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How to carry out a hen night

At last there came this long-awaited and so disturbing moment. It is a little more, and you will put on a wedding dress and a veil, and on a ring finger of the right hand you will have a beautiful wedding ringlet. Wedding on the way. How to note the girlhood so that this evening was remembered well?

So it happens that many newly married, being dipped into efforts on preparation for a wedding, absolutely forget that it should be noted the girlhood especially.

Councils for carrying out a hen night there is a set. There are firms which offer the services and hold event, according to in advance stipulated scenario. suggests you to examine ideas of carrying out a hen night.

Where it is better to hold event?

Places for carrying out a hen night there can be a set. For example, it is possible to go to night club, cafe, restaurant or bar, and it is possible to stay at home, on the contrary. Boringly? Order a limousine or get the collective ticket in an aquapark.

Besides it is possible to go on giving, on the nature, to park or to a karaoke bar. It is also possible to combine, begin a house celebration, and to finish in a sauna or a Spa center.

Basic rules

  1. Any men! Remember, they should not even though for a minute to remain on your holiday. An exception – male bartenders, waiters, massage therapists.
  2. If you resolved to go to restaurant or other similar place, it is desirable to decide on quantity invited in advance and to reserve a little table.
  3. It is not necessary to shift completely all cares of preparation of a hen night to the bride. It is possible to unite and be prepared for a holiday properly.
  4. Reflect not only how to carry out a hen night, but also with whom. Invite only those girlfriends with whom you and strong are on friendly terms long ago.
  5. Do not forget about transformation. If you decided to hold a piracy party – go to a bay.
  6. Hen night on the eve of a wedding? Solve it. But according to many experts, it is better to carry out a hen night some weeks prior to a wedding.
  7. As the bride is not able to pay for all, agree with girlfriends and pay a party everything together.


Invite the best friends to yourself home, in cafe or to the nature. The main thing to that it is necessary to adhere strictly – any men! You have to have especially women's company.

For what the hen night is necessary? In the ancient time was considered that thus the bride said goodbye to the girlhood. Now event is held that the bride, as they say, could be acquired last time with all the heart with girlfriends, it is good to have fun and say goodbye to independence. After all it will get the new status soon and will become the married woman.

On a hen night the bride has to be the focus of attention. The girl can sing and dance this evening, hesitating and even to drink nobody a few alcoholic drinks.

If you were invited to a celebration, be prepared for action in advance:

  1. Please the girlfriend and make a selection of school photos.
  2. Ask all girlfriends that they took with themselves on a party any thing connected with the bride: school "Valentine's Day cards", drawings, notes, tickets at cinemas which you stored, the greeting cards signed still with a children's hand of the girlfriend. Remember the pleasant moments together, let each girlfriend will tell about last event.
  3. Try to organize action in "pajama party" style. Be prepared in advance: get interesting sleeping sets, big hair curlers (it is desirable bright flowers), house slippers and do not forget to take with yourself a soft toy. Such house image will allow you to feel is liberated. Include in the obligatory program dances on beds, fight with pillows and do not forget to prepare the melodrama in advance. Besides buy many crackers and sets for hot mulled wine. Be not limited only to dances and viewing of movies, have fun and think out interesting competitions.
  4. Want to combine useful and pleasant? Then Mirsovetov recommends to go to beauty shop or a Spa salon. Except pleasure, you will bring the body, hair, skin and nails into an order, after all before a wedding it is so actual! Do not hesitate to trust in experts and order the makeup artist's master class.
  5. Love active recreation? Try to carry out a hen night in the sky – parachute jump will present you and your girlfriends unforgettable impressions.

As idea of the celebration – to spend evening cheerfully and so that it was remembered for a long time, a modest sit-round gathering of the house or in inexpensive cafe is considered as the most boring option of a hen night. Everything is simple and ordinary, as each ordinary holiday or birthday. Do not want? Here and correctly!

Nuances of preparation

When it is better to begin preparation for a celebration? Such questions are asked to herself by both the bride, and her girlfriends. It would not be desirable, having only a couple of days in a stock, feverishly to run on shops and to get balls, ribbons, and then not to know that with it to do to all and where to apply them. It is better to start the organization of a hen night of week for two-three. In that case you will have enough time that to think over everything, from a venue to a dress and a food.

Also do not forget and about such nuance as age of girlfriends. If to your girlfriend it was not executed eighteen yet, she can not be released in night club. In the most night institution also there are rules. And the girlfriend will hardly be able to take active part in a party at which there will be strippers.

If one of girlfriends assumed such mission as preparation for a hen night, then she needs to get acquainted with all invited in advance. Happens that the bride unites all the acquaintances (from work, from fitness club, school, institute) in one general company. It is desirable to meet together in advance everything, and to the organizer of action to acquaint girls with the main program (naturally, concealing the separate moments).

If you as to the best friend, entrusted preparation for action, do not need to share all secrets with the bride. It will be pleasant to it that you prepare for it small surprises.

Do not forget about pleasant trifles! Collect a certain sum (let it will be small) and buy each participant of a hen night a small memento. If the bride acts as the organizer – that to girlfriends will be twice pleasant to receive a gift from the beloved girlfriend.

Councils for the bride

Were tired of noise and city bustle? Campaigns in restaurants bothered? It is not necessary to be upset and bite to death himself that you not creative. And houses can suit an excellent hen night!

If you the bride and very much like to cook, then it is possible to organize a house celebration. The main thing to choose style in advance and properly to be prepared. It is possible to organize a tea ceremony, a master class in preparation of cakes, cakes or to organize a bar counter, and then to suggest each girlfriend to think up and independently to prepare cocktail.

And that it was not boring for you, it is possible to alternate a ceremony and a master class to competitions or to pass to heart-to-heart talks.

Worry how it is better to invite girlfriends to a hen night? There are some ways. According to etiquette, girlfriends can be invited in advance, having sent everyone invitation cards. The invitation in an oral form and by phone is allowed.

Be not afraid to experiment and let you be not confused by the most daring ideas. If it is pleasant to you – nobody can forbid you to note a hen night properly. Good luck!

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