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How to struggle with a stress

Remained people on the planet who are not familiar with this state very little. The stress is series of events which we perceive as threat to our wellbeing that brings nervous system into tension, and it in turn causes problems with physical and psychological health. Symptoms of a stress are signals that in life is time to change something.
Stress – concept well-known. Remained people on the planet who are not familiar with this state very little. The stress is series of events which we perceive as threat to our wellbeing that brings nervous system into tension, and it in turn causes problems with physical and psychological health.
When we try to cope with vital problems, the organism also is in a condition of fight. If we subject to stresses of very often, the organism is in constant "combat readiness" to fight back "enemies" at any time. Similar constant readiness of an organism for fight causes biochemical changes in an organism, and it exhausts immune system and becomes the reason of various diseases. Between mentality and physical health there is a close connection therefore emotional problems lead to organism diseases.


Как бороться со стрессом Symptoms of a stress are signals that in life is time to change something. These are the first signs of that it is necessary to think of our actions and to find options of fight against vital difficulties.
Treat such symptoms:
  • condition of alarm;
  • sleeplessness;
  • feeling of loneliness and vulnerability;
  • fear of loss someone or something;
  • sharp changes of mood;
  • feeling of depression for no particular reason;
  • something to do absence of desire.

Sources of stresses

Как бороться со стрессом Fight against a stress begins with definition of its source. He can be either external, or internal, is more exact tell, psychological.
External source of a stress are unpleasant events in the world surrounding us: financial problems, experiences before some events, the conflicts, changes, continuous haste, long loneliness, unsuccessful attempt to make there is a lot of all for the short term, violation of a healthy lifestyle and a lot of things many other things. Surprisingly, but even positive changes in the lives similar to promotion, change of a residence, can cause a condition of a stress as the organism needs time for adaptation.
Destructive thoughts belong to psychological sources of a stress. For example, the impossibility to achieve the objective because of a lack of self-confidence or doubt in the knowledge and skills, all this leads to thoughts: "It would be desirable, but I will not be able". Respectively, the objectives are not achieved and requirements are not satisfied. Or feeling of eternal haste: "It is necessary to make so many! And how it everything to be in time?". Or excessive insistence to itself, attempts to correspond to some ideal.
It is necessary to reveal stress sources that to control them. Recording of all of that is the reason of a stress can become the first step. Written down will help to realize a problem and to determine stressogennost level. And in the careful analysis written, it can appear so that some sources do not exist at all, they imaginary, far-fetched, it is easy to eliminate some, and with some it will be necessary to be overcome.

How to master a stress

Как бороться со стрессом Many councils for fight against a stress are founded on the well-known and simple principles. Here some of them.
Antistress exercises. One of antistress exercises is called "shelter". It is necessary to create mentally a quiet corner where it will be possible "to leave" to stay alone. The lodge on the seashore, mountain top, a hut in the wood or other planet can be such corner. The main thing for that time while you are there, you have to calm down and gain strength. For return to the real world it is necessary to open eyes simply.
Exercise "smile" consists in that 10-15 minutes to sit in the weakened state with an obligatory smile upon the face. If so long for the first time "to hold" a smile upon the face it will not turn out, time can be increased gradually. The sense of this exercise that the brain perceives this movement of muscles on a face as a signal that you are happy and happy, and sends signals to an organism to harmony. All practicing yogis know the rule, the corners of lips lowered down oppress all vital signs lifted up – on the contrary, them stimulate.
Scheduling of actions. Difficult to control feelings to the person, of course, but here the actions can be controlled. And from change of behavior thoughts and feelings change. For example, if it was not succeeded to make something instead of being sorry and feel worse than ever, it is necessary to develop the active plan which will allow to make it next time. From active actions emotions change, and start thinking of this situation differently.
To learn to plan time. Many daily stresses are connected with statement of a large number of tasks, and because of inefficient use of time the part of tasks remains outstanding. 24 hours per day are, it seems, a little, but 8760 hours a year are already something. And this time can be used differently. Wise use of time – a condition of the balanced life, so, and wellbeing.
Meditation. Meditation helps to stop waves of thoughts in our head and to relax a body. Ways of meditation set. Each person himself chooses as well as where he will do it. At all it is not obligatory to sit in a lotus pose in east attire as many think. It is possible to meditate sitting in a chair or during morning jog, or during slow walk on park alone. It is enough to concentrate on some one thought or feeling, and to try to be discharged of all stranger. By means of meditation it is possible to take off psychological fatigue, so, to improve a dream, to increase tranquillity.
Look for humour in everyday life, smile more often and laugh. The one who at the difficult moments finds forces to joke, it is easier than others copes with a stressful situation. Sometimes the humour helps to look in a different way at current situation and quickly to find a solution. The humour, a smile and laughter have the revitalizing effect for the organism which is in a stressful situation. No wonder that clubs of laughter gain popularity with a high speed presently.
Healthy nutrition. Some products will help with fight against a stress. In during a stress the need of an organism for vitamins C, B5 vitamin, magnesium grows. Therefore every day it is necessary to include the products rich with these vitamins and mineral substances in the diet: kiwi, citrus, cabbage, pepper. And can be more reliable will to buy a complex of vitamins B to a drugstore.
And also it is necessary to remember a happiness hormone serotonin. That serotonin was developed, it is necessary to use the products containing tryptophane (the amino acid which is a part of proteins), namely pumpkin sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, almonds, dates, bananas, walnuts. At night serotonin turns into melatonin – the hormone helping to restore vital forces.

Inefficient methods of fight against a stress

Abuse of alcohol and drugs belong to such methods. They remove symptoms quickly, but not for a long time. Similar methods muffle symptoms, but do not fight with them, and we thus give in to self-deception. Emotional burning out – sincere exhaustion as a result of a long stress is a consequence of inefficient methods of fight against a stress.
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