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We choose a shower cabin, p.1

So, you decided that the shower booth is your choice and are already ready to go for search most lovely to an eye and a body of a form. Alas, but so far it is worth waiting a little with it as any creative work begins with simple routine. To start advises to take a sheet of paper, a pencil and a roulette and to measure all parameters of space, available to future shower.
At present rates of development of humanity by much of us it is necessary to lead very much active lifestyle. Trips in close public transport, bustle on shops, hot working rooms, sports activities. All this causes the increased sweating to which any deodorant cannot resist. Therefore to maintain personal hygiene at the worthy level, sometimes it is necessary to wash even more than twice a day. Clear business that to take a sauna or a bath in such quantity not each person is able to afford. Here as the good assistant shower booths which for the shortest time allow not only to bring themselves into human shape will also serve, but also to remove stress and fatigue.

Preliminary measurements and calculations

Душевые кабинки за кратчайшее время позволяют не только привести себя в человеческий облик, но и снять напряжение и усталость So, you decided that the shower booth is your choice and are already ready to go for search most lovely to an eye and a body of a form. Alas, but so far it is worth waiting a little with it as any creative work begins with simple routine. To start advises to take a sheet of paper, a pencil and a roulette and to measure all parameters of space, available to future shower. Knowledge of length, width and height will be quite enough. Now you need to get somewhere construction level and to measure:
a) horizontal position and vertical position of walls and floor. If walls are vertical, and floors are horizontal, their relative positioning at an angle of 90 degrees will be a consequence. It will mean for you that your shower booth will become in the planned place "as native";
b) wall deviation degree from an average value or, in Russian, walls, how curve at you, and as far they leave or act from a vertical straight line;
If walls are curve, it can threaten you with the following consequences:
- ugly cosmetic effect. The booth will not become closely to a wall and, therefore, all cracks can be clearly visible;
- installation of some types of shower booths does not allow rough surfaces;
If level does not manage to be found, you can quite buy it in the market. The prices of the level of long 1,2 m begin, somewhere from $20.
After removal of geometrical parameters count all plans of approach and derogation from a booth. Depending on design of a shower booth, it is possible that the exit from a shower will be not really convenient. Look at all nearby sanitary installations. Doors of some models on system of opening are completely similar to the interroom. From here the glass door which is swinging open heartily can quite damage something. Especially offensively it will appear if it "something" appears the door.
Now look back and look, in what way water pipes are located. If at you the old kind Soviet scheme like "a pipe along walls" prevails, you were not lucky. Here, most likely, it is necessary or to hide water supply in a wall, or to drill, saw and cut out a shower booth. It is better for paper to represent all this on a leaf and once again to consult to the seller – suddenly will offer that the efficient.
And do not forget about pressure of water and power supply yet. Pressure is required for some water special effects, and on electricity almost all control systems are tied. But we still will return to it. Nearby the ventilating grate is seen – to apply on drawing. The distance to a sewer pipe will also be the useful size as the bias in some centimeters is the share of each running meter of a drain pipe.


From a design of a shower cabin it is possible to allocate such components as the pallet, doors with the bearing framework and shower accessories. The pallet to serve for collecting water and removal it in the sewerage. Doors are necessary in order that water from a shower was not sprayed on a bathroom. And list of accessories rather big. Beginning from cranes of adjustment of cold and hot water and finishing with the built-in phone.
Basic element without which the shower in the apartment will not exist, the pallet is. Therefore in case of a lack of financial means it is possible to get only it. Bought the pallet, put it on a floor and installation for cleaning of a body is ready. Quickly, cheap but good. It is possible to be washed in such shower, of course, but conveniences will be not much. First, the stream of water and splashes will scatter on all bathroom therefore it is worth thinking of tight packing of all clothes at once. Secondly, all bathroom will be similar to a set of the horror film "Haze". Of course, blood-thirsty monsters will hardly appear from fog, but here fungi can glance. Thirdly, the shower nozzle should be connected to the mixer on a sink therefore control of water temperature can appear very inconvenient process.
Shortcomings of the previous design will be corrected by purchase of a protection. Such system will consist of the pallet and plastic or glass blinds. However, the problem with a source of water will be still actual. It is possible to solve it acquisition of a shower booth in which package the panel with the mixer and a shower watering can is included.


