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Stomatofit's application

Sometimes people address to the stomatologist or the local therapist with complaints to an inflammation of gums in oral cavities, their reddening, swelling, bleeding, pain. Then any food becomes not in pleasure. It is possible to improve a condition of a mouth different means. will tell about a vegetable preparation under the name "Stomatofit" today.

Diseases mucous a mouth occupy one of the leading places in a niche of stomatologic problems now. In a mouth at the same time the stomatologist can reveal signs of bacterial, fungal and viral diseases. In general, "live" hundreds of different microorganisms in a mouth. Fortunately, the most part from them is recognized as the conditionally pathogenic. A number of diseases of a mouth proceed with violation of integrity of epitelialny cages. And then infection of the appeared wounds is inevitable. It is fraught with an inflammation, emergence of pain. Researches showed that a complex preparation of Stomatofit – the perspective means allowing to influence at once symptoms of diseases and links of pathogenesis.

General information about a preparation

By Stomatofit's production it is used seven herbs:

This dosage form – the liquid extract for local application received by extraction of vegetable raw materials of 70% by ethyl alcohol. The brown liquid having a characteristic smell is as a result formed. In a storage time at the bottom of a bottle there can be a small deposit, or turbidity is noticeable – all this is quite admissible for such dosage forms. Packaging is carried out in bottles of orange glass on 120 or 45 ml. Stomatofit in Poland is made by the Klenk's Fitofarm company.

This complex preparation was developed especially for treatment and the prevention of inflammatory diseases of a mouth. The structure is created so that there was an impact on different types of the microorganisms which are intensively breeding in a mouth and causing the inflammatory phenomena.

Let's list some advantages of Stomatofit:

  • does not break balance of local microflora;
  • the herbs included in structure influence in a complex;
  • the preparation helps to keep for a long time in a mouth feeling of comfort.

What medical effect Stomatofit has?

  1. The antiseptic.
  2. The anti-inflammatory.
  3. The knitting.

In a drugstore you can also meet packing with an inscription "Stomatofit And". The letter "A" specifies that besides vegetable components additional ingredient – benzocaine is entered into this preparation. This medicine shows also the anesthetizing action. It has more viscous consistence, the bottle contains 25 ml.

To support health of an oral cavity "Stomatofit Fresh" can use daily. It is the conditioner for a mouth which is strengthening gums, slowing down education on raid teeth, disinfecting space between teeth, refreshing breath. In its structure there is an oil of a sage, eucalyptus, mint, a thyme. These components promote destruction of the harmful microorganisms often leading to an inflammation and problems with gums.

When Stomatofit is shown?

As the independent preparation or in complex therapy of Stomatofit is applied at such problems in a mouth, as:

How to apply a preparation?

Before preparing rinsing, a vzboltayta a bottle with extract. Then get a measured glass from packing. Measure them 7,5 ml of medicine and pour in this quantity in 50 ml of warm water. Mix this solution for rinsing by a spoon. Gather up to a throat in a mouth and carry out rinsing some seconds, trying to pass solution through spaces between teeth, washing it gums. Then spit out this portion, gather new and so on until solution comes to the end. In day do 3-4 such procedures. The course of treatment averages from 10 to 15 days. Sometimes the doctor can appoint a repeated course after a while. Shortly before rinsing it is possible to disinfect a mucous membrane in an oral cavity, having irrigated it antiseptics, for example, Miramistin or Hlorgeksidin. There are patients having stomatitis who think approximately so: "I will make solution ponasyshchenny, I will add to it more medicine, then rinsing will help quicker". Actually, decision this precipitate. warns that in that case you feel a strong poshchipyvaniye and discomfort. Therefore for achievement of a positive effect from Stomatofit's application, adhere to the instruction. At the started forms of stomatitis or periodontosis prepare to that treatment will be long. Usually the doctor supplements rinsings by Stomatofit still with sprays or tablets for a rassasyvaniye in an oral cavity.

Sometimes instead of rinsings by Stomatofit it is more expedient to apply locally on the damaged sites of a mucous membrane viscous solution "Stomatofit And" by means of a Q-tip. It becomes three times a day. After rinsings or local putting solution of Stomatofit it is necessary to refrain within 30 minutes from reception of liquid or food.

It is very simple to use a conditioner of "Stomatofit Fresh". In the morning and in the evening after you cleaned teeth, measure a measured glass 10 ml of this solution. Poloskayte of companies the measured amount of solution within 30 seconds. It is not necessary to swallow of this means. Water does not require to rinse a mouth after this procedure.

Whether there are by-effects and contraindications?

In most cases Stomatofit brings only benefit. But there are people who after rinsings with this extract had signs of allergic reaction. Therefore before beginning treatment, surely look, whether those components and plants on which you already once had an allergy are a part. At hypersensitivity to components of structure this preparation cannot be used.

The patients using Stomatofit tell that the condition of their mouth improved after a course of rinsings. One felt improvement for the third day of application, others – on the fifth. Bleeding disappears, gums take a normal form and densely adjoin tooth necks after inflammation signs fall down, from wounds does not remain a trace. Stomatofit it is possible to apply from 12-year age, and here "Stomatofit And" (which with benzocaine) – since 18 years. It is correct to choose medicine and to get rid of stomatologic problems you will be helped by the stomatologist.

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