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Treatment of quinsy and cough at children

I will not open a secret if I tell that quinsy at least once in life each person had. All know well this unpleasant feeling of irritation in a throat and pain when swallowing. Children are most often subject to this disease. Quinsy is a result of the weakened immunity at which an infection, getting to the child's organism, starts developing actively.
I will not open a secret if I tell that quinsy at least once in life each person had. All know well this unpleasant feeling of irritation in a throat and pain when swallowing.
Children are most often subject to this disease, especially in a cold season. But, before listing ways of fight against quinsy, let's understand that such quinsy.
Quinsy is an acute infectious disease at which almonds inflame. Cause a disease staphylococcus, streptococci, pneumococci and adenoviruses. These bacteria and viruses are transferred in the airborne way and get to an organism at contact with the patient. But not only bacteria and viruses can become quinsy reason. Caries of teeth, antritis, and also adenoides can provoke growth of bacteria in a mouth and as the result, at the child appears quinsy. The statement that quinsy appears from that the child had wet feet and froze, not absolutely truly. Quinsy is a result of the weakened immunity at which an infection, getting to the child's organism, starts developing actively. Therefore that your child had no quinsy, strengthen his immunity. First of all, give to drink to him juice, but not the purchased, and made hands. Also strengthen health of the child a hardening. Want the healthy child – are not lazy!

Types of quinsy

Лечение ангины и кашля у детей Let's return to quinsy. Distinguish some its types. It is catarrhal, follicular and lacunary. There are also other types, but at children they meet seldom, and we will not consider them.
At catarrhal quinsy there is a dryness and irritation in a throat which gradually develops into pain and into a general malaise, there is a cough. Not seldom pain when swallowing gives to an ear. Body temperature at catarrhal quinsy increases slightly. Very much often such quinsy can pass and bestemperaturno. Lymph nodes can be a little increased. Having glanced in a throat, you will see strongly reddened and increased almonds. Such quinsy of 3-5 days proceeds.
Follicular quinsy begins with a fever and sharp temperature increase of a body. When swallowing severe pain is observed. Sharply the general state worsens, there is a headache and an ache in joints and muscles. Lymph nodes under a jaw increase and hurt. On the inflamed almonds it is possible to see whitish educations, size about a pin head. Such quinsy in the people call purulent. It proceeds hard and 5-7 days last.
At lacunary quinsy body temperature to 39-40 degrees sharply increases. The fever, severe pain in a throat, and also a headache and muscle and joints pain is observed. At heavy forms there can be a heartache. Lacunary quinsy is characterized by big salivation. And children can have also a vomiting. Cervical lymph nodes strongly increase, almonds become covered by a yellow-white film. Such quinsy proceeds very roughly. Maybe 5-7 days last. Thus low temperature can keep and after weakening of the main symptoms.
Usually quinsy begins at the child suddenly. At it temperature sharply increases, there is a sore throat, almonds increase, the child is capricious, refuses to eat. During this period he should be fed with the ground food, to give to drink juice and warm tea.
Of course, your attending physician has to define what type of quinsy at the child. But there are such situations, for example, when the disease began at night or in the day off and the doctor on the house cannot be called. Of course, if the child has a heat, it is worth causing "neotlozhka". But anyway each mother has to know how to help the child until the qualified help appears in time.

