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How to narrow pores on a face

All women want to have beautiful and healthy skin. This beauty was given some by nature, and someone should fight for ideal skin zealously. There are different reasons of that face skin does not look ideally, but most of all beauties are annoyed by enlarged pores on a face. Unfortunately, this problem disturbs the most part of people on our planet, and it not only individuals of the fair sex.

Give together with we will deal with a problem of enlarged pores: what is such and how to fight against it?

Our face and body is completely covered with hair. At men this pilosis is more brightly expressed, than at women. But also at women the face and a body is covered with a thin fair hair, sometimes, by the way, and dark. A time is that place, these hairs from where grow. Through them our skin breathes, eats useful substances and removes subcutaneous fat. Sometimes occurs so that a time on a face gets littered, for example, black points, and afterwards eels and heat-spots appear cosmetics or own grease fat and then on a face. A time extends and become more noticeable.

Reasons of emergence of a time

The reasons of emergence of enlarged pores can be a little. Usually it is characteristic for people with fat type of skin. But even if you have by nature equal skin, it does not mean that on it there cannot be a problem of expansion of a time.

  1. Cosmetics. The main reason for emergence of enlarged pores about which we wrote above is a misuse of cosmetics. If you like to fall asleep without having washed and without having cleaned a face from cosmetics before going to bed, sooner or later you will have these black tochechka and porous skin. After all at night our skin has a rest therefore it is very important to clear it of dirt and the dust which collected in a day.
  2. Parents. Heredity is the second reason of emergence of enlarged pores. Most often the type of skin is transferred from parents to children therefore if you have a porous skin, your child can also inherit it. But it does not mean that it is impossible to correct anything. If it is correct to look after the skin, it is possible even to bring porous skin into the most ideal look.
  3. Decorative cosmetics. The use of cheap low-quality cosmetics badly influences face skin and promotes expansion of a time. Of course, not each woman and the girl on a pocket to acquire good expensive cosmetics, but after all you should not buy and cheap. Try to minimize the use of such cosmetics, especially it concerns foundation and powder which very strongly hammer a time on a face. Do not forget that it is necessary to clean a face carefully and it is desirable to do it by means of special means which are intended for removal of a make-up. Also such popular cosmetics contains a lot of the connecting components which do not allow your skin to breathe, it is one more reason less to use decorative cosmetics.
  4. Hormones. The hormonal background and bad immunity in turn also negatively influence face skin and promote expansion of a time on a face. Most often it occurs at early age, both at girls, and at guys. The hormonal imbalance in an organism of young people leads to violation of work of sebaceous glands, a time is hammered owing to what, there is their expansion. But it not an occasion to be afflicted, at the correct leaving you can correct work of the organism and make a time on a face less noticeable. And then they can disappear at all. Women of more mature age also can face such problem. For example, in the period of a menopause when the hormonal background of an organism also suffers changes.
  5. Improper feeding. It is very serious reason which leads to violation of work of your skin. The junk unhealthy food excessively loads work of our internal, and after all through skin the part of harmful substances is also output. Here our time both is hammered with internal fat and extends. Any doctor or the cosmetologist first of all will advise you to go on a diet and to eat more healthy food to clean a face.
  6. Unhealthy way of life. This reason, probably, most of all influences color and a healthy type of skin. Smoking, alcohol, excessive hobby for a sunbed belongs to an unhealthy way of life. If we are well informed on harm of smoking and alcoholic drinks, about harm of an ultraviolet suspect the few. So, the suntan loved by many women of fashion and dandies destroys the top layer of our skin therefore the organism should work in the emergency mode, from here and there is an increase of enlarged pores.

Here the main reasons for which face skin loses the healthy qualities and becomes fat and ugly, with enlarged pores. Now Mirsovetov will tell you about ways of prevention of emergence of enlarged pores on a face.

