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Choice stepper exercise machine

Passed those times when the mankind went on foot, and for distant trips the preference was given to riding. Agree that now we go less. Occupations in a gym or in house conditions can be a way out. And one of exercise machines to which it is worth paying attention, the stepper is.

The car, the bus, share taxi, the subway – here our main vehicles. And when we leave the vehicle, we avoid ladders, we press the treasured button for an elevator call. Hypodynamia … Therefore many are already in the middle age afflicted because of extra kilos, not really slim figure, malfunctions with health. In this case morning jogs round the house or at stadium, occupations can help with a gym., It seems, also there was a wish to work and free time is not present. But whether not to try to get such exercise machine on which it would be possible to be engaged free minutes of the house?

There is an opinion that all exercise machines bulky and expensive. And where to take free space in our typical malogabaritka? Therefore decided to tell the readers about the compact exercise machine – the stepper. For it surely it will be possible to allocate the small town in a case (or under a bed).

What is the stepper?

This small sports device can be carried to cardiovascular machines. During training of people, remaining on a place, imitates the movements on a ladder as if walks on steps. "Step" in translation into English means "step", as formed the basis of the name of the exercise machine. This device helps feet to become strong, beautiful, to correct a bearing. At regular trainings and extra kilos will abandon you and health will improve. Approximately it is possible to describe the stepper so: the simple machine having two pedals. Sometimes at this exercise machine is also special hand-rail, the computer stuffing allowing to regulate independently a rhythm and the frequency of steps and a condition of pulse is added you will see. At pass the stepper in most cases is not present neither computer "frills", nor hand-rail. Load of joints will be more intensive at those models which pedals are interdependent. If the course of one foot does not depend on the course another, such trainings bring more effect. There is a lot of options of this apparatus therefore at desire it is possible to pick up such which will bring benefit to all family members. It is considered one of important advantages of this compact device opportunity to calculate ideal loading. It depends on weight and the level of resistance which can be established individually during training. To be engaged very simply: put feet of feet on the platforms provided for this purpose, alternately transfer weight of a body on the right side to the left. After all we and walk on a usual ladder. In the presence of support, for them it is convenient to adhere hands. These apparatuses successfully train muscles of feet (buttocks, hips, calves), strengthen joints, heart "motor", vessels, an organism becomes more hardy. You will notice improvements in the state even if will daily do exercises on the stepper for 15 minutes.

Types of steppers

Steppers classify by the device of an internal design on two look:

  1. The course of pedals is dependent. Platforms on which place feet, are in interface with each other. The price of such models can make from 4000 and to 16000 rubles.
  2. The course of pedals is independent. In such designs for each platform it is possible to adjust the loading, it can differ from impact on the located nearby. It is more difficult to be engaged thus, but the result will please you, especially, more if you wish to lose excess weight. You will manage to find the exercise machine for 8 or 10 thousand rubles.

Now we will understand what steppers as a design happen.

  1. Elliptic steppers – besides habitual platforms are present at them levers expanders. During exercises muscles of hands, feet, backs will be loaded. Cost – 3000 rubles.
  2. Hydraulic steppers – are useful to those who wants to increase loading during trainings. It is possible to create the greatest tension thanks to presence of two cylinders. And, one more convenience – will be possible to regulate loading the available screw placed between pedals. The average cost of model is within 4000 rubles.
  3. Rotary steppers – at them there is a turning rack allowing to train groups of muscles of a press, hips, buttocks, a breast, a back. Size of these modelek the very small. The set of delivery switched on the minicomputer, it will show training time, quantity of the spent calories, quantity of steps which you "passed" in a minute. It will be possible to pick up such option for 4 thousand rubles.
  4. Mini-steppers are completed only with a training platform, here they also can "hide" under a bed when do not use them. Their weight is up to 10 kg. Space on the exercise machine minimum, but during occupations it is possible to work qualitatively the same muscles, as in standard option. And for purchase you will give from 2900 to 5000 rubles.

The most inexpensive and simple exercise machines – mechanical. And here electronic steppers allow to train more fruitfully, the nobility the results of training interesting you – calories, steps, loading, time.

How to choose the stepper?

How not to become puzzled among a variety in sports shop?

For a start be defined, what functionality the potential stepper has to have that you from it wait, how many in the apartment there are places for it, and what sum can allocate for it from the family budget. Consider that the more there will be "a computer stuffing", number of programs of trainings, the higher there will be a price.

Before purchase by all means specify, the stepper is calculated on what body weight of the training. There are models maintaining weight no more than 80 kilograms.

Pay attention to a platform, it has to be not slippery, convenient.

Even if the stepper has no hand-rail, safely to be engaged on it. But hand-rail nevertheless add convenience and comfort. If the model is equipped with handles expanders on cords, it will add loadings to a humeral belt.

Experts claim that today Kettler Montana enjoys popularity. In the different cities it can be got in price limits from 15000 to 17000 rubles. If you look for model cheaper, look narrowly at Stingray ST-7707

Purchase of the HouseFit HS-5023 mini-stepper will manage to be carried out for 1800-3500 rubles. There are at model levers expanders.


The stepper can bring benefit:

  • to elderly people;
  • having some cardiovascular illnesses;
  • after operations and long diseases for rehabilitation and restoration of forces and physical activity;
  • having diseases of joints and veins (varicosity, arthritises, arthroses);
  • at osteochondrosis, rheumatism, chronic pneumonia;
  • at obesity.

At first be engaged no more than 15 minutes in day, gradually add time. Short warm-up in front of the exercise machine will warm a body. At first do from 40 steps a minute, gradually finish quantity of steps to 80. But be not overzealous, watch the pulse, listen to internal feelings!

If you have chronic diseases, before purchase of the stepper consult at the doctor, whether there are no contraindications to occupations.

Help in weight loss

That muscles of buttocks, hips, a stomach were tightened, became more harmonous than a foot, it is necessary to make efforts, to stock up with patience, not to skip classes. In the presence of hand-rail, really to give loading to muscles of a breast, a back and hands. If not to be lazy, then even cellulitis will recede, only for this purpose in parallel with occupations apply gels, creams, massage, wrappings. Skin will be smoothed, will be straightened, after all occupations promote blood circulation improvement, an exit of toxins and slags. In 30 minutes of occupations of the house it is possible to burn more than 250 kcal. It is better for corpulent people to be engaged at first for 5 minutes thus: bend hands in elbows, start quiet and measured walking. Then accelerate to an average, it let will take four minutes, then walk minute with the maximum speed. Again repeat everything. Also finish training by five-minute quiet walking. When get used to such occupations, include in training simultaneous exercises by hands, and then it is possible to connect also small dumbbells. Gradually finish duration of occupation till 40 minutes. During occupations to you it has to be comfortable, it is promoted easy clothes from natural materials and the "breathing" sneakers.

Truly say that all ingenious – is simple. Here and the stepper – the device it seems simple, is simple to be engaged on it, a place does not demand much, and the positive moments will bring weight, strengthening muscles, joints, other bodies. And if at you it is impossible to force itself daily in any weather to make foot walks or to visit fitness club, the stepper will become you the good assistant on the way to symmetry and health.

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