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How to strengthen vessels

With age many people even more often have headaches, weakness, dizziness, meteosensitivity amplifies, memory worsens … It is a signal that the condition of vascular system worsens. Whether it is possible to strengthen a tone of vessels and to maintain their elasticity and elasticity? At some simple recommendations for readers are laid up.

From anatomy we remember that two blood systems – arterial and venous are involved in an organism. On arteries blood moves from a cardiac muscle to fabrics and bodies, and here on veins it comes to heart again. The peripheral blood-groove is presented by a set of capillaries. Because of improper feeding, a hypodynamia, chronic stresses, addictions, deterioration of ecology and other external and internal negative factors the condition of the blood course worsens. And because of progressing of pathological changes of vessels at people the hypertensive illness, hypotonia, heart ischemia develops. And if in vessels cholesterol is postponed, owing to atherosclerosis the blood-groove worsens. To support health of transport system on which blood circulates, will help: refusal of addictions, a hardening, healthy nutrition, physical activity, regular trainings, ability to keep calm and optimism in stressful situations.

About food

Long-term scientific researches show that the vascular tone decreases, normal current of blood at those people who eat monotonously is broken. And here various food well affects vessels. The vitamins A, E, C possessing antioxidant properties will help to strengthen a vascular wall. Therefore at a food allowance by all means there have to be products, them containing.

There is a lot of vitamin A in butter, an egg yolk, cottage cheese, cream, milk, cod-liver oil, a liver, carrots, the Bulgarian sweet pepper, pumpkin, a melon, mango.

Are rich with vitamin E: not refined oils, sunflower sunflower seeds, sesame seed, nuts, parsley, hips, spinach, tomatoes, peas, avocado, Brussels sprout, a liver.

Vitamin C is present at a citrus, cabbage (color, white, Beijing), onions, black, white, red currant, a gooseberry, a sea-buckthorn, a cornel, a cranberry, a mountain ash, a kiwi, a feijoa, pineapple, salad greens, fennel.

Many berries, fruit, greens contain the bioflavonoids preventing fragility of vessels, strengthening them the walls preventing process of a sklerozirovaniye. Those products where there is a lot of vitamin C and a bioflavonoid routine are especially useful in this plan. Let's call these delicacies: grapes, raspberry, fruits of a mountain ash, dogrose, currant (black, red), hawthorn, citrus, sweet Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes, cabbage, sheet salad, carrots, beet.

Group of the flavonoids called by catechins regulate permeability of small sosudik – capillaries, increasing thus elasticity and elasticity of their thin walls. With catechins green tea, cherry, bilberry, a sea-buckthorn, apples, raspberry, peaches, apricots, a guelder-rose, bitter chocolate, cocoa is rich.

Antotsianida have anti-inflammatory, kapillyaroukreplyayushchy effect, in a large number they are present at bilberry, a black-fruited mountain ash, cherry, sweet cherry, grapes, blueberry, a cranberry, raspberry, wild strawberry, plums. And than coloring of berries or fruit is brighter and more dark, subjects it is more in them than the painting pigments – antotsian.

Let's list some more products which are positively affecting a condition of vascular system:

  • the bean;
  • nuts;
  • buckwheat;
  • onions and garlic;
  • eggplants, cucumbers.

It is important to resupply constantly collagen in the organism, after all it helps walls of vessels to remain strong and elastic. There is a lot of natural collagen in beef, turkey, chicken, fish (especially in a salmon, a trout, a salmon), cook for yourself aspic and jelly where gelatin is by all means added more often.

Hardening and sports activities

Than trenirovanny vessels of the person, that more quietly they react to changes of environment (weather differences, atmospheric pressure). The simple procedures training a tone of vessels: contrast shower, trays or rubdowns. Two terry towels, two buckets will be necessary for contrast rubdown. In one pour hot water, in another – cool. Moisten one towel with hot water, and then actively pound it the body. Then moisten the second towel with cool water and again be engaged in intensive rubdown. Now again turn of warm rubdown. Further cool rubdown follows. Finish procedure after several repetitions by warm rubdown.

