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Restoration of sight on Bates's method

Many people over the years acquire not only knowledge and experience, but also problems with sight. Diseases of eyes can be different, beginning from short-sightedness and far-sightedness and finishing with an astigmatism. As strongly many people who faced a similar problem dream to return sight back. It appears, it is possible to restore health of eyes if to do special gymnastics of Bates.

The ophthalmologist from America Williams Bates developed a unique technique by means of which it is possible to restore sight. Glasses thus do not need to be worn. It is enough to carry out certain exercises to return sight.

Williams, developing the technique, was mistaken, considering that sight easing (anomaly of eyes) is connected with fatigue of muscle fibers which hold an eyeball. He missed that in a crystalline lens of apple there can be organic changes. Now modern ophthalmologists are skeptical about Bates's technique, but all the same there are enough admirers of this direction who improved sight by means of simple exercises.

Developing the technique, the ophthalmologist long time practiced performance of these exercises not only personally, but also by means of the patients.

As a result of long-term practice he came to such conclusions:

  1. The main reason for an overstrain is a nervous exhaustion. As the brain works in the intensive mode, he strongly is tired, this tension is transferred also to eye muscles. As a result we "get" many diseases of eyes which can be avoided.
  2. What it is necessary to make to restore sight? Only to relax. That's all.

So why modern ophthalmologists so are skeptical about this technique? Everything is simple, the majority of us needs instant effect – bought glasses with the necessary dioptries, for reliability also a bioadditive jar with bilberry and all. We are also limited to it. You will seldom meet such expert who will not be interested in sale of the next dietary supplement, and will recommend to the patient a long way to recovery.

Perhaps, it will be interesting to reader Mirsovetov to learn that the developed technique of U. Bates and the psychologist Mr. Shichko was connected in a single whole by the famous scientist V. Zhdanov. He considers that if to strengthen a psychological component, it is possible to reach good results during treatment and to restore the lost sight. The technique consists in the following: as the word influences the person much better, than actions, it is necessary to begin with an assessment of psychological behavior. In an ideal that exercises started working, it is necessary to get a notebook and to write down certain phrases on paper. They affect subconsciousness of the person magically. For example, if you say every evening that you have beautiful eyes, they clear and sharp-sighted, after a while and will be!

Preparation for performance of exercises

The eyeball holds 6 muscles. When the person has a normal sight, muscles are relaxed, and an eye remains in a natural form – spherical. If we need to see a certain subject at a short distance, cross muscles strain, and longitudinal remain weakened. An eye gets an oval form. If on the contrary – we try to make out something at a great distance, muscles are interchanged the position, also the shape of eyes changes. This opening pushed the ophthalmologist Bates on the following: he considers that short-sightedness/far-sightedness develop because muscles stand idle. That to avoid it, it is necessary to train certain groups of muscles.

We, together with, will learn to restore sight on Bates's method. And we will begin with preparation. It is important to adhere to sequence in performance of exercises.

That it is necessary to undertake:

  1. If you wear lenses or glasses, you need to replace them with weaker. Experts recommend to lower dioptries on 1 or 1.5.
  2. Carry out a certain gymnastics for eyes every day: in the morning, during the lunchtime, in the evening and for the night before going to bed. In what exercises consist: eyes it is raised up, we lower down, we look at first in one, then to the opposite side, we "draw" various geometrical figures etc.
  3. Important after loading to restore muscles. Therefore we do not forget about rest – we close eyes, so we will remove stress, and then easily we blink eyelashes.
  4. We start restoring sight since Monday, and already by a weekend we have to learn to take 3 detours of exercises.
  5. Carrying out exercises, do not concentrate and too do not try. It is important to distract that process of restoration took place in the natural way so think positively, it is possible even to sing the favourite song.
  6. The minimum quantity of repetitions of 1 exercise – 70 times.
  7. At the end of each training block we do a palming. It is the main part of a technique based on representations. It is important to close eyes, to bring hands to the person so that palms closed eyes and to present that you see equal black color without spots and patches of light. As soon as at you it turns out, so you managed to relax muscles. Time of performance of a palming – no more than 10 minutes.
  8. Sew a bandage for eyes, material should not pass light. Try to work at least once in day at home with this bandage. Close 1 eye, the 2nd will train at this time, in 30 minutes we remove a bandage and we change its situation. Exercise rather effective so it is worth allocating 1 hour of time to restore sight.

