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How to smooth a leather jacket

With approach of a new season suitable things get from a case and are given to the necessary standard. Sometimes it is possible to find out that the favourite leather jacket was trampled down by not esthetic folds. There are some simple ways to get rid of bruise of the bagatelle made of a genuine leather and thus it is absolutely optional to run for help in a dry-cleaner.

The leather clothes (jackets, skirts, jackets, etc.) were actual at all times and widely meet in modern clothes. It is caused by that this material – natural, rather practical and convenient in a sock, durable and beautiful. That such jacket served to you long, it is necessary to know features of storage and careful care of leather clothes.

At change of a season when we get clothes from a case subsoil, it is possible to face unpleasant surprise – the leather jacket became crumpled, folds sagged and there were zaloma. Or you bought a new thing, and it is possible, transported things in folded form, and houses found out that the jacket was a little rumpled. On this case not superfluous will know how to put in order a thing from skin. In most cases it can be made independently in house conditions by means of make-shifts, using the checked ways of smoothing of leather clothes.

Methods of smoothing of a leather jacket

There are some ways of smoothing of folds of outerwear. First of all, it is necessary to consider the invoice of material, thickness, quality of manufacture and processing. Various structure and properties of skin are inherent in various animals. Also matters from what part of an animal concrete slices, and also the direction of cutting are taken. Specialists in repair of leather products say that skin – the material possessing identity. Thus, during the similar work the intuition is very important, the individual approach is necessary. Anyway, how to smooth such jacket, to solve to you. recommends to consider thus that it is necessary to influence a skin surface elaborately and accurately, differently as a result of rashness it is possible to receive hopelessly spoiled thing at the exit. It is worth trying to experiment on a small site in an imperceptible place – for example, from seamy side.

Let's consider some checked ways of smoothing of leather things:

  1. If your jacket was hopelessly rumpled, there were deep folds and even zaloma, thus you doubt the forces and are afraid to spoil a thing, expensive to you, – address in a dry-cleaner, or to studio on tailoring and repair of leather clothes. Carry a jacket in a workshop and entrust care of it to experts.
  2. Smoothing in the natural way – after got a jacket from a case, hang up it on a coat hanger, clasp on all buttons or a lightning, and leave to "otvisetsya". It is better to choose wide trempel, its size needs to be selected according to width of shoulders of a product that the clothes were optimum straightened. After a while the crumpled thing will spontaneously be smoothed and will take the natural form. Some days can be necessary for full straightening. This way is suitable for things from rather thin skin. Considerable time can be necessary for smoothing of clothes from thick rough material.

  3. Smoothing by means of the softening means – take ordinary vaseline or nut oil, apply by means of a wadded tampon on a leather surface in jam places. It is necessary to leave a jacket in the hanged-out look in well aired place. In process of absorption of the softening substances the surface of clothes will be straightened. Before use of this method test vaseline or nut oil somewhere on a small hardly noticeable site of skin to make sure of lack of emergence of spots. As an alternative rubbing in of vaseline can apply glycerin. Water with glycerin addition (one to one) needs to be sprayed from a spray on the rumpled surface (or to wipe this solution skin) then carefully to smooth from seamy side with the iron.
  4. Processing the ferry – place the jacket which is hanged out on a coat hanger or a jacket in a bathroom near capacity with hot water, leave for some time. Under the influence of steam the moistened skin will start being straightened. Track that there was no direct hit of hot water on a jacket surface. Attention, after through blotting of skin shrinkage to 10% is possible! Obrazovyvayushchiysya condensate needs to be blotted by means of a towel or a dry rag. After processing the ferry dry a jacket, without removing from a coat hanger, in the dry and aired place. The surface of skin will gradually be smoothed in process of drying-out. If the jacket is sewed with fur inserts, this way of processing does not approach.

  5. Straightening of folds by means of an otparivaniye. Sellers of outerwear, including leather products, use vertical otparivatel for smoothing. If you have available no this adaptation, it is possible to use the iron with function of an otparivaniye. Processing should be carried out the ferry from distance not less than ten centimeters – in order to avoid deformation of structure of skin, a peresushivaniye and shrinkage. Than manufacture is thinner, the distance from a jacket to steam source has to be that more.
  6. By means of the ordinary iron it is possible to level folds effectively. It should be noted that this way should be applied carefully - not all types of leather products can well transfer it - for example, a nappa (especially thin soft skin), with a stamping, different coverings under a metallic and nacre, with perforation. Do not allow direct contact of the hot iron with an external surface of clothes. It is necessary to iron a leather product the easy movements, avoiding long applyings of the iron (not to iron, and to press), in the sparing temperature condition (use the wool mode). Iron from seamy side - through dry smooth fabric, it is very convenient to use as a layer at an ironing a brown paper. Suede after an ironing it is necessary to brush to give it uniform hairiness.

What way you would not choose, full smoothing of a jacket requires some time. Therefore if you plan to put on clothes from skin, recommends to think of its state in advance.

How to store a leather jacket

Take for the rule at once on arrival home to hang out a jacket on the trempel, it is desirable having clasped a lightning or buttons. Correctly picked up coat hanger which is not distorting a product form will save leather clothes from stretching, zalom and bruise. It is recommended to dry the products which became wet from bad weather at the room temperature, in well straightened look, far from direct sources of heat – radiators, heaters, fan heaters. The dry aired place is suitable for storage of leather clothes, jackets and jackets need to be hanged out on a coat hanger and to place in the breathing covers from paper or fabric. Use special means on care of products from skin (creams, balms, impregnations) for prevention of a peresushivaniye, and also for the purpose of softening of material.

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