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Pigmentation of skin

Having seen a brown spot on a face, the person starts worrying and trying to get rid of it. Campaigns in known beauty shops, expensive procedures... Whether it is so easy to get rid of pigmentary spots on skin and why they arise, today will tell you

Color of our skin directly depends on what quantity of a pigment in it is available. Under the influence of various factors the quantity of a pigment can both decrease, and to increase. Statistically, most often at people pigmentation amplifies, and different factors influence it. One of the most significant factors is frequent stay or accommodation in tropical countries. For such people the quantity of a pigment in skin is available much more, than for residents of the northern countries, where not so intensive sun. Respectively, southerners have more dark shade of skin rich with pigments, and northerners – light.

Melanotsita are responsible for color of our skin. These cages develop a dark pigment of skin which melanin is called. Sometimes so it happens that cages start working more actively and melanin is developed much. This phenomenon also leads to emergence of ugly esthetically pigmentary spots on face skin and bodies. And if melanin is developed very actively, such phenomenon call hyperpegmentation. Strengthening of production of melanin leads to emergence of multiple dark stains not only on a face, but also on a body. Also at hyperpegmentation there are freckles and large dark birthmarks.


Among the main reasons for the expressed pigmentation doctors note genetic predisposition when the person is already born with "otmetinka" on a body. Also pigmentation can develop owing to diseases of a liver and kidneys, application of antibiotics of tetracycline group. Dark islands on skin can remain and after the postponed acne rash – especially large, inflamed rashes.

Also one of the most common causes of strengthening of pigmentation are sunshine. Under long influence of an ultraviolet the unprotected sites of skin – as a rule, this person, a neck, area of a decollete and a hand are affected and production of melanin is broken. Abuse of a sunbed will become unsafe for skin also. Ultraviolet rays force skin to develop melanin quicker. Owing to its active development of people can gain a boomerang effect: instead of beautiful equal suntan skin can become covered by brown spots.

One of the important reasons of the strengthened production of melanin doctors mark out people who have a genetic predisposition. Such people have even an insignificant injury of skin, whether it be a burn, frostbite, a heat-spot or even a trifling cut, can provoke emergence of pigmentation.

Cosmetics can be responsible for violation of production of melanin also. Female half of the population very much likes to resort to such procedure as a peeling of a face. Deep it or superficial – it is unimportant. The main thing to know when to stop and not to do procedure very often. After all having received desirable result after cleaning of skin, the woman admires the shining skin and, without reflecting, in few months again runs to the cosmetologist. If to do compulsory peeling of skin very frequent, it is possible to earn pigmentation strengthening.

At long application of contraceptive tablets there can also be brown spots. They appear on a face in certain places – in the center of the person and on cheekbones. At emergence of pigmentary spots it is necessary to refuse reception of tablets or to pass to low dosed preparations. Consultation of the doctor is necessary!

Also, if the human body does not receive necessary vitamins and minerals – their shortage can be reflected in a face. Avitaminosis is shown differently: dryness and peeling of skin and emergence of pigmentation. It is undesirable to accept bioadditives it is long, and vitamins to buy not synthetic.

Pigmentation. Types

On a face and on a body different types of pigmentary spots can be formed. Let's consider them in more detail.

Brown sites of skin – a hloazma, to the touch smooth, have the different size, borders sharp. Appear at pregnant women and independently pass after the delivery and alignments of a hormonal background. More often hloazma are formed on a face, a stomach and hips.

Can arise not only at future mummies at a liver illness, gynecologic problems, long stay on the sun, application of contraceptive tablets. At identification of the reason of emergence, most often special treatment is not demanded and passed independently.

Very dark, small and of the size of a goroshinka specks are lentigo. They have an accurate contour and a convex surface. Are formed by groups and it is single on a body, a face and extremities. Lentigo appear at children and at people at advanced age. At children usually appear in the first ten years of life. Externally they can look as usual birthmarks, but them can be quite a lot. Senile lentigo or "the old man's tags" appear after 50 years in those places which are most of all open and are not protected from the sun. "The old man's spots" big by the size and it is impossible to get rid of them.

Birthmarks and birthmarks. The person can be born with congenital pigmentation, but spots and birthmarks can appear and throughout life. They look differently, can be as more darkly, and is lighter, to be smooth or convex and even to become covered by hair. For example, the birthmarks formed at the expense of lymph nodes will be red or pinkish. And skin sites where there was a big accumulation of melanotsit, will be painted in brown and even black colors.

Birthmarks, as well as birthmarks, can often appear, but not disturb the owner. It is necessary to pay attention only to large birthmarks which began to increase, darken and cause discomfort – as over time they can develop into a malignancy. In such cases it is necessary to address to the doctor and to pass inspection.

White spots – vitiligo arise at any age. Can be imperceptible or pink color, and also white or dairy. Appear because melanin in general ceases to be developed. If such problem is available for the person, can appear as is single, and to cover the big area of a body. To treatment of vitiligo do not move as the reasons of emergence are still unknown. Allegedly, the termination of production of melanin is connected with endocrine diseases. Vitiligos suffer more often than the man, than the woman.

