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Models of skirts for the full

At all times the most sexual attire for the woman was the skirt. And if the lady also the owner of magnificent forms, a skirt in its clothes has to be a thing No. 1. Completeness — it not an occasion "to hide" in baggy clothes, trying to hide shortcomings. On the contrary, the stylish fashion is urged to emphasize advantages and feminity of completeness today.

How not to be mistaken?

Figures at all absolutely different: someone possesses a magnificent bust and a tummy, but thus quite narrow hips and thin legs, and at someone, on the contrary, all splendor is in a lower body. However, choosing a skirt in shop, it is necessary to be based on a number of rules which will suit all female owners of magnificent forms.

  1. Tell "no" to large multi-colored drawings. If it is the huge size flowers, a cage, peas – remember, it is definitely not your option. Such prints will only make heavier the lower part of a figure.
  2. Refuse brilliant fabrics, they very much "make look fat" and add volumes.
  3. If a skirt with a belt, watch that it met without problems, differently risk to increase visually hips and to weight an upper body.
  4. It is better for stout women to refuse short skirts or skirts of loose, direct fit absolutely. Such styles are capable to make a figure direct and square.
  5. The most suitable fabrics for ample bodied beauties are smooth, dense, not containing any reliefs. Then you do not risk to weight or increase visually the body, such skirts will ideally sit on your figure.
  6. Buying a skirt, make sure that to it you have a suitable footwear on a heel.

Classics – the best savior

The skirt pencil will be the best option of a skirt for stout women. She will hide shortcomings of all types of full figures: will give to symmetry and symmetry, will visually extend feet, will emphasize advantages. You should not forget and about its functionality, after all skirts of this kind will be suitable both for work, and for romantic appointment, and for evening walks.

It is best of all if such skirt is monophonic. Of course, it is better to give preference to dark flowers. But the clothes of stout women and so comprise many "gloomy" things therefore it is possible and to experiment: try to try on a skirt of beige, olive, violet color.

As for drawings, they, in principle, are admissible, but only with a competent combination of top. If you doubt that to a beautiful skirt pencil with small flowers you will be able to pick up a suitable blouse, it is better to stop the choice on other coloring.

As for fabric, the rule is invariable here: choose smooth materials. Jeans, silk, chiffon – all of them will visually give to symmetry your figure and is underlined womanly bends.

Long skirts for the full

At all times stout women preferred long skirts to hide the complexes. But fashion designers categorically do not recommend to choose for themselves baggy models. suggests to examine the most suitable styles for ample bodied beauties.

  1. Skirt year – ideal option not only for stout women, but also for low. Such skirt, fitting hips, emphasizing feminity and sexuality, the flared hem visually extends feet and a figure in general.
  2. Long skirts of the A-silhouette also are advantageous for stout women. Emphasizing the graceful line of hips, they favourably hide possible shortcomings of feet, extend a silhouette and visually give to symmetry. The main requirement – to them the footwear on a heel has to be picked up.
  3. Quite the classical long skirt in a floor of a suitable coloring will approach. If also it is slightly flared to a bottom – will look on you simply divinely!
  4. The flared long skirts having a trapezoidal form — ideal option for women who want to look more harmonous and more effective.

Jean skirts for stout women

Of course, all love jeans are is practical, conveniently and beautifully. And how to be with jean skirts? Actually, on ample bodied ladies such skirts will look is simply delightful, especially, if are made of such material as a denim.

The denim differs not only the practicality, but also density: such skirts will fit you at the same time tightly and not to allow to a uniform "excess" fold to seem outside. Such skirts are also popular thanks to the universality: having picked up the correct accessories, they can be put on practically in any case and at any age.

Of course, styles of jean skirts exists much. It both skirts pencils, and flared, and year, both long, and short … What to choose from them – to choose only to you, based on the preferences and our recommendations.

Skirt tulip for stout women

This ultrafashionable option for all 100% is advantageous for full ladies. Of course, such style visually emphasizes the width of hips, but the made narrower hem significantly smoothes this effect.

It is preferable to choose skirts of such style of dark tones, and as for length, the skirt knee-deep will be ideal or at insignificant completeness – is slightly higher than a knee. It is very womanly skirts tulips with the overestimated waist and a wide belt look – similar models will emphasize the line of a waist, will hide a tummy and will make your figure sexy.

Asymmetric skirts and skirts with a smell

Stout women can even not doubt, choosing skirts of any model with a smell or with an asymmetric hem. Especially advantageously asymmetric drawings look, for example, the contrast strip which visually extends and slims a figure.

As for skirts with a smell, they can be any model: both skirt pencil, and "tulip", and long skirt. Such styles as though are thought up for ladies in a body!

Correct combination of a skirt to top

Of course, to a skirt it is very important to pick up the correct top and accessories. As we already spoke, the skirt with footwear at least on a low heel will be best of all to look is one of the basic rules. Now let's consider separately with what it is most correct to combine above-mentioned skirts to stout women.

  1. Skirt pencil. It equally well looks with the blouses, shirts, tunics fitted by jackets, cardigans. Pay attention to that these clothes had V-shaped cut, the face, a breast and shoulders will so visually decrease, and all figure in general will look symmetrically and harmonously. Such ensemble can be combined perfectly with wide belts and belts, the main thing that they were towards the color a shoe.
  2. Jean skirts, depending on the chosen style, "love" the extended blazers, shirts on release or tunics. Also tops, jackets and blouses perfectly will approach them. Perfectly with such skirts the monophonic things suitable on color scale look.
  3. Long skirts will be best of all to look with the fitted jacket or a jacket with a belt. Also asymmetric knitted cardigans well approach them. The good option is the blouse or an undershirt filled in a skirt but only under a condition, if this skirt with the overestimated waist. In case the waist "on a place" - is not recommended to fill clothes for a belt. A tunic or an undershirt of average length navypusk – excellent option for stout women. Be attentive with wide sweaters loose overalls: the fashion dictates to us to carry them with long skirts, but it not always good option.
  4. The skirt tulip does not allow the top falling on it: hips have to be completely open. Therefore the blouses and tops which are picked up to this model of a skirt have to be filled inside. Choose a wide belt to match a shoe, and such ensemble will look more harmoniously. If all of you put on top "release", whether it be a jacket or a cardigan, watch that they were rasstegnuta.
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