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Exercise machines for weight loss

One of the most serious problems of our millennium is excess weight. Can lead an inactive way of life, the wrong day regimen and improper feeding to adjournment of excessive kilograms. All this gradually leads to that muscles are weakened and, at least, flabbiness in a body is added to it. Actually such consequences can quite be not allowed, using special exercise machines.

You should not rely especially on the multipurpose exercise machines for weight loss advertized today it is wide on the TV. After all exercise machines have to be the most usual which support health. It is considered that the most obvious and long effect can be reached at a combination of cardioloadings and power loadings. After all symmetry is considered a health sign. For fast and that the most important, the correct weight loss is recommended to use the cardiovascular machine as the main tool, and as auxiliary it is recommended to use power simulators. It is connected with that process of harmless weight loss has to take place by fat replacement with muscles.

The most popular exercise machines for cardioloadings are such exercise machines as a racetrack, the stepper, a velosimulator and orbitrek. All these exercise machines allow to train heart, lungs and muscles of a lower body. When training there is a high sweating. And together with also harmful toxins are emitted then.

Stepper, racetrack

Such exercise machine as the stepper operates so that imitates walking on a ladder, and thus muscles of feet, and also muscles of buttocks are studied mainly. Therefore, this exercise machine helps to grow thin with this zone. These exercise machines, undoubtedly, give a certain effect, but not such as other types of cardiovascular machines. Besides, on these exercise machines influence amplitude not really big.

As for a racetrack, it is possible to call it almost best means to lose extra kilos. Matter in that, when jogging fatty cages are actively split and muscles of feet, a press and buttocks are studied. The truth this exercise machine has one big essential minus. The matter is that shock loading in case of contact of foot with a surface of a racetrack can have an adverse effect on a condition of a backbone and on a condition of joints of feet. The racetrack, of course, has a depreciation which prevents influence of possible shock loading, but only partially. Therefore to people at whom sore joints, it is best of all to be kept.

Elliptic exercise machine, orbitrek

Perhaps, optimum from all exercise machines which can be used for weight loss the elliptic exercise machine is most (orbitrek). And it is possible to call it even the whole complex of exercise machines which is successfully possible for using for weight loss. Orbitrek combines such exercise machines as a velosimulator, a racetrack, and also the stepper. When the person is engaged on this exercise machine, not one works for it, and at once some groups of muscles. In particular, it involves muscles of a stomach, a muscle of a humeral belt, and also a muscle of lower body. The movements and loadings on such exercise machine smooth, at this on joints and a backbone are not present special loading. Thus breath has to be deep and uniform.

But not all people have an opportunity to be engaged on such useful exercise machine. Therefore it is necessary to find alternative solutions.

The exercise machine for weight loss of a stomach

The most effective exercise machine which can be used for weight loss of a stomach, couple consisting of the rowing car and a usual press bench is considered. Also the elliptic exercise machine, fitbol and a press bench will be useful. Besides, any rug on which it is convenient to do exercises on a floor will be effective. In order that the stomach grew thin, it is necessary to carry out regularly a complex of cardioexercises and a few power exercises on a press. At occupations on such exercise machines muscles of the center of a body are involved. If these exercise machines are not pleasant to you or are too expensive to you, for this purpose it is possible to take the cardiovascular machine and then to add at the end of each training a couple of minutes in a level pose in order that the body case was worked.

The exercise machine for weight loss of hips

The most effective exercise machine which can be used for weight loss of hips, will be that exercise machine, working on which pulse increases approximately by 60-70% of the greatest possible frequency of reductions. However thus the person should not test inconvenience in joints. The good exercise machine in this case the racetrack, a simple velosimulator or orbitrek is considered. The most important that it was convenient. For lifting of muscles of a hip it is also recommended to use simple knee-bends. It is possible to look narrowly at mini-bars and at special racks, necessary for them.

Exercise machines for weight loss of feet

Exercise machines which are used for weight loss of feet, practically the same, as the exercise machines used for weight loss of hips. Thus the best option the cardiocar and the equipment for carrying out house power training is considered.

Power simulators

To start work on such exercise machines it is necessary to adjust loading that the level of resilience of the exercise machine was suitable. It usually becomes manually. For this purpose it is necessary to find the weight which you on the exercise machine will lift, and to install the regulator on the chosen value.

Before exercises the nobility as it is correct to use it is recommended to study the instruction on the exercise machine, that precisely. Unfortunately, often some knowledge of English for this purpose is required. Though there are instructions which most in detail all tell in pictures.

The best set of exercises usually consists of three approaches on fifteen times. Thus it is best of all not to carry out them for once, and to alternate to some other exercises. Only you should not try to work for once with all trials in a hall. It is recommended to be engaged on each training only by two groups of muscles. So, for example, in one day worked on muscles of a back and feet, and the next day did exercises on a press and muscles of hands. reminds that in any gym you should not forget to follow rules of etiquette. Remember that you not one in a hall. Therefore it is quite possible that someone another will want to work on the exercise machine on which you are engaged. Therefore, you should not occupy one exercise machine too long.

Exercise machines for chetyrekhglavy muscles of feet

Usually all exercise machines for feet are grouped in one corner of a gym. Therefore at such arrangement it is convenient to alternate them among themselves. It will allow to combine training of the main muscles of feet. Before occupation it is recommended to adjust exercise machine resistance. In particular it is necessary to adjust power blocks. After that it is necessary to sit down and densely to press a waist to a seat. Hands have to rest against hand-rail, and feet have to be strong recorded. At extension it is recommended to detain feet on couple of seconds.

Exercise machines for all muscles of feet

There is an exercise machine which is effective for all muscles of feet at once - Gakk-trenazher. Before use as always it is necessary to establish the necessary resistance. Then we lay down, further we put feet on a special platform and after feet are recorded, we remove the unit from a safety lock. It is worth remembering that when bending feet, the corner between feet and a platform has to make 90 degrees approximately. You should not put too big loading. Remember that on the exercise machine to you it has to be comfortable, first of all.

The exercise machine for breast muscles

By means of the Chest Press exercise machine it is possible to correct and improve a shape of a breast, and also to lift a fold between a breast and a shoulder. For a start it is necessary to put the weight necessary to you, to adjust the exercise machine. We sit down after that we take the exercise machine for handles. Now the press is carried out forward. Thus it is very important to observe the correct breath – at advance there has to be an exhalation, and at the movement in the opposite direction there has to be a breath. Be beautiful and healthy!

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