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Treatment of antritis folk remedies

Many of us know about such disease as antritis firsthand. Most often it arises in a cold season and at untimely treatment can bring an array of problems and inconveniences. Often the disease is treated by national methods which effectively eliminate not only signs, but also the reason of formation of antritis.
Many of us know about such disease as antritis firsthand. Most often it arises in a cold season and at untimely treatment can bring an array of problems and inconveniences. Antritis represents an inflammation of the top airways, and in particular, gaymorovy bosoms. The infection which got on a mucous membrane which remains there during the long period is the main reason for an inflammation. Unfortunately, antritis symptoms often confuse to ordinary cold and choose the wrong method of treatment. Except characteristic allocations from a nose it is followed also puffiness of a nose, eyelids and even a swelling of cheeks can appear headaches, a nose congestion, the complicated breath, deterioration of sense of smell, the increased temperature, in some cases. If in time not to take the appropriate measures, antritis can develop into a chronic form when the mucous membrane is not restored independently any more and treatment requires surgical intervention.

Emergence reasons

Лечение гайморита народными средствами Simple cold which was not eliminated in time is the main reason of developing of antritis. The affected mucous membrane of a nose cannot resist to causative agents of infections, and viruses, mushrooms, hlamidiya etc. get to an organism. However, antritis can result and weakening of immune system after the postponed illness, catarrhal diseases, flu, inflammatory processes in a mouth, problems with teeth and even owing to overfatigue and exhaustion of an organism. At the slightest symptoms of antritis it is necessary to address immediately to the doctor and to begin timely treatment. Often this disease is treated by national methods which effectively eliminate not only signs, but also the reason of formation of antritis.


One of the most effective and widespread ways of treatment of antritis is washing of a nose. It becomes by means of hydrochloric solution. It prepares in house conditions as follows. In 200 ml of boiled warm water dissolve one tablespoon of sea salt if is not present sea, also ordinary table salt will approach. Add some drops of iodine to the received solution and well mix. Procedure of washing is carried out by means of a medical syringe without needle. Gather in it a certain amount of solution and inject into a nasal opening under big pressure. Thus liquid has to follow from other nostril.
Salt solution can be replaced with solution of the calendula mixed with a glass of water, or St. John's Wort tincture. For this purpose it is necessary to make one teaspoon of a St. John's Wort in 200 ml of boiled water. After cooling solution can be used for washing of a nose in the way stated above.
Not less than two times a day to an absolute recovery are recommended to carry out procedure of washing.


Лечение гайморита народными средствами Often positive effect is rendered by inhalations and warming up of airways. For this purpose all of us will suit well-known the way based on properties of boiled potatoes. Simply boil some large potatoes in a uniform, merge water, bend over a pan and, having covered from above with a towel or a plaid, inhale fumes of potatoes. Breathe only a nose and try to inhale a full breast. Procedure is carried out until potatoes do not cool down.
Similar properties also bay leaf possesses, but except the warming effect it renders also anti-inflammatory action that promotes restoration of the mucous. Place in 200 lm of water of 10 bay leaves and boil them within 5 minutes. After that carry out procedure of inhalation over steam until broth does not cool down.
Inhalations can be carried out and with use of the essential oils added to hot water such as oil of an eucalyptus, a pine, tea tree etc.
It is best of all to carry out inhalations in the evening, just before a dream.

House ointments

For treatment of antritis in house conditions it is possible to use the special, prepared from natural products ointment. It becomes quite simply and quickly. For preparation you need vegetable oil, honey, milk, onions juice, alcohol and a laundry soap. Place all components in equal proportions in deep capacity, previously having crushed soap on a grater, and warm up on a water bath, constantly stirring slowly. Ointment will be ready when soap completely is kindled and mix turns into homogeneous viscous mass. Then cool the received ointment and use it for treatment of antritis. Apply a small amount of ointment on a wadded or gauze tampon and insert it into nasal pass as it is possible more deeply. Leave a tampon for 10 minutes then to insert a tampon with ointment into other nostril. Similar procedure needs to be done three times a day within a week.

Natural drops

Лечение гайморита народными средствами Drops were always considered as an effective way of fight against diseases of the top airways for this reason at antritis it is necessary to dig in a nose specially prepared solutions. Often natural honey enters a basis of similar drops. For preparation of means mix on one teaspoon of natural honey, juice of Yalta onions and juice of potatoes. Dig in the received mix in each nostril several times a day.
It is also possible to use honey separately. Dig in liquid honey on one drop in each nasal opening, thus involving in themselves air. The first some minutes there can be a feeling of a full congestion of a nose, but it will pass soon.
It is also possible to make drops of aloe juice. Remove a rigid skin from plant leaves and wring out juice from the remained pulp. Mix it in equal proportions with boiled water and dig in a nose the received mix 2-3 times a day for a week. Similar solution can be prepared from juice of a kalanchoe which is on sale in a drugstore.


Effective the listed methods of treatment of antritis would not be what, it is better to avoid this disease and not to have opportunity to be influenced by them. For this purpose it is necessary to follow certain rules and to follow recommendations of doctors. First of all, refuse smoking. It leads to weakening of a mucous membrane of airways and development of puffiness. Reconsider the diet and include in it as much as possible useful products containing vitamins and microcells necessary for an organism. Avoid stresses and negative emotions which negatively influence immunity. Temper the organism, lead a healthy lifestyle, and then you for certain will manage to avoid such unpleasantly disease as antritis.
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