here we approached the most interesting and the most important feature of oral examination. Without having managed to find a common language with the examiner, you can send all efforts spent for performance of two top conditions is up the spout.
Before arrival on examination it is necessary to consider all specific features of the examiner which you studied earlier. It means if it does not transfer red color, red color in clothes should not be. Otherwise of any successful passing an examination can not dream: you get at most 3 points and that if know a subject excellent.
To the examiner and as it is necessary to approach any other person kindly and with a smile. Fall in love with it even for some moments. But only in you there should not be a falseness. And people feel really good attitude.
Calibrate the examiner, watch his mood for all the time of your answer. advises to use such approach. If it has a bad mood – try to answer rather a question and to leave not to anger him even more if good – that try to enter on the contrary with it small conversation, perhaps you will have with it general views and in the course of the answer you will be counted a little big, than simply passing examination. From that and result. But all on a situation.
If you wish to pass successfully examination, do not argue with the examiner. Almost always he will appear more to the right of you but even if and vice versa, all the same he does not recognize it and very much will become angry that by all means will affect result.
Write down the answer it is desirable literally. It will give the chance to speak to you continuously and will make impression about high degree of knowledge you a subject. And in general try to speak vividly, be not afraid to gesticulate, wonder. Also it is desirable not to interrupt during the answer. The accurate speech and well constructed and thought over answer guarantees you the most part of success at passing an examination.
Sometimes it is possible to praise the examiner, to pay him a compliment, especially if it is the woman. The main thing that it did not develop into silly flattery which is necessary to nobody.
Well and it is natural if you know that the examiner likes something else (not to confuse to a bribe) – that it should be included in your program of delivery of this examination by all means. hopes that the councils described here will help you to pass oral examination successfully. We wish you good luck!
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