How to prevent emergence of enlarged pores

  1. Correct way of life. "A sound mind in a sound body!" is everything known saying can be paraphrased a little. A sound body and a healthy lifestyle is a basis only. Well to sit in library at abstracts, of course, but it is worth being engaged in own body and skin still. Try to avoid visit of "harmful" places, of this kind as night clubs and the smoked halls, and more often happen in sports clubs and other "useful" institutions. Very well visit of the pool, a bath and sauna influences skin. Of course, you should not abuse them too, know when to stop. Take dancing classes, this occupation will add pluses not only your figure and skin, but also will give good mood for all day, and it well influences the general condition of face skin.
  2. Fresh air will pleasantly affect your skin. Get a habit more often to walk in the fresh air. It is quite easy to do it, to begin the main thing. It is possible to descend in a forest park in the summer, to play volleyball or badminton, and in the winter cheerfully to play snowballs. And if even after such walk you take a contrast shower, your skin will become much better to look.
  3. Cosmetic procedures. Look after yourself, irrespective of age and financial position. Not beautiful people love themselves, and beautiful are those who loves himself. Even not each supermodel by nature has beautiful skin, enlarged pores on a face disturbed also such celebrities as Cindi Crawford and Cameron Diaz, but they successfully coped with this problem and corrected the face. It is not obligatory to visit expensive salons, it is possible to do masks and houses. It is not obligatory to buy a lot of expensive cosmetics, it is enough to have in the arsenal a good srub, tonic and a skin for washing, the main thing, do not forget to use them regularly.
  4. Good mood. All know how stresses negatively influence the general condition of the person. Your skin first of all suffers from stresses. It becomes dim, gray, becomes covered by spots and enlarged pores. To avoid it, try to find good in bad, learn not to give in to stressful situations and to transfer them with ease. The slightest trouble which you inadequately perceive, can turn back for your skin an array of problems. Why it is necessary for us if we want to have healthy skin, without enlarged pores and spots?

How to treat enlarged pores

The answer to a question "How to narrow pores on a face?" is, and it should be noted that ways of reduction of skin in an order are available to most of readers. To you quite on forces to change properties of the skin and to make it more beautiful and healthy.

  1. Beauty shop. In beauty shop will present you many ways of face peel, it is necessary only to choose more suitable for you. The mechanical or chemical peeling best of all will help to narrow pores on a face, and, in an ideal, even to get rid of them. Only it is necessary not to forget to carry out such procedures regularly and to support health of the skin.

    The most great popularity such procedures, as deserved: microdermabrasion is a peculiar grinding of skin, thanks to this procedure, dermis becomes elastic and elastic; an enzimny peeling - the excellent means promoting narrowing of enlarged pores, the most sparing and soft method of a pilingovaniye; a chemical peeling - an effective method, for its carrying out special chemical means are used, but despite it, perfectly deals with the problem of enlarged pores.

  2. Folk remedies. The problem of enlarged pores exists long ago, therefore folk remedies for disposal of porous skin also a set. It and masks for fat and porous face skin, both house srubs, and broths, and even ice which very effectively helps to narrow enlarged pores on a face. The most widespread means is considered the ice prepared in house conditions. For this purpose make a camomile and fill in formochka for ice formation. Infusion of a camomile can be replaced with water with addition of cucumber or lemon juice. The excellent result will be and from house masks, for example, one of popular masks - proteinaceous. Beat egg white to dense foam and add a little lemon juice there. Put the turned-out mix on a face, hold about 10 minutes then accurately wash away. The mask from porridge gained deserved popularity. Crush porridge flakes in the blender, add to it a little honey and lemon juice. Put on a face for 10-15 minutes and wash away water.
  3. Healthy nutrition. The use of good, healthy food will help your skin to get good color and to narrow pores on a face. Forget about mayonnaise, ketchup, seasonings, such harmful drinks and hot dishes. Try to drink more water, the after all dehydrated skin most often suffers from enlarged pores and liquid which it loses, is compensated by own fat hammering your time.

If you begin to follow all this advice and recommendations, with confidence it is possible to tell that your skin will become ideal. wishes you health, beauty and only positive emotions!

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