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Registration of the educational visa

Modern living conditions allow to move freely on the world, to study or work where ourselves want that. At least, we are not limited in a choice. So. You decided to go on training to one of the countries of the Schengen agreement. The most important and necessary for stay in the country is the visa.
Modern living conditions allow to move freely on the world, to study or work where ourselves want that. At least, we are not limited in a choice. Another matter – a financial component – but it already a question individual.
For anybody not a secret that for successful career more chances are given what education did not stop after obtaining the diploma. And such education is got often abroad. It first of all is prestigious, after all education level in the different countries has the equivalent in world educational system. Our article is focused on the European countries.
So. You decided to go on training to one of the countries of the Schengen agreement. The most important and necessary for stay in the country is the visa. The visa – the document which is granting permission for crossing of borders of this or that country, and also stay in it permitted quantity of time.

Than the educational visa differs from the tourist?

Оформление учебной (студенческой) визы First, possibility of stay in the country for several months without departure from the country while most allowed stay in the country on a tourist visa does not exceed 30 days from the moment of entrance (and some embassies issue visas only for the required period of a trip). Secondly, at registration of this visa the student is exempted from payment of a visa fee. Thirdly, some countries allow to work (limited number of hours per week) according to the student's visa. Retreat: it is possible to visit classes and in a tourist visa if period of validity of the visa and term of training allow.
Many believe that the educational visa is given only to the listeners enlisted on this or that faculty of state university. This opinion wrong. The student it is possible to become and at transfer on advanced training courses, at visit of language schools, or a number of the specialized training programs, experiment on an exchange of pupils. The main thing thus for embassy – accreditation of educational institution and your arguments: for what you need this training, whether is it way to stay in the country. It is no secret that many, wishing to remain in the country some time, look for all possible options.

What student's visas happen?

Оформление учебной (студенческой) визы Student's visas happen two types: short (till 90 days) and with long stay (more than 90 days). It is necessary to consider that it not simply the visa for 90 days of stay, and 90 days within half a year is most admissible term for nonresidents. So you should not count that after 90 days you can receive the new at once. Having spent 3 months in the country, the following trip is resolved not earlier than in 3 months after departure from the country.
Obtaining the short-term visa much more simply and quicker on time. If you gather for long training – consider that consideration of such inquiry can last about 2 months (in certain cases to 3). Besides, documents for the visa of the first option it is required less.
Regardless of the term of stay in the country, the following documents are necessary for obtaining the educational visa:
  1. The existing international passport with 3 free pages which is terminated not earlier than in 3 months after the planned return to the country.
  2. The completed questionnaires on receipt of a visa (number of copies specify at embassies). Filling language – depending on the country.
  3. Identical actual color photos of the demanded type (to specify quantity at embassy).
  4. The insurance policy for the entire period of stay in the country with the minimum sum of 30 000 euros. Attention: order the policy in the accredited insurance companies – their list is always published on the country website. Owners of the insurance which is given out by banks when obtaining the map or opening the account too should read conditions of action of the insurance policy attentively: for example, he acts during the first 30 (or 60) days from the moment of trip abroad. For the remained period order an insurance in addition. Such "trifle" can become a cause of failure in delivery.
  5. The letter from educational institution on transfer you in listeners. It has to be the original with the press. If the letter was sent you by mail, surely apply an envelope with prints.
  6. Training payment confirmation. It is obligatory point which non-performance is fraught with refusal. As a rule, on the sites of embassies it is specified that payment has to be full. But practice showed that it is possible to pay only some part and to write for embassy the letter of guarantee (in country language) that you undertake to grant the remained sum after receipt of a visa during a certain term – such retreat is allowed as training cost not small, but the receipt of a visa is not guaranteed 100%. Also in case of refusal in the visa educational institutions can transfer your training to other term or return money. Surely attach the check (its copy, if the original at you only one) about payment to the invitation.
  7. The letter motivation in country language in which you have to specify the training purpose accurately: the requirement of the employer, desire to promote on a career ladder, personal motives for the purpose of moving to the country in the future, etc.
  8. The reference where, besides the main necessary information, it will be specified that the employer agrees to release you on training and to grant leave. In case of lack of official work, it is necessary to specify sources of the constant income.
  9. Accommodation. It is necessary to put a hotel booking where you will live the entire period of training, or the copy of the lease contract of the apartment. If you are invited by the individual – that the original of the invitation in which it is specified that the entire period of stay in the country you will be in his house (in more detail about the private invitation in article about the Schengen visa).
  10. Confirmation of a financial solvency. Besides specified in the reference from the employer of level of the monthly income, it is necessary to provide an extract from the bank account. Level of necessary financial means pays off from number of days of alleged stay in the country. At each country a different minimum of finance for 1 day therefore it is necessary to visit the site of embassy surely. Council: if funds for the bank account arrive regularly (for example, a salary) – it is better to request an extract for a certain period, for example, in 2-3 months. Then the embassy not only will be convinced in existence at you of finance, but also regularities of their receipt. Agree, it is possible after all to open the account for some time, to put there the necessary sum, to take an extract, and then it is simple to withdraw money. Therefore not only the sum, but also date of opening of the account, and a regularity of the movement of means play value.
  11. If you go to training not at own expense, the letter from the sponsor that he finances your trip is necessary. Respectively, if this individual – that the copy of his document, the reference from a place of its work and an extract from the bank account. If he invites you to the country, but has no nationality is will become there a serious barrier as will demand from it not only confirmation of financial stability, but also not one more reference. If the legal entity (for example, the company employer) – too financial guarantees and obligations sponsors. All documents in country language!
  12. The obligation to leave the country after training term.
It is not the full list of documents. At each country the requirements. But these 11 points are necessary anyway. If the visa long-term – is required also the long letter autobiography with the complete list trained, work places, the translated copies of diplomas, etc. – everything depends on the country and the chosen educational institution. Also additional documents will be requested from persons is younger than 18 years.
Many will ask: and how air ticket? Its granting was left only in trip cases. By the private invitation the air ticket can be not provided for obtaining the educational visa or the guest visa.