Whether you not important were going to buy the pallet separately or decided to get a shower booth entirely. Rules of a choice of the pallet are identical both in the first case, and in the second. At a choice, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to material. The most widespread is an acryle and steel though, having properly looked, it is possible to find pig-iron, ceramic and even marble models.

Pallet material
Стальной эмалированный поддон Practic 80x80 The choice of pig-iron pallets absolutely small and everything that is in the market – production of the local producer. It is not favorable to carry to us heavy freights to the European producer at all. The advantage of these pallets is their high durability, however, they get warm long enough. The steel enameled pallets will be much easier than the pig-iron colleagues, however at hit of a water stream on them they will strongly "rattle". Enamel of such pallets is quite vulnerable covering. It will be scratched, absorbs dirt and over time can change color. Here key parameter is thickness of steel of which the pallet is made. It can vary from 1 to 3,5 mm, and the steel is thicker – the product is more expensive.
Faience or ceramic pallets though do not rattle from the water falling on them, but nevertheless, as well as any ceramics are rather fragile subjects. Besides, such pallets have no adjusting legs that demands almost ideal surface of a floor. And such pleasure more than will cost $300.
Керамический поддон IdealStandart San Remo (80x80) Except the price, at marble pallets, perhaps, one advantages. They have excellent appearance, long enough keep heat, are silent and have high durability. However, as material for their production not the natural stone, but its artificial substitute having higher characteristics on durability serves.
The undisputed leader of the market is acryle. Pallets from this material quickly get warm, have small weight, and their covering does not darken over time.Поддон из литьевого мрамора Riho Kolping DB20(80x80) But as material as a matter of fact is plastic, under weight it can cave in. In order that it did not occur, the pallet is installed on a metal framework. Than more than points contact of a framework with the pallet, especially high rigidity all design will possess. In case of acryle reinforcing by a special additional layer the framework can not be applied. One more important feature of acrylic pallets is easy repair in case of small damages. So hollows or large scratches it is possible to close up special repair set, consisting of couple of tubes. Pastes mix up among themselves, are applied on a surface and ground.

Акриловый душевой поддон RIHO SV 273 размерами 100x90x4.5Pallet depth
The most widespread depth of the pallet is about 10 cm. At an entrance to a shower booth with such pallet it is not necessary to raise feet highly. Though there are also models depth in some centimeters which are put level with a floor. But if you like to be washed with all the heart and are not sure of productivity of your sewerage, it is better to look narrowly at higher models of 20-40 cm of in depth would like to remind once again that, choosing depth necessary to you, it is necessary to be guided not only own preferences, but also technical. So if the sewer pipe passes at distance 10 cm from a floor, water plum in the pallet which is up to standard with a floor will not turn out to achieve from you in any way. On each meter of length the sewer pipe has to have a bias in 1-3 cm. Construction of a podium which will become a basis for a shower will be a way out with a small bias.

Sizes and form
In a form pallets can be rectangular, square or radial (one of corners will be rounded off). Though on it a variety of forms does not come to an end, it is quite possible to find round or even spiral pallets. Standard sizes of pallets:
- for square and radial (rounded off on the one hand) – 70x70, 75x75, 80x80, 85x85, 90x90, 95x95, 100x100, 110x100, 120x120, 130х130 cm;
- for the rectangular – 85x70, 90x70, 75x90, 100x75, 100x80, 100x120.
Big advantage of shower booths in comparison with bathtubs though is that they occupy much the smaller spaces, but nevertheless in everything it is necessary to know when to stop. Even if you freely are located in a booth of 80х80 in size think also that to you in process to wash it is necessary to turn and raise hands. In a small booth these actions can become unsoluble operation.
From above the pallet the protection is established. Usually it is not necessary to worry about height of a shower booth as assembled it almost always equals 190 cm and only in certain cases reaches 220 cm.
At a lack of an empty seat of a bathroom it is better to give preference to angular booths with the rounded-off pallet. In case in a bathroom there is a free niche, there it is possible to establish a shower cabin with the rectangular or square pallet.
Existence of a relief at the bottom of the pallet will be very good option at a choice. It can be executed by the most various drawing, but its main mission not to allow the person to slip in a booth. Some advanced models do and without relief. Apply the special smooth anti-sliding layer on a bottom of such pallets.
By the way, even if any of factory options of the pallet was not pleasant to you, it is quite possible to do and without it. In this case it will be necessary to create a small podium over a surface of a floor in which the system water plum is installed. From above all this construction doors and protections fasten. Plus of such design is the non-standard form of the pallet and possibility of application in construction of the most various materials. However, the geometry of walls and a floor in this case has to be at the highest level.
Душевая кабина без заводского поддона

