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How to strengthen immunity

Zachikhal, began to cough, or is even worse – fell down a week - another with flu, will surely tell: immunity is weakened. Became covered by red rash, having eaten an excess chocolate, - and this time failure in work of immune system will be an explanation. would like to share knowledge, that such immunity and about ways of its strengthening.
Как укрепить иммунитет, повысить иммунитет Zachikhal, began to cough, or is even worse – fell down a week - another with flu, will surely tell: immunity is weakened. Became covered by red rash, having eaten an excess chocolate, - and this time failure in work of immune system will be an explanation. That immunity violations are the cornerstone of any illness, became a medical axiom for a long time. Therefore would like to share knowledge, that such immunity and about ways of its strengthening.

What is the immunity?

Having called immunity the bodyguard of an organism, we will offer, perhaps, the simplest explanation for this term. Really, system of immunity, it is exact as the security guard on a face control, continued watches that in an organism the stranger did not make the way, and does it at the genetic level. Chuzhakom-antigenom, that is the bacterium, a virus or toxin, and even the cancer cell formed in the organism can be substance with alien genetic information.
В арсенале иммунной системы есть вещества, способные противостоять любым вирусам In relation to an anti-gene the system of immunity works from the principle: to find and destroy. Special proteins – immunoglobulins, or antibodies, and special cages killers act as the weapon, and for each concrete anti-gene the special antibodies or cages killers will be picked up.
Besides, in an arsenal of immune system there are some, developed by an organism, the substances capable to resist to any viruses, whether it be flu, a rubella, measles or chicken pox. One of such substances – all known interferon, special protein which starts being developed in response to temperature increase of a body. The strong immune system at a meeting with a virus of the same flu will instantly develop enough interferon, and in 2-3 days from cold, cough and a headache does not remain also a trace.
It would seem when our health is protected by such vigilant guard as immunity, it is possible to relax and live in clover, without knowing about diseases. But far from it! Frequent colds, fast fatigue, irritability, exacerbations of chronic diseases – all this immunity easing signs when it cannot find and neutralize harmful substances. However and too strong immune reaction too will be to nobody in pleasure, - after all in this case immune system as if the enemy, the organism attacks, causing various allergies.

Why immunity decreases?

Не стоит постоянно давать ребенку антибиотики - легкая форма болезни для иммунитета только на пользу The most important reason lies in us is the wrong way of life. If you smoke, drink, constantly do not fill up, live in conditions of an incessant stress, sooner or later the immune system will glitch, and into an organism is inevitably got pathogenic viruses and bacteria.
By the way, invasion of small quantity of pathogenic microbes for immunity only on advantage – happens as if vaccination of an organism and training of immune system. Therefore the best way to turn the child into the allergic person who is not getting out of colds is carefully and as often as possible to sterilize nipples, toys, ware, linen of the kid, on ten times in the course of the day to wash the floor in the apartment, not to forget to give in response to each sneeze to the child antibiotics, and immediately to force down slightly risen temperature paracetamol. As a result the child will grow up fragile as the hothouse flower – its unexercised immune system will not be able to resist adequately to aggressive attacks from the outside.
One more reason of failures in work of immune system which, unfortunately, we are not always able to change, - influence of environment. Really, very few people can be charged that drinks ideally clear water, breathes clean air and eats food, free from chemicals. Electromagnetic radiation, the polluted atmosphere of big cities, constant noise loading – all this the factors involving violations in work of immune system.

Immunity and balanced food

Для нормальной работы клетки иммунной системы нуждаются в белках, витаминах и минеральных веществах For normal work of a cage of immune system A, C, E and groups B, mineral substances need proteins, vitamins, especially.
You will find full-fledged proteins in meat, fish, bean. Meat or fish should be eaten every day, and here haricot, it is possible to use peas or lentil 1-2 times a week.
Practically all vegetable food, especially yellow and red color (carrots, red pepper, pumpkin) contains the beta carotene which is transformed in an organism to vitamin A. A well of vitamin A in finished form – a liver, eggs and butter. By the way, our organism is capable to accumulate this vitamin therefore you should not include the same liver in a daily diet, it is enough once a week. Vitamin A and karotina are responsible for force of immune reaction to invasion of an anti-gene; besides, they are capable to protect from cancer diseases somewhat.
The main sources of vitamin C are known by everyone – blackcurrant, a dogrose, a citrus, a sea-buckthorn, parsley, sourcrout. Deficiency of this vitamin reduces the speed of development of antibodies, and its sufficient receipt with food – a guarantee of development of full-fledged immune cages.
Vitamins of group B contain in an offal, sunflower seeds, bread from a flour of a rough grinding, nuts, buckwheat, the bean, couched cereals. It is a lot of in nuts, sunflower seeds and the couched cereals and vitamin E – the antioxidant protecting cages from damages. Other sources of vitamin E – a liver, the creamy and not refined vegetable oils.
Mineral substances, first of all, zinc, magnesium, copper, iron also are necessary for immune system for the balanced work. The leader in the content of mineral substances – an offal, and from vegetable products – the same nuts, bean, sunflower seeds, whole grain, and also cocoa and bitter chocolate.
Many consider cholesterol nearly as the enemy No 1, and meanwhile, it is important for synthesis of immune bodies. So a small amount of butter or lard surely have to be on a table every day.
One more assistant to immunity – fermented milk products, especially what contain live bacteria. Various biokefirs and bioyoghurts strengthen production of interferon so safely drink them in the morning and in the evening, and even use for gas station of salads and cold soups.

Ways to strengthen immunity

  1. Lead active lifestyle.
    Run, swimming, long foot walks, regular trainings gymnastics perfectly strengthen immunity.
  2. Learn to relax.
    Having come home from work, lie down on a sofa, close eyes, extend hands along a body and try to think of something pleasant, breathing deeply and exactly. It is possible to turn on the quiet music. Such relaxation perfectly takes off the fatigue which collected during the day and does not allow a stress to win against immunity.
  3. Try to take a steam bath regularly in the Russian bath or to visit a sauna.
    Alternation of high and low temperatures is a remarkable training of immune system. Frequenters of the Russian bath or sauna forget about chronic cold, bronchitis, katara of a nose and a throat.
    If there is no opportunity to go to a bath or a sauna, the ordinary contrast shower will approach. Do not forget to pound vigorously after a shower a body a damp bast or a rough towel.
  4. Accept special preparations for immunity strengthening.
    The natural means helping to strengthen immunity – garlic, a ginseng, a licorice, a red clover, a St. John's Wort, chistotet, devyasit, zheltokoren, a dandelion. It can be also the special preparations intended for the same purpose, for example, Ekhinatsin or Immunal.
    If to you flu rises, will help out interferon in ampoules or the latest and its more effective modifications – candles of "Viferon" or "Anaferon".
  5. In time pass vaccination.
    Соблюдайте график прививок у детей, да и сами не забывайте прививаться already mentioned that emergence in our organism of small quantity of microbes only promotes immunity strengthening. Therefore observe the schedule of inoculations at children and do not forget to take root from the same flu or tick-borne encephalitis. As speak in such cases, it is better to perebdet, than to nedobdet.
  6. Key to healthy immune system – optimism.
    Psychologists repeat for a long time that pessimists are ill more often and heavier, than optimists. To keep the light relation to life, try to watch less often TV, especially programs about emergencies. Look back better around: can be, somebody needs your help or at least the kind word around?
And the most important in this process – to try to strengthen immunity in advance, not to wait for manifestation of the first symptoms of a disease. After all the way to health is only in the second turn good treatment. And in the first is a care of itself and protection against various illnesses.
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