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How to break awkward silence

There are situations when somehow awkwardly to be silent. How to make so that to avoid burdensome silence and how to make silence pleasant?
Speak if all suddenly became silent – the silent angel flew by. And still say that the loved one - is with what will always be not only about what to talk but also about what to keep silent.
However happen as well situations when somehow awkwardly to be silent. How to make so that to avoid burdensome silence and how to make silence pleasant?

Without language and the bell is mute.
(popular wisdom)
The cheerful company or romantic appointment … and here suddenly everything became silent. Try to suggest to reflect everything on one of banal, numerous, but interesting subjects. For example "on what I would spend one million", "That would be if people became immortal", "That is necessary for happiness" or make charts of the most foolish songs / movies. Right there will be a set of ideas over which it will be possible both to argue all together, and to laugh.
In all events around always there will be a set of interesting elements. Here, for example, children sit on a tree, unripe apricots burst and are silent – "govorilka" is occupied ;) And to you it just a subject for conversation.
Also practically all like to remember a carefree and bright time of the life – the childhood. And for certain everyone has for emergency an interesting story, noteworthy and involuntarily raising a smile.
Extreme sports and rest, the telecast, cinema, music, exotic dishes, novelties of equipment, an event in the country – that not to be silent and dispel melancholy – countless multitudes :)
It is possible to play such games as "Associations" and "Words on the contrary" which are suitable just for those cases when interlocutors are not able to share personal, creating awkward silence.
All like to speak about themselves favourite. Encourage it. Ability to listen - important and useful quality of the good interlocutor. Ask. Unostentatiously (at us nobody loves paparazzi) approximately such question can be asked "Where was?", "That saw?". It is quite possible that the interlocutor will cheer up and will tell you something interesting. It will want to talk about dreams and desires - speak. Will just exchange experience or useful tips?
And one more way to dispel silence - is suitable for lovers. Make to yourself "Hour/evening of revelations". When there are questions on which there is a wish to receive the answer, but do not know how to ask. Ask type questions: Whether "It is pleasant to you when you are kissed on a neck", or "Whom you would take with yourself on the desert island". Avoid to ask "That you had from that Lenkaya?", such question can provoke quarrel.
Conversation – a means of communication in which exchange of information is carried out.
Communication is, probably, art. Not any conversation is communication. Expresses itself in communication of people, compares and estimates, only in communication of people approves the place in society. The loneliness – is almost not existence.

By the way to keep silent – that to tell the big word.
(Popular wisdom)
Be silent, disappear and conceal
both feelings and the dreams
Let in sincere depth....
.... The thought uttered is lie...

And when silence – gold:

When you indulge in other language - sincere rushes and corporal feelings.
When you together build the sand castle or decorate each other by means of whipped cream.
When you happy roll under the sun, chew blades and listen to hum of midges and singing of birds.
When you enthusiastically watch flickering stars in the far sky, and it is only possible to be silent, with bated breath and enjoying beauty.
When you in kiss at night at an entrance, and behind walls – neighbors sensitively sleep :)
When you play secret scouts. Real heroes understand each other on views and gestures, and do not arrange unnecessary chatter.

To be silent – and put not to skonchat.
(Popular wisdom)

When it is contraindicated to be silent:

When you are asked about something very important and waited for the answer.
When you got on game "Oh, the lucky!"
When you answer at examination.
When you need to tell about something very good.
When you need to tell about something very bad.
When you wish mother happy birthday :)
When forces to be silent is not present any.

Finally would like to wish that your language never appeared your enemy, and communication always brought satisfaction and did you internally richer and is a little happier :)!
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In the photo the 83-year-old grandmother from Australia - Beth Kallman. Works as the instructor on yoga of 40 years. Is the author of three books. "The yoga does you younger", - Beth Kallman speaks.