The contrast shower will take from you a little time, and here benefit will bring the enormous. At first have a shower bath warm water within one-two minutes, then add cool water, it have a shower bath too one-two minutes. And so some alternations. Every day, gradually increase temperature of hot water, and temperature cold, on the contrary, reduce. Listen thus to the internal feelings. Duration of douches by a shower too can be increased gradually. But only remember that time of hot douches has to be twice more long, than time of douches by cold water. Douche by cool water has to be the final stage always. Always carry out such procedures only in good mood.

Positively influence vessels: swimming, bicycle or ski walks, skating. But at the beginning it is necessary to begin with small physical activities that the userdiya not to cause a spasm of muscles that then will halloo pain. Foot walks and feasible work on a country site or care of beds in the yard of the house are very useful to elderly people.

Recipes of traditional medicine for strengthening of vessels

For strengthening of walls of the vascular course it is possible to use herb infusions: a sporysha (in the people it is called often the mountaineer bird's), a horsetail field, medunitsa. Herbs can be made on one or to make medical collecting. Is as follows: two tablespoons of the dry crushed grass (or collecting) put a way of preparation of infusion in a thermos and fill in 500 ml of boiled water. Cork and leave for an hour (or more). It is necessary to accept the filtered infusion on a third of a glass (means two hundred-gram) four times a day.

In a summer season do such mix in the mornings: 100 ml of apple juice and a tablespoon of the juice which is squeezed out of a nettle. In 30 minutes after reception it is possible to have breakfast. A course – 21 days, then a 10-day break after which the course repeats.

In the fall and conduct such courses of improvement of vessels in the spring. Scroll 1 kg of the washed-up cranberry berries via the meat grinder (or simply properly rastolkit), add to the berry weight of 200 grams of garlic which was passed previously through a chesnokodavilka (press). Mix everything and leave for 12 hours in a dark place. Then add 500 grams of qualitative honey. Store mix in the refrigerator, accept it twice a day to food on a tablespoon.

It is possible to prepare such curative balm for vessels in the fall. The glass (200 ml) of the grated horse-radish root (or passed via the meat grinder), a glass of carrot juice, a glass of beet juice, a glass of honey, 50 ml of vodka is required. Mix everything, send to the refrigerator. In a day squeeze out juice from one big lemon and send to the mix prepared the day before. Again mix everything. Store structure in the refrigerator, accept it three times a day on a tablespoon for an hour to food. In a year two times are desirable to repeat such courses at least. Conduct the second year in two months after the termination of the first.

Some more councils

Massage – a peculiar gymnastics for capillaries. In the evenings do massage of the feet which were tired in a day. Begin with finger-tips, moving then on a foot to heels above. Use thus stroking, a razminaniye, grinding, "manual a shower". Do not forget to massage clockwise 30 seconds so-called "a longevity point", it settles down between the second and third toes. When pressing you will feel at once morbidity in this area.

Too give to hands some minutes. For massage of hands it is possible to get the special set consisting of a ball with a set of the sharp ledges and ringlets executed from a spring in Medtekhnika shop. So you will stimulate blood circulation, to influence biologically active points. Fingers should be massed from their tips to a palmar surface.

The sessions of respiratory gymnastics which are carried out on Strelnikova's method can improve a condition of vessels.

Forget about cigarettes, nicotine very much harms to vessels.

Do not abuse alcoholic beverages, they depress both on central, and on peripheral nervous systems, worsen a condition of a liver, kidneys that will soon affect and vessels.

Do not overeat, excess weight – one of risk factors of cardiovascular pathologies.

Overfatigue, overstrain, the wrong relation to stressful situations negatively affect a condition of vascular system and work of a cardiac muscle.

After the day filled with physical and intellectual activity the physical and psychological relaxation, good rest, a quiet dream surely have to follow. Try to live in love, harmony, the world with yourself and the people surrounding you. Be not irritated on trifles, listen to favourite music more often, be loaded with energy, being outdoors. Care of the nervous system then your vessels will be healthy for many years.

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