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Maintenance of skalyariya

Friendly skalyariya – the invariable inhabitant of many aquariums. This beautiful the average sizes a small fish differs in big appetite and interesting features of behavior. Aquarians love breed for its unusual form, various coloring and availability.

Skalyariya – one of the most extraordinary representatives of family tsikhlid. This is rather big small fish reaching in length of 13-15 cm, and its height makes about 25 cm. At a skalyariya the high trunk which is strongly squeezed on each side painted in the pure silvery color alternating with wide black strips. In a word, difficult not to notice such beauty. For the first time the skalyariya was found on average the Amazon Current and its inflows. In the wild nature of a small fish of this look keep flocks in places with dense vegetation without intensive current.

From an easy hand of the western aquarians a skalyariya nicknamed fish angel. The association is probably cast by original appearance of a small fish. Her diskovidny body is similar to the half moon counterbalanced long back and anal by fins. Chest fins of a skalyariya threadlike, and tail are strongly narrowed on the end. Females usually surpass males in weight. Males are allocated with the big strongly developed forehead.

It is a little history

In house reservoirs of domestic aquarians the unusual small fish appeared at the beginning of the XX century. To general admiration there was no limit! Stirred interest also that exotic "novika" kept a secret which some time nobody could solve: any selector did not manage to achieve from a spawning skalyariya. Subsequently it became clear that water of the increased temperature (32 – 33 degrees) is necessary for reproduction of small fishes angels. Today the set of interesting copies is received from an ordinary look: the gold, leopard, marble, shleyfovy, black skalyariya – all and not to list at once! Perhaps, because of abundance of various "modifications" of this breed of representatives of its initial form to find the whole problem today.

Modern skalyariya are remarkable a rich ottenochny palette of the coloring: from silvery and olive to the green-gray. Coloring of a back always nasyshchenny a paunch, and color of vertical strips can turn pale or darken depending on mood of a skalyariya on each side. The form of fins also depends on a look: at one small fishes they simple, at others vualevy.

In the conditions of habitat of a skalyariya live in pure soft waters (pH 6,5–7,5) which temperature averages about 26 °C. Information that these small fishes quite suit temperature in 22 °C, aquarians with an experience consider doubtful.

How to contain and look after skalyariya

Effective small fishes are very unpretentious: they "are on friendly terms" so long ago with the person that got used to any living conditions. For example, water for good health of a skalyariya can be soft, almost distilled, or average degree of rigidity. If to speak about optimum temperature for comfortable stay of small fishes half moons in an aquarium, it is better to adhere to indicators in 24–26 °C. At the same time cases when skalyariya grew up at 16–17 °C and temperature increase of water to 33-35 °C are absolutely real is not for them deadly. However will be best of all than a small fish angels to feel in the conditions of more or less stable water temperature, without its extreme increase and decrease.

Healthy skalyariya quickly grow in an artificial reservoir and become quite large. It needs to be considered, choosing for them an aquarium – the volume of glass capacity has to be not less than 60 l. Interesting feature: width of "dwelling" of special value for skalyariya has no, after all by nature these small fishes are adapted for accommodation in narrow channels. Best of all they will suit the underwater space which is plentifully set with plants alternately with stones and wooden snags.

High rates of purity, transparency and saturation of water oxygen are very important for skalyariya. The standard of acidity of environment for these small fishes fluctuates in the range from 6,5 to 7,5, but during spawning indicators rn have to be higher. However hardness of water anyway have to be rigidity less than a coefficient at 17-18 of units.

The proud loneliness not for a skalyariya is a gregarious small fish. Moreover, skalyariya independently break into constant couples and are loyal to the soulmate. For an average aquarium there will be quite enough 4–6 individuals who in process of a growing will create the hierarchical society in an underwater kingdom: couple of large individuals will occupy the coziest and planted trees and shrubs aquarium corner, the second couple can locate in an opposite corner, that is worse. "Bachelors" who did not decide on a passion choice yet, usually live everywhere gradually, but access to food get the last.

The leading couple quite often offends singles, pursuing them on all aquarium. Even if to transplant "bachelor" in separate capacity, his place will be taken right there by other lonely small fish. The problem is solved usually by a house reservoir of the big size – there the attention of harmful skalyariya becomes scattered, and besparny small fishes have an opportunity to retire and have a rest in dense vegetation.

It is impossible to forget that a skalyariya – a small fish very gentle and susceptible. Unexpected loud sounds or suddenly lit lamp over an aquarium can strongly frighten representatives of this breed. From a strong emotional shock of a skalyariya its bright black strips on a body can turn pale considerably. recommends to equip surely in an aquarium of shelter for skalyariya. It can be artificial caves, decorative grottoes, constructions from strong and thick snags. Soil of these small fishes does not interest, all their attention is concentrated on vegetation which surrounds them. Long plants with wide and rigid leaves (for example, a vallisneriya and it similar) will become an optimum choice for comfort of a skalyariya.

Compatibility of a skalyariya with other underwater inhabitants

Where there live skalyariya, usually there are no quarrels and conflicts. Small fishes angels are rather peaceful to get on with other non-contentious species of fish. But it does not mean that during spawning the skalyariya will not be able to protect the posterity from encroachments of predators. The spawning is closer, the more carefully couple of skalyariya preserves the corner.

Besides, skalyariya are inclined to perceive very little small fishes as potential food therefore neon and the guppy should keep aloof from striped predators. And in general to skalyariya it is necessary to place neighbors which sizes will differ not too from the sizes of fish angel.

Skalyary it is impossible to contain together with brisk and cocky barbusa – though both breeds and unite black strips on a trunk, but together to them not to get on. The distinguished skalyariya by all means will fall a victim of hooligan behavior of a bright barbus. And other, too active at heart, neighbors will haunt a skalyariya, constantly being enough it for long threadlike fins, taking them for food.

Feeding of a skalyariya

As true representatives of a sort tsikhlid skalyariya eat a live forage. The young growth will suit the water flea. Besides, young skalyariya without effort catch up and eat the guppy and other "trifle" in the form of tadpoles, insects and their larvae. Gets from gluttonous skalyariya and dense vegetation of an aquarium – small fishes remorselessly eat around gentle leaves of seaweed and other water plants. That the skalyariya had no deficiency of nutrients, whitebaits of fishes alternate to larvae of mosquitoes, a crank and trubochnik.

Good option for feeding – the processed meat of a mussel or a scallop connected to shrimps. Forcemeat is divided into portions and frozen. Just before feeding the portion of seafood does not need to be defrozen.

In the form of flakes and granules the skalyariya will also not refuse production forages. You should not worry when small fishes suddenly cease to eat without everyone on that the reasons, but thus look active and healthy. Usually appetite comes back to them in 4–6 days.

Secrets of cultivation of skalyariya

Actually, secrets any are not present. Very simply to receive posterity from a skalyariya.

Life expectancy of a healthy small fish makes about 10 years, but it not final "sentence": at good leaving of a skalyariya live for some years more long. Become capable to cultivation of a small fish angels at 10-month age. The most eloquent indicator of a polovozrelost of a skalyariya is her behavior: she finds to herself couple and all the time spends with the elect.

During spawning couple of producers is otsazhivat in capacity on 80 l, and prolific fishes will give posterity each 10 days within 3 months. Spends the next 3 months of steam in the general aquarium, having a rest. It is not recommended to separate these individuals categorically.

The main health hazard of a skalyariya is covered as a forage which to it is offered. That fish angel well felt and was not ill, the aquarian has to be sure that the forage fresh and was stored in the conditions suitable for it.

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