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When it is possible to prisazhivat the girl

Everything that is related to little children, bears in itself a trace of continuous expectation. At first future mothers and fathers wait will not wait for appearance of the child on light, then - his first smile, very first to "ag". Rejoice when the child starts holding a head and to turn over on a stomach. And by four months look forward when the kid can be put?

Parents who raise daughters, approach this question especially carefully. About when it is better to land girls, speak much. To whom to listen, after all there is a lot of recommendations, and - and that it is more than myths round this subject. will help you to understand when it is better to start putting the baby to make this process for it the most comfortable and safe.

Opinion of pediatricians

It should be noted that today there are some approaches concerning questions on jumping of children.

  1. Approach American. The kid starts being landed early enough. Generally the children's industry - various "kengurushka" also works for the American buyers, walkers and chaise lounges are designed for them.
  2. Approach domestic. Pediatricians of the former Soviet Union use it. Children with normal physical development can sit with assistance of the adult from 6 months. Experts are sure what exactly to six-months age belly muscles of a stomach fully become stronger.
  3. Approach of a natural roditelstvo. He is supported by many pediatricians. Such approach consists in one rule – the child does not need to be prisazhivat independently. It can be put only if he sits down itself. That is when his muscles will get stronger for this purpose. Whether it is worth speaking, what attention is paid by parents to gymnastics of the kid for strengthening of his muscles.

"Horror stories" and myths about a prisazhivaniye of babies

Because there are some approaches in a question of jumping of children, there was also a set of myths and "horror stories". Let's try to dispel the most popular of them, and especially, the concerning jumpings of girls.

Impose the baby with pillows - and he will quicker learn to sit.

Such opinion absolutely groundless. Moreover, scoliosis can threaten the child who is laid over by pillows. Quite often in such situation the kid is filled up sideways, and it negatively influences position of a spine column. Besides, the child simply has no opportunity to gain own experience in a prisazhivaniye. All attempts to stand up, sit down, clumsy falling and pushing away perfectly strengthen muscles, the child gradually starts feeling the body and to learn to operate it. It is some kind of gymnastics for the kid. And if you support him pillows, simply deprive of this useful business.

Will early put the girl - the bend of a uterus is guaranteed!

It should be noted that it is the biggest horror story which actually is not true. It most often can be heard from mothers and grandmothers who are sure that the bend of a uterus can lead to infertility. Actually the bend of a uterus is a congenital defect, and only in rare instances can be a consequence of inflammatory process. The curvature of a backbone and other consequences are the most important reason because of which you should not land girls until their muscles finally get stronger.

Do not hurry with "kengurushka" and walkers

Today in the market a large number of various adaptations for kids – walkers, prygunok, "kangaroo", stools for feeding etc. is presented. Of course, they somehow facilitate life to mothers and fathers. However the few know that it is possible to apply them only from 6 months. It is better not to use car seats and chaise lounges to three-months age. Take the baby better on hands or put in a basket for newborns. So you will save the child from injury of a spine column and deformation of legs.

And if the baby started sitting down earlier?

Each child – the individual personality. And rates of development in all kids the different. If your daughter diligent tries to sit down before usual for this age, it is not necessary to interfere with her. For example, the baby sat down during game or exercises. But try that she was in such family way not for long.

It is worth paying attention to a place where there is your child. Make it safe. And here support for sitting to do any it is not necessary. The child shortly will understand that much more interestingly to learn the world in a sitting position, and all your further attempts to lay it will be vain. The baby will be to try again and again to sit down. Therefore if she sits already enough time, do not try to lay her, and try to distract something – take on hands and resemble with her, borrow with any game, and then accurately lay.

With what to begin jumping of the girl?

At six-seven-months age the baby can already safely start be landed. Try it to make in a carriage or a stool for feeding. If at your daughter still it is impossible to remain sitting, do not force it to occupy an uncomfortable pose. Help better. By means of special charging it is possible to strengthen necessary muscles. Especially such occupations are shown to the children born premature and weak.

How to carry out gymnastics?

So, to be engaged with the baby in charging, the firm surface is necessary for you. It can be a pelenalny table or a floor, but previously on them it is necessary to put a thick blanket that to the kid it was comfortable:

  1. We put the baby on a tummy, his legs have to rest against you.
  2. Lift the baby, holding her under a breast and legs. Pay attention that the back and a bottom at the child have to strain.
  3. Take so the girl of half-minute, and then again put on a stomach.

Also during wakefulness of the baby it is possible to do also such exercise:

  1. We stack a crumb on a stomach and we put some toy drawing attention before her eyes. The child will start reaching for a subject. So muscles of a back and a press become stronger.
  2. It is also possible to establish color ringlets over a bed. Your baby will try to reach them in every possible way. And if grasps – will try to sit down.

One more effective and widespread exercise which will help your baby to strengthen a backbone. Lay the girl on a back and give to it hands. The baby will grab your fingers, and then will start trying to sit down. At the child thus muscles of a press and a back strain. Do not detain the baby more than 30 seconds.

Carry out such gymnastics every day, since three months, and you will see good results. In addition to it there can be visits of the pool for occupations with kids. Swimming very well influences muscles. By the way, with the assistance of experts it is possible to carry out necessary occupations and at home in an ordinary bathroom. Also massage of the baby will be effective.

Consultation of the doctor – the best way not to do much harm

If all of you doubt, whether your baby is ready to sit or not, surely consult on this matter at the expert. The pediatrician will be able objectively to estimate development of your baby.

Your baby is ready to accept a sitting position? Help it. If still rather early – suffer, everything is good in its season. Be simply attentive to the child.

The healthy and strong baby will surely sit down itself as soon as her organism gets stronger. Help it from the diapers – the strengthening massage and gymnastics. Patience to you, dear mothers and fathers!

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