Refusal in the visa

Before submission of documents in embassy (or visa service), carefully check correctness of their filling and a complete set. As it is sad, but the refusal facts in the visa take place to be.
For anybody not a secret that references, many at receiving, "adorn" the financial opportunities, and some file the nonexistent document at all. Many embassies check the provided information by means of calls to the company. On experience I can tell that questions are asked sometimes far from your person. For example, and what color your building? And how to reach to you in office? And what companies are in the neighbourhood? And, of course, they once again will ask those questions which are reflected in the reference: position, period and schedule of work, salary level. Sometimes embassies request references of the personal income tax. At informal employment it is a problem.
If you are invited by the individual, be convinced that his "biography" is blank and the embassy will have no questions to it.
Try to have the bank account nevertheless. Though some own financial savings speak about your independence.
Letters and guarantees in language of the country write independently – even if and with mistakes. Thus, the embassy will be able really to estimate degree of knowledge of language. Do not forget – it is about the educational visa.
Also the situation when you are not going to study can be a cause of failure in the visa, and in educational institution postpone visit. The embassy can make request and receive information that with the educational visa you did not visit occupation.
At a choice of the schedule of training, be adequate. If you chose training once a week and apply for the long-term visa – there is a question: and than you are going to be engaged all free time? If the school has a schedule of training with more frequentation, the visa to you can give and for smaller term.
Strangely enough, but simply blank passport can become a cause of failure also. Therefore together with it submit also the old passport in which it is possible to trace history of your trips. After all many behind the blank new passport hide the previous refusals, valid visas, etc.
The valid visa too can become a cause of failure. If you earlier received the Schengen visa, you have no right to receive the second to the same period of stay in a zone of Schengen (for example, is tourist, and it is necessary educational). For this purpose it is necessary to submit at first the application for annulment of earlier issued visa with the indication of the reasons, and then to file documents on receiving the new. And new it will be given out taking into account time, already carried out in the country according to the previous visa.
Refusal of other country of the Schengen agreement by embassy can become a cause of failure.
And the most banal cause of failure – an incomplete package of documents! Yes, simply forgot to report this or that spravochka, and did not receive the visa. But it is reparable – make repeated submission of documents.
Consider also that the embassy reserves the right not to sound a cause of failure. Therefore often you can not learn, in what a problem. But again on experience it is checked that it is possible to write the letter to embassy with a request to explain these or those details and the answer to them comes very quickly. And not only about causes of failure, but also to submission of documents. Specify unclear details in order to avoid unpleasant results in advance. Council: if you consulted at embassy in advance, unpack electronic correspondence and apply to documents – in case of questions they can help.

Terms of documents

Оформление учебной (студенческой) визы It is possible to request the visa no later than in 12 days prior to estimated date of a trip, and not earlier than 3 months to it. So, if you plan to go to training in March, documents can be filed in December. Considering that it is about the educational visa – better to arrive quite so. In case of refusal there will be enough time for repeated giving.
Also you can receive the new visa in the presence of the operating. But in this case, in the questionnaire date strictly after the end of action of the previous has to be start date of action of the new visa: for example, the visa comes to an end on April 27 – in the questionnaire specify the period of the new visa since April 28 and further. Also consider even if the following visa comes into force the next day after the termination previous, you are obliged to leave the country and to make new entrance!
It is possible to prolong the student's visa in the presence of strong reasons. Some countries allow to make it without departure home. But if it is about HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, but not about language school or short-term training, here not everything is so simple. Besides ordinary documents, it is necessary also progress confirmation. For foreigners results of your progress have to be visible to department. Besides, the important role is played here also by a source of the income. If you have no personal financial savings in enough, to Department has to be clear, on what means you plan to remain in the country. Not all, but many countries allow to work according to the student's visa (50% of admissible working hours a week). Therefore behind insufficiency of financial means work in the country is necessary. And income level too is carefully looked through – whether it is sufficient for further stay.

Finishing the short review of that is necessary to study in Europe, it is necessary to tell that before collecting documents surely visit the site of the country in which training is planned. Requirements and the list of documents can change. Therefore this article contains only the main information. At each country the details. And, unlike a tourist visa, we receive the educational visa in embassy of that country in which training is planned! Therefore in order to avoid unpleasant situations, and that is even worse, full cancellation of the planned training, plan everything in advance.
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