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That it is better to buy the smartphone (communicator) or Kpk+telefon

Now in increasing frequency when breaks, the little mobile friend that is phone bothers or is lost, people have a hard choice. More and more the mobile companies release smartphones and communicators, along with ordinary phones, even more often phones carry out many various functions.
Что лучше купить смартфон (коммуникатор) или КПК+телефон Now in increasing frequency when breaks, bothers or "the little mobile friend" that is phone is lost, people have a hard choice. More and more the mobile companies release smartphones and communicators, along with ordinary phones, even more often phones carry out many various functions.

PDA and smartphone: the general and distinctions

I suggest to understand that better, more convenient and most cheaper to use our high-speed and mobile world: communicator/smartphone or sheaf phone + PDA.
First, let's understand that from them that.
The communicator is the pocket computer (PDA) equipped at the hardware level with the communication GPRS module for work in cellular networks.
The smartphone is the mobile phone working under control of an operating system with possibility of installation of appendices.
On functions smartphones and communicators are very close each other, distinction are observed in a way of input of information, in sizes of devices, and also how they represent themselves in the market of mobile devices. The main difference of a communicator from the smartphone is touch (reacting to touches) the screen.
PDA, it is PDA, no direct exit to cellular networks has and can work about the Internet as protocols only in sheaves with phone. Thus phone, for comfortable work with a PDA, has to have at least BlueTooth (sinezub) or Wi-Fi. On the future we will note that phone having one of the listed above characteristics has the minimum cost about $80 (for BlueTooTh) and $350 (for Wi-Fi). The unpretentious PDA can be got for 7-8 thousand rubles.
Now it is possible to allocate pluses and minuses of these two sets.

PDA + phone

Связка КПК + телефон объемней смартфона, но позволяет комфортно работать The linking of a PDA + phone allows to work and have a good time rather comfortably. As a rule, PDA in that case place in an inside pocket or a bag, and phone remains on a belt, on a neck or in an external pocket, that is near at hand. Respectively, if you go to club, on a big concert on stadium, for safety of a PDA it is possible to leave at home and quietly to manage only phone. In case of use of a PDA + phone of telephone bases appears 2 or 3 (believe in that case to lose contact of the person it is simply impossible to become). As a rule, at the PDA which do not have GPRS modules, the screen much more than at communicators and it is respectively easier and more convenient to look through the page Internet. The truth of a PDA moreover with phone much heavier and is more volume, than the communicator or the smartphone, and will not be located easily in a small ladies' handbag any more. And to forget one of set components (a PDA or phone) of house for want of habit it is possible easily.
At the moment many of modern PDA can brag of the developed screen, it is rather big bonus for those who likes to photograph as it and can see photos not on the small screen of a camera, and on rather big and if necessary at once to send them to friends. Respectively, if at a chamber, phone and a PDA identical cards, and you are able to photograph and keep much more. Besides if you discharged a PDA, you will not remain without communication, phone that works, as a rule, more long, than the pocket computer.
    Now we will sum up a brief summary:
    + big screen
    + duplication of base of contacts
    + the big term of collaboration that is if the PDA is discharged, without communication you will definitely not remain
    + bigger total of the built-in memory provided that cards the identical used by devices.
    - to have to drag it is more
    - it is necessary to pay spare cash for the connecting function


Со смартфоном (коммуникатором) Вы более мобильны, но время их работы меньше, чем у обычных сотовых телефонов It is simplest to carry small easy communicators on a neck or on a belt, it is possible to use them as, directly putting to an ear as a tube (the truth then communicators look a little massive), and using earphones. The truth here us can wait some inconveniences if to use smartphones or communicators too intensively, at some models loudspeakers can depart and then services of service will be required or your communicator or the smartphone should be used only with earphones.
Also it is not always possible to connect any additional devices like the GPS navigator to communicators or smartphones or mini-USB, and then even if you connect, whether that all this design will look a little ridiculously about your ear? If to speak about communicator operating time, it works slightly more long, than simple PDA, but is much less, than ordinary phone. In this sense the smartphone is more preferable because it nevertheless is closer to ordinary phones. The majority of the devices considered by us will also not allow you to speak at the same time by phone and to chatitsya in ICQ or to read a piece from the paper.
It is possible to carry to positive sides of use of communicators or smartphones that the majority of these devices have sockets of chargers, standard for the companies making them, and you will be able to recharge the "mobile friend" in any rather large cafe or coffee houses.
In summary I can tell that, in my opinion, with which you can not agree, the future behind communicators, and smartphones at the moment try to resemble them more and more.
    So, summary:
    + all always near at hand, is more mobile
    + easy weight
    - small term of work
    - there can be problems with loudspeakers

Question price

And now we will consider the most decisive for many the moment, monetary:
At once I want to tell that to buy the device by the principle, "the more expensively – the better" is not necessary, it still can pass with boots or lubricating oil, but not in which case with a PDA, a communicator or the smartphone. It is desirable to know before purchase that you specifically want from the device and as will use it to esteem about the device which was pleasant to you on the Internet or in magazines, to communicate to the knowing people and to come into shop to take the device in hands.
Now being guided by the prices of large networks of the cellular and computer equipment it is possible to tell that:
the minimum set of a PDA + phone will cost about 9 - 10 thousand rubles
the minimum set the communicator/smartphone - 10 - 11 thousand rubles
As it is possible to see at the prices two sets considered by us come nearer to each other, and now you need to decide that it is more necessary to you and as it is more convenient to you.

We recommend a PDA

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