The combined cabin: two in one

Albatros KELLIA Combi 160 If in case of the small area you do not want to refuse a bathtub, it is possible to acquire the combined system in which the shower cabin will be combined with a bathroom. As a result on the minimum square you receive all pluses of a shower and hydromassage bathtubs.
Allocate two types of the combined cabins. The first, is the shower cabins separating only part of a bathtub. In this case the booth is in the center or from one of edges of a bathtub. Such design will also suit people who do not like to take a bath in the closed space.
In the second case the booth covers entirely all bathtub. Plus of this type is possibility of realization of such function as a steam bath.

Booth protection

Душевой бокс TEUCO 220 As a protection shower booths are divided on opened and closed. In open booths as a protection only doors are used, and as internal protections room walls are used. Therefore in case of a bad prileganiye of the pallet to a wall water will constantly filter on a floor. The closed shower cabins besides that are surrounded with walls, have in the arsenal also a roof on which it is possible to place additional accessories.
The quantity of walls in a booth can have various value. Double-walled models are established in a room corner. Three-wall are intended for installation to one of walls. The full-fledged completely closed models can be established in the most various places, beginning from a corner of the room and finishing it the center. Thickness of walls makes from 3 to 10 mm. Thicker walls I increase durability of a shower booth therefore having properly leaned against one of walls it will be possible not to worry about its destruction. Besides, thick material keeps heat better.
Каркасная душевая кабина Apollo A-0810 The device of a protection of a booth can be frame or beskarkasny. In frame models as a skeleton for walls and doors aluminum is used, depending on type of a dusting can be various flowers.
As protections the tempered glass or kinds of polystyrene is inserted into a framework: plastic or plexiglas. In case of use of polystyrene the price of a booth will be not really big, but over time it will darken and on it there can be stains. Therefore if you decided to buy a shower booth from such material, recommends to choose from models with opaque drawing in which various scratches and turbidity will not be too noticeable.
The safety tempered glass is material 10 times more on quality.Бескаркасная модель от Ravak серии Elegance It is much stronger than polystyrene, safety, and water and dirt with ease slide off it, without leaving stains. But also the price of a booth will be corresponding. Depending on preference of the customer it is possible to choose opaque, transparent, tinted or figured glass.
Beskarkasny models of a protection, as well as follows from the name, have no framework therefore their protections fasten to a wall. Production material in this case is only the strong tempered glass. A large number of opportunities as under the order it is possible to make an obstacle under a slanted or figured wall is provided to designers here. Only requirements to installation of such shower cabin 10 times more, than in frame designs and even can lead the smallest deviations in a relative positioning of walls and a floor to big gaps.

Designs of doors

On a way of opening of a door it is possible to divide on sliding and oar.Teuco 122 SAUNA комплектуется скользящими раздвижными дверями In the first case of a door are moved apart in the parties, moving on rollers on special profiles. Depending on quantity of the moving parts allocate one - two - three - or four casement doors. A large number of shutters does a booth framework to stronger, and an entrance by wider, but also such design occupies considerable internal volume.
Oar doors happen one - or double-wing. Single-door doors represent a usual door which can come off outside to the left or to the right. Doors on two-fold models of shower cabins can open as in a booth, and outside. At a choice of an oar design it is necessary to remember that it will demand the additional area round a booth.
Eolo S классический пример двухстворчатых распашных дверей At a choice it is necessary to pay attention not only to convenience and appearance, but also to reliability of all design. Oar doors though take an occasional seat when opening, but loops is the design checked for centuries. About rollers, unfortunately such it is impossible to tell though you should not write-off sliding doors at once. They will serve too you very long if you show consideration for their choice. First, pay attention to material of which rollers are made. Plastic can easily break and be erased therefore your train from doors can descend from the rail once. Therefore it is better to give preference only to metal rollers. Secondly, at survey properly pull a door up-down. Of course, small gaps are admissible but if all design shakes, once after the next opening the door can quite fall out of a booth.

Well, on it the difficult technical problem of a choice is already almost solved and ahead there is easier part of a way on planning of an interior of a booth. In the following article we will talk about governing bodies and additional accessories with which it is possible to equip a shower booth.
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