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Sound insulation of walls

In the conditions of modern multiroom constructions rest in silence and rest became unattainable luxury. The rustling neighbors, their pets and loud household appliances sometimes dement. collected a number of a practical advice on sound insulation of walls.

Noise can be various etiology. Can equally stir you loud conversation of neighbors, bark of their dog, a rumble of the audio system and squeal of a drill. At some point it bothers any person, and he wishes cardinal changes. In 90% of cases amicable conversation with neighbors does not yield result. Therefore reflections on "as if without repair to soundproof a wall or walls" begin. Actually similar actions from fantasy area, after all any sound-proof material, up to 4 centimeters thick, is not capable to improve a situation considerably. And noise gets not only through walls. Therefore sparing "semi-decisions" be simple cannot.

Ways of a solution

One of options – inspection of sockets. The matter is that in concrete designs under them through openings were initially cast. That is noise from neighbors in the majority gets from there. As option, we recommend to carry out "inspection" of electric sockets. For what it is necessary to disconnect the apartment and accurately to take out all design from a wall. The probability is high that you will be able to see in an empty opening only a thin plaster coat or even neighbour's wall-paper. To be fair it is necessary to notice that similar openings can be in any place of a wall. And if repair was done still by the previous owners, "holes", perhaps, simply puttied. The layer of filling does not possess neither sound-proof, nor sound-absorbing properties. Therefore it is better to close up this opening plaster. It is useful for a zadelyvaniye of especially large cracks during repair. If audit of sockets did not provide silence, you need to start cardinal measures.

    The neigbour of one my acquaintance living a floor above got a racetrack recently. Early in the morning and even in the evenings the friend was exhausted from terrible monotonous "blows" to a ceiling. It all got exhausted, going to soundproof a ceiling by all means. The decision was simple. She simply presented to the neigbour a special sound-absorbing rug which bought for the symbolical sum on the Internet. Here so without essential expenses the sound of blows was minimized. At other friends neighbors from above were the lonely badly hearing granny with small, but very sharp-clawed doggie. For days on end from them sounds of the TV which is turned on at full capacity and "clatter" of a sharp-clawed dog reached. Everything ended only when noisy neighbors received as a gift a carpet with average pile which reduced specific sound effects to a tolerant minimum. These examples show that to each problem the individual approach is necessary. And it is quite probable that the decision will not be so expensive, as full sound insulation of the room.

Cardinal measures for sound insulation of walls

At times it seems that laws of acoustics are simply not logical. Therefore in this case there is not a lot of experts. However all of them approve by chorus: if you wish to achieve really noticeable results, be ready to say goodbye to rather solid area of the room. The most effective decision for sound insulation of a wall is to such itself the sandwich – two walls which are not connected among themselves, and between them sound-proof material. Of course, nobody will put up an additional brick wall, and here to build a gipsokartonny design on forces to everyone. Yes, similar measures "steal" centimeters ten width of the room, however give such necessary silence.

Not to be unfounded, we will give algorithm of actions.

  1. We exempt a wall, adjacent to noisy neighbors, from wall-paper and it is closed carefully up all cracks by plaster solution. We carry surely out also audit of sockets.
  2. To build a gipsokartonny design it will be necessary for us a profile. And so for the best sound insulation they need to be pasted over with a special sound-proof tape (self-adhesive, is on sale in any stroymarket).
  3. Usually a profile fix directly to a "problem" wall, however it strongly worsens sound-proof properties of a design. It is necessary to fix a "new" wall to a floor, a ceiling, the left and right wall.
  4. When the obreshetka is ready, we fill her with sound-proof material about which choice we will tell later. I think, it is clear that depth of "an air layer" between walls has to be equal to thickness of the chosen material.
  5. When "the sandwich stuffing" is ready, all surfaces of a profile which will adjoin to gypsum cardboard, it is necessary to paste over with the same sound-proof tape. Well, and further to sew up a design with sheets of gypsum cardboard.
  6. This wall can be puttied and decorated according to your desire. But joints between a wall, a ceiling, a floor and other walls need to be filled in with sealant.

Well, in principle, all. Do not think that it is expensive – time in three-four cheaper, than to order sound insulation of a wall to experts. By the way, it is also possible to arrive and for sound insulation of a ceiling.

It is a little about sound-proof materials

At once there is a wish to tell that such materials as polyurethane foam, polyfoam, expanded clay, perlite, the made foam polyethylene, a stopper are not sound insulators! That you were not spoken by consultants in shop, it is necessary to choose from the certified sound-proof materials, differently all work will be to nothing. That it was clear, I will explain. If you paste over a ceiling of the room with a stopper, you will not reduce the noise proceeding from neighbors from above in any way. And if the neighbor from above lays a pith floor – the result will become very noticeable!

In the market there are a lot of really effective soundproofing materials. They are offered by brands with a world name – Knauf, Izover, Ursa. There are also analogs cheaper. It is necessary to choose, of course, proceeding from criterion the price quality. And still be defined that it is more convenient to you – plates or rolled materials. Everything depends on the necessary area. Sometimes, that the roll is not enough for all wall, it is possible to fill the remained squares with plates. So will leave cheaper, than to buy an excess roll.

Once again we will repeat: do not trust the consultant in shop selling promising sound-proof material thickness in some centimeters! Do not glue polyfoam on a wall – will be even worse! Do not trust "experts" who promise to solve completely a problem without capital works! Sound insulation – business not simple, in it does not happen elementary decisions. Otherwise all apartments in the world would be silence islands long ago.

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