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What to do if teeth are unsteady

Shaking of milk teeth is quite natural process of which you should not be afraid. But this phenomenon is frequent concerns lobbies or molars that testifies to a number of diseases and unpleasant consequences. How to find and cope with a problem, we will talk in this article.

Process of swaying of teeth is called as mobility with pathological character. Unfortunately, specialists of modern dental clinics even more often face the matter. Doctors can diagnose two types of shaking: physiological and pathological. And before to appoint treatment, it is necessary to estimate carefully extent of defeat, and also to reveal the disease prime cause. Thus, the stomatologist will help to slow down process of mobility of teeth and to keep natural beauty of a smile. Mirsovetov will tell readers about the reasons of developing of pathology and methods of treatment.

Reasons of shaking of molars

Among major factors which provoke pathological mobility of teeth, the following is registered:

  1. Mouth diseases. It can be so widespread problems as a periodontal disease or gingivit. It is not so difficult to reveal them: initially there is a pungent unpleasant smell from a mouth, then bleeding of gums, and after this also pain, puffiness, shaking of teeth.
  2. Physical injury of a jaw which happens, as a rule, owing to mechanical traumatizing, blow or strong falling.
  3. Endocrine diseases of chronic character: heart troubles, diabetes, psoriasis, arthritis and so forth. In that case it is necessary with all responsibility approaches treatment of the main disease to eliminate mobility of teeth.
  4. Existence of addictions – continuous smoking and abuse of alcoholic drinks. Such improvident attitude towards the health is fraught with shaking, and after and loss of teeth.
  5. Bad hygiene of a mouth – lack of regular sanitary care of teeth provokes increase of a scale that threatens with mobility and loss.
  6. Hereditary predisposition – the rare reason, however quite real. If at parents pathological mobility of teeth was observed, the child, most likely, will inherit a problem.
  7. Intensive loads of the maxillary device. Such phenomenon is caused by a strong gnashing of teeth on dream time. It is fraught with easing and shaking.
  8. Advanced age and period of pregnancy. Mobility of teeth arises owing to violation of a calcic exchange that also provokes dyeing and destruction of teeth. And if the age problem manages to be fixed hardly, during formation of a fruit the situation can be rescued reception of vitamins and minerals.

In case you diagnosed for yourself any of above-mentioned manifestations, it testifies to need of the immediate address to the expert. Remember that elimination of the prime cause – the most effective method of treatment which rescues the person from loss of teeth.

Healthy a gum – a beautiful smile

As a rule, the disease of gums is the most common cause of shaking of teeth. And matter not only in negligence of leaving, but also in a condition of an organism in general. Diseases of a mouth can be provoked by deficiency of important elements or problems, apparently, not so connected with teeth. Among main it is possible to allocate:

  • deficiency of vitamin C;
  • diseases of an internal;
  • osteoporosis;
  • deficiency of blood supply of gums;
  • unbalanced food;
  • diseases of a thyroid gland;
  • negligent hygiene of an oral cavity;
  • wrong bite;
  • arthritis;
  • violation of a mineral exchange;
  • the lowered immunity;
  • diabetes.

Tooth is unsteady: help of the expert

As a rule, the only expert to whom it is necessary to address at emergence of signs of an inflammation of gums, defeats of a mouth or swaying of teeth is a stomatologist. It is hardly possible to reveal a problem independently and furthermore to appoint the corresponding treatment. Therefore trust in hands of the doctor as only he will perform the qualified inspection.

The following stage – definition of the prime cause which entailed mobility of teeth, and purpose of medical procedures. If tooth is unsteady and the patient feels strong painful symptoms are a sign of inflammatory process of gums. At a periodontal disease or a gingivita the doctor registers a course of treatment antibiotics, and also immunomodulators, resolvents for local application and vitamins.

In case of damage of gums violations of processes of endocrine character or a serious chronic illness, the expert will direct on inspection to the therapist or the endocrinologist, previously having excluded all possible reasons by stomatologic part.

If swaying of teeth happens owing to strong blow, the stomatologist can carry out a shinirovaniye – imposing on the damaged area of the special fixing tires which prevent loss of tooth and promote its strengthening in a gum. However at serious consequences of injuries, mobile tooth is extracted.

Treatment of mobility of teeth in house conditions

If you do not wish to address to the doctor, without having tested before it all make-shifts on strengthening of teeth, then house recipes come to the rescue. The most popular method is rinsing of a mouth tincture from an acorus root. For this purpose it will be required to you:

  • 500 g of vodka;
  • 30 g of the crushed acorus root;
  • propolis solution.

Fill in the pounded powder with vodka and let's mix be drawn within 14 days in a dark place. Then carefully filter contents and it is possible to start rinsings of a mouth. However before every time add to a glass with tincture of 2 drops of solution of propolis.

Also juice of a yarrow which possesses the good strengthening properties can help. For treatment take 10 g of fresh juice and wipe a gum the moistened wadded tampon. For efficiency of result carry out action not less than 3 times a day.

Garlic will also allow to strengthen teeth reliably: wipe a plant segment area of the affected gums within 14 days. It is desirable to repeat procedure several times per day.

Solution of sea salt – not less effective assistant at fight against loose teeth. For this purpose gather a glass of boiled water, add to it 1 h. l. salts also carry out rinsing several times a day.


Undoubtedly, it is better to avoid emergence of so unpleasant problem as mobility of teeth, than to carry out treatment. Simple actions will help to keep a beautiful smile to you:

  • regular hygiene of a mouth: brush teeth twice a day, and after each meal it is necessary to rinse a mouth clear water;
  • use for clarification of teeth paste with the strengthening action which usually contain extracts of grass plants in structure and remove inflammatory processes on gums;
  • constantly use a tooth thread which will carefully clear teeth of the remains of food and a raid in hard-to-reach spots;
  • refuse addictions, and also take for the balanced food with the rich content of calcium governed is will allow to strengthen teeth and a condition of immunity in general;
  • at early stages of a gingivit or a periodontal disease it is enough to carry out professional toothbrushing from a stone and deposits.
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