Albinism – the heaviest congenital form of violation of pigmentation. About 50 people on one million meet very seldom. Skin and hair at patients with albinism of people absolutely white, and here eyes – red color. But such people learned to mask the appearance, eyes – by means of lenses, and pale skin color – by means of cosmetics. Such people cannot be in general on the sun, the sunlight is completely contraindicated to them. Albinos have to be constant under supervision of doctors.

And freckles?

Freckles too are considered as a kind of pigmentation of skin. Look as small specks of honey color which cover practically face skin for 80%, can be on hands and shoulders. Owners of "solar marks" are white-skinned people with hair of color of honey and copper.

Freckles are actively shown in the spring and hold on like grim death a ray. In winter time they do not disappear completely, and become more pale.

Solar specks do not give any inconvenience to owners unless with them women are always dissatisfied. They try to get rid of them, literally from the advanced school age. Completely it is impossible to get rid of freckles, and here to clarify them and to make almost imperceptible it is possible by means of the special clarifying cosmetics and grandmother's recipes.

Radical treatment of pigmentation

There are two methods of treatment of pigmentation. The first – bleaching by means of various products and cosmetics. The second – directed on destruction and elimination of a pigment by means of hardware cosmetology.

Destruction of pigmentation by means of the laser – procedure not painful also does not take a lot of time. Skin gets some kind of directed burn the laser. After the laser it is restored quickly, but there are cases of rough clarification of skin.

Procedure of phototherapy is considered less safe, than laser. The phototherapy is practically the same pass a burn which destroys a pigment. Procedure is effective at an exception of diseases of kidneys and a liver, hormonal violations.

It is necessary to carry out both procedures only in winter time and only in a special medical institution.

We get rid of pigmentation by means of folk remedies

The mask from parsley well bleaches skin. It is necessary to take either a root of parsley or stalks. It is good to pound and to apply gruel on skin. To hold a mask of 30 minutes, then to wash away water and to moisten skin with cream.

It is possible from parsley to add a honey spoon to gruel – such means not only fights against pigmentation and freckles, and and cleans black points on a face.

The lemon is the excellent bleaching means. Rind a lemon and boil thoroughly its half an hour on weak fire. Let's broth be drawn and define in a cool place. Wipe skin a wadded disk of time in a day.

Potato starch. To part a teaspoon with lemon juice and to apply on problem sites, on half an hour. To wash away warm water.

Effective remedy – hydrogen peroxide. To take one part of peroxide 30 of percentage, 2 parts of alcohol boric and one – nashatyrny. To mix and put very accurately on a face.

Unpleasant esthetic spots in the field of bikini completely clean mix of glycerin and peroxide of hydrogen (1 spoon) + boric alcohol (2 spoons). To wipe skin mix 3 times a day.

We do not forget that all procedures for bleaching of skin will be effective if to carry out them seasonally – from October to May.

Anti-pigmentary oils

In the nature there is a number of essential oils which have the bleaching effect. This essential oil of a lemon, grapefruit, sandal-wood tree, pink tree and parsley. By means of these essential oils it is possible to achieve bleaching of pigmentary spots. The main thing governed – not to use essential oils in pure form. In an ideal it is better to add some drops of oil in special cream and a mask. The correct dosage it on 100 ml of means – 5 drops of oil. It is necessary to store such mix in a cool place.

Let's prepare a barmy mask anti-pigmentary. Let's take 15 g of yeast and we will part them with juice of a lemon or serum from milk. Let's add on two drops of essential oil of a lemon and mints. Within 60 minutes it is necessary to stir up contents periodically. It is desirable to place all ingredients in glass capacity with a dense cover. It is necessary to apply such mask for the night, to apply directly on a spot, rubbing. After the mask dries up, accurately to remove a crust and to wash a face clear water.


It is known that violation of work of a digestive tract and liver can be the main cause of emergence of pigmentation on skin. To return these functions to the normal course, it is necessary to clear an organism of the collected slags and further to eat properly.

There is a special diet which is recommended to people, with the strengthened pigmentation. For example, it is possible to clear an organism honey infusion with oats, infusions of a dogrose and hawthorn, cucumber or citrus juice, to use fermented milk products. The crude vegetables and fruit rich with vitamin C are also very useful. The cabbage, parsley, a sorrel, strawberry and wild strawberry, blackcurrant concern to them. And if daily to use the products containing vitamins of RR group, it is possible to lower a skin susceptibility to ultraviolet rays. Carry to such products: eggplants, haricot, lentil, potatoes cooked in a peel, apricots, cherry, a fig, peaches, dried fruits.

Pigmentation of skin is one of those diseases which do not disturb the person. As cosmetologists speak, spots do not ache and do not scratch, but, nevertheless, very much prevent the person to be spread by life. And to get rid of them, it is necessary to find out the reason and then to choose a way of disposal of this small cosmetic shortcoming. Good luck!

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