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How to begin new life

Life - piece difficult, but interesting, in it always nearby the good and evil, pleasure and grief, love and hatred. However, life is fine the variety - never know that prepares for you tomorrow - take-off or falling. And if now you endure the difficult moment in the life, and it seems to you that life is destroyed, unclear how to live further.

The past in the past

The person for various reasons appears in desperate situations, for someone it is death of the loved one, divorce, a serious illness, loss of work or property and other. To you it is now very heavy, but there was that happened, and it already in the past. The chain of events therefore it is necessary to learn lessons from the incident led to crash that in the future not to walk twice into a same water. Remember, that does not kill us, does stronger.

Certainly, you will infinitely analyze an event, to blame yourself or someone another for the incident. Do not think that would be, if … The history has no subjunctive mood. The person cannot change the past, nobody knows if circumstances developed in a different way, it would be worse or better for you. Try not to hark back in thoughts for self-torture, it was not as if difficult. Learn to rejoice to new day and to think positively.

    Useful training for a positive spirit: every evening before going to bed try to remember, what positive emotions were brought to you by the leaving day.

Your assets

To start building new life, estimate, than you own for today. The first answer will be – anything, but it not so. The person lived a certain number of years, and he such helpless, as at the birth any more. Life experience is saved up, professional skills and knowledge are gained, already, proceeding from it, it is possible to make the plan for the future.

Perhaps, there are some savings or unnecessary things which can be sold, after all at the initial stage each kopek on the account. Perhaps, in the past you were man of means or held a high post but if now before you it is worth surviving a question – do not hesitate to undertake any work.


You start life from scratch, but you not one. Look back round yourself, there are after all relatives and friends, there are colleagues or simply familiar. Someone can help business, someone council – do not hesitate to ask for the help.

With development of the Internet there were many sites where people are grouped in interests – start communicating there. Real and virtual communication with different people will yield the fruits, and you receive double benefit. First, share the trouble, and, as we know, than you will tell bigger quantity about a problem, that for you it will be less more insignificantly. Secondly, the help can come from there, from where you least of all waited for it.

Various social services or volunteer programs which help needing on various questions can be big help at the beginning. It most often free consultations on legal issues, psychological assistance, food and a lodging for the night.

Separately I want to note for readers of that communicating with people, and especially when you in the "sorted" state, it is easy to run on swindlers therefore be vigilant. Do not avoid to accept the help from strangers, but remember – nobody will help you better, than you.

Depression? On it there is no time

Undoubtedly accident in life – a direct way to a depression. It is necessary to suffer, certainly, but it is short, differently the depression will tighten, and already drug treatment will be required. The organism is that invaluable resource about which it is necessary to care and protect it in any circumstances. Often in the period of a depression of people looks for oblivion and simplification in alcohol, but it is a dangerous way. And on start of new life it definitely not the assistant.

    There is still such council: if you consider that at you everything is bad – find that, the even worse and help it. You will kill two hares at once. On the one hand, you will understand that at you not everything is so bad, with another – will have satisfaction of that helped the neighbor to whom is worse.

One of ways to put thoughts after a stress in order, exercises are. Still ancient Greeks said that a sound mind in a sound body. Namely the sound mind is necessary to us to order the thoughts, to get rid of freight of negative thoughts, to cease to be nervous and is valid, to begin a new life. Choose to yourself occupation to liking and to temperament. Someone will suit aerobic exercises: jogging, dances, someone will find himself in yoga, swimming, cycling, someone in aggressive sports: boxing, single combats. If means do not allow to be engaged in sports clubs - do not despair: run and charging are in the fresh air available to all.

Anyway, sport very much disciplines, and as the bonus, after each occupation occurs development of a hormone of endorphin which is called a pleasure hormone. So, after 30-40 minute trainings this useful hormone is developed within two hours. Besides, this hormone is responsible for steadiness, emotional stability, ability to resist stresses.


Look at yourself and the situation from the positive point of view. Whether to many people the chance to start life with a clean slate drops out? To try to be engaged in in what was never engaged and to prove to itself that you something stand in this life. Moreover, in stressful situations the hidden talents which can develop into a hobby, and then and into a profession are often shown.

Give yourself a mental set: believe in yourself, the abilities, qualities of the character. If you feel that any skills are not enough for you – start developing them. Learn yourself and world around and be not afraid to risk. Remember, it is better to make and be sorry, than not to make and be sorry.

Be sure and active, then at you undoubtedly it will turn out to begin new life even if it will occur not from the first attempt.

Remember how someone from great people told: "Life — this wonderful adventure, worthy that for the sake of udach to suffer and failures".

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