We treat quinsy folk remedies

Лечение ангины и кашля у детей I want to share the experience with mummies of treatment of quinsy. First of all, if at the child temperature is increased, it is necessary to give the febrifugal. The small child, especially if he is sick and it is difficult for it to swallow, very heavy to force to drink any preparations even if they are pleasant on taste. In these cases I was always helped out by candles tsefekon. They lower heat quickly, without doing harm to a stomach of your child. At decrease in temperature the general condition of the child improves – the headache and an ache in joints releases, also muscular weakness decreases, there passes nausea.
Has to tell that in our family always with great respect treated honey and propolis. Our grandfather held an apiary, and in the house always was both that, and another. Therefore I constantly used honey and propolis at treatment of quinsy and cough at children. My children grew up and became adults, but also now we use the same recipes which I want to share with readers of
Reckon as traditional remedies for a sore throat at quinsy milk with honey and rinsing of a throat as soda solution. But! Not all children love milk with honey (mine simply spat out it). And about rinsing by soda is in general separate conversation!
I treated a sore throat at children in several ways. Here they.
  1. Fine remedies propolis tincture possesses. It prepares very simply. We clean 30 grams of propolis on half an hour in the refrigerator. After cooling it can easily be crushed a hammer, previously having turned in a napkin. Then we pour out the received propolis powder in 100 grams of alcohol and we allow to be drawn in a dark place of 2 weeks. Everything, miracle tincture is ready! At a sore throat we smear almonds with the tampon moistened in tincture. Pain very quickly passes. But, the most important, tincture stops process of reproduction of pathogenic microbes.
  2. If you in the house have no propolis, it is possible to grease almonds with usual vodka. This process not from pleasant, but helps at purulent (follicular quinsy). 2-3 greasings that gnoynichka were gone are enough.
  3. One more effective way – to grease almonds with usual iodine. Once quite will be enough to stop the most hard proceeding quinsy. It is checked personally. But smear iodine with a thin layer not to burn a throat!
However remember – quinsy a serious and artful disease and causes a set of complications. All funds transferred by me – are effective and checked by personal experience. But supervision of the doctor is desirable!

Cough at children and ways of fight against it

Лечение ангины и кашля у детей What is cough? This sharp reduction of muscles at which of lungs it is removed with a phlegm all unnecessary our organism. The phlegm is "transporter" from an organism of all undesirable substances and particles. Cough at children most often develops as a result of short catarrhal diseases – viral upper respiratory tract infections (a nose and a throat). The cough caused by such reasons can proceed from 1 to 3 weeks.
On character cough can be divided into two look conditionally: wet (physicians designate its productive) and dry when the office of a phlegm is complicated. But what would not be cough, it tires the child, prevents it to sleep and even causes vomiting.
Cough remedies share on three groups: diluting a phlegm, expectorant and calming. They can be and combined. But do not hurry to give to the children modern mixtures and suspensions. As a rule, they expensive, but thus the ineffective. Try to facilitate a condition of the child folk remedies which are checked by life experience of many generations.
To razzhizhit a phlegm and to facilitate its exit, I gave to drink to the children tea from herbs, many of which collected itself. The St. John's Wort, a marjoram, a violet were a part of this tea three-colored, leaves of coltsfoot, blackcurrant and red raspberry. I took all these components in equal parts, and a tablespoon of this collecting made in a scalded teapot.
In combination with herbal tea it is good to do the warming-up compresses for the night. For example, in such order. At first we do a yodovy grid on a breast and a back. But we apply iodine with a thin layer not to burn gentle children's skin. The next night we take woolen fabric, it is better than house knitting (I took a knitted sock, cut off from it top and cut it in half), and we rub it dry economic, not import, 12% with soap. We put a compress on a breast, we fix bandage, we put on from above an undershirt. For the third night we rub a breast and a back of the kid with fir oil. Usually after such complex of procedures at my kids cough underwent.
But I consider as the most magic cough remedy mix of honey and alcohol to this day. In equal parts mix honey and alcohol (it is possible to add butter for mitigation, but I did not add), properly mix. At you liquid mixture of light yellow color will turn out. Give it to the child on a teaspoon, thus washing down with nothing, at fits of coughing. Of course, taste at mixture specific, but helps best of all than other means of together taken. It is checked for many years. This means – three in one: and diluting, both expectorant and calming.
In summary I want to tell: do not wait for instant effect from folk remedies. They act slowly but surely. Thus do not poison the child's organism with chemical components, as widely advertized means from a drugstore. Good luck!
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