That else it is necessary to consider

Starting development of a technique of Bates, it is important not to overdo, otherwise eyes will be strongly hurt, sight can worsen. Remember – only a positive spirit and any loadings. If to you it is heavy, do not try to do at once the necessary number of repetitions one exercise. Take rest better, relax.

As the basis of a technique of Williams is a mental overstrain, remember it and try to work in the quiet atmosphere. Only in that case it is possible to relax one muscles and to force to work others. If daily to train, the result will not keep itself waiting long – having persistently worked, you improve blood circulation and a tone of muscles, and it will allow you over time even to refuse carrying lenses or points.

Let's examine exercises

  1. Palming or palm. As soon as you feel that your eyes were tired, at once do this exercise. Besides, the palming is carried out surely before going to bed. Exercise duration – no more than 10 minutes. As it is correct to do exercise: conveniently settle down in a chair, rub palms the friend about the friend when feel heat - it is possible to start. Close eyes palms so that to you it was comfortable and pressure upon eyes was not, but the sunlight did not get through palms. And now close eyes and present that you see a field of black color. There will be it only when you relax, and will not think of anything. To see a black field without patches of light and gleams, it is important to present subjects of the same shade in the imagination. For calm it is possible to count to 100 and by force of thought "to remove" light sites, gradually filling them dark. As a result of this exercise of a muscle of eyes relax.

  2. We calm down and relax. Try to remember something good, for example, as you traveled or any other pleasant moments. It is good if you manage to present a rainbow and to stop a look on each of flowers, as if strengthening its brightness. It is possible to be late on every color no more than a second. Exercise duration – 5 minutes. It is possible to do such exercise on relaxation in any place and in free time.
  3. We meditate and represent certain things. Before you the sheet of white paper is located, and now try to write any word or the offer mentally. We think only positively. And now again before us a blank sheet, in the middle we "will draw" a black point. Our task – to try to move this point from one place on another.
  4. We continue to do exercises blindly. Let's present a beautiful large flower is the center of composition. Now it is necessary to expand the imagination and to try to see not only beauty of a flower, but also to consider in detail a stalk, leaves and insects who fly over a plant. Duration of exercise can be different, everything depends on your state.
  5. Exercise "sun" - we will address to a light source we will blindly and simply think of something good. The best time for trainings – morning or evening. At midday this exercise is not done. Performance time – 5 minutes. For training in winter time, it is possible to include a floor lamp or to light candles.
  6. For performance of this exercise the table is necessary for sight check. Place the table at the level of eyes, become at distance of 6 meters from the table and try to read small letters. Present color of this letter and connect imagination. We close eyes palms.
  7. And again we need the table. We look at first at large letters in the top line, then we close eyes and we represent the same letter, but much the smaller size. We try "to see" small letters and to present that they are much more dark, than large.
  8. We finish training by exercise of "Palming".

Important not only systematically to be engaged, it is necessary to help an organism to be restored quicker – to watch food, to do massage, to go in for physical culture. Besides, it is necessary to observe the drinking mode (to drink about 2 l a day), to give up smoking and giving up other addictions.

Doctor Bates recommends to refuse and glasses wearing. When the person wears glasses, he hopes for them and muscles cease to work. Your task – as soon as will remove points (or lenses) not to strain an eye that to see something – after performance of exercises everything will come by itself. Work and are not lazy, and then you will see the first results.

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