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We choose a shower cabin, ch.2

For some the ideal shower will consist of a protection of a strict form and one shower nozzle. Others do not think of life without modern computer control systems and other achievements of technical progress. In this article we will continue to choose a shower booth and we will talk about those devices which will make process of acceptance of a shower even more pleasant.
As popular wisdom says: "How many people – are so much and opinions". For some the ideal shower will consist of a protection of a strict form and one shower nozzle. Others do not think of the life without modern computer control systems and other achievements of scientific and technical progress. In this article we will continue to choose a shower booth and we will talk about those devices which will be able to make process of acceptance of a shower even more pleasant.

Shower set

Душевой гарнитур Body of a booth without which reception of water procedures will be impossible, the shower is. Now it is already not simply small nozzle on a pipe with the holes done in it for water spraying. The shower set can be the difficult mechanical device stuffed with various electronics. And multipurpose this device has to be how difficult everyone will solve for himself.
The main parts of shower set is a watering can which main destination consists in spraying of water and a hose by means of which that water and gets to a watering can. The most widespread materials of production of watering cans – metal or plastic. And both those, and others can look absolutely equally, for example, in case of the chromeplated covering.
Advantage of plastic watering cans is their small weight and the most various forms of production. However, some coverings on them keep nevertheless worse, than on metal and after long use the chromeplated surface of these watering cans can darken. Metal watering cans are much stronger the colleagues and falling even from big height hardly will lead to breakages that you will not tell about enamel on a bathroom to which such nozzle can fall.
Inside the shower nozzle can be equipped with the mechanism for a choice of various types of a stream of water. Changing position of the switch located on a nozzle rim you can choose, for example, an easy pressure of water the sated with vials of air or stronger massage mode. The what stream is useful to people at whom counters of the accounting of water are installed. At a choice of quantity of operating modes you should not pass a mark into 3-4 modes as the principle "the more simply, the more reliably" still nobody cancelled.
The built-in system of self-cleaning will help with fight against a limy raid. For fight against pollution 2 ways were thought up. The first way is a removal of dirt by means of pins which are pushed forward at turn of the regulator. Other way in application of elastic silicone laying to which the limy raid extremely reluctantly sticks. Both ways are in own way good, you for certain will accept any of them.
Hoses, as well as watering cans, can be metal or plastic. You should not perceive the word "metal" too literally. Inside such hose rubber, and metal protection in the form of a winding is put from above. By the same principle also the plastic hose is arranged. The plastic winding is wound over a rubber hose.
Душевая кабина Aquatek Муссон Unambiguously to tell that threw better or plastic, it is quite difficult as the cheap metal hose will hardly be compared to the German plastic. Therefore at a choice of recommends to take a hose piece in two hand and to try it to bend. If the hose shaky and easily gives in to pressing that, most likely it will quickly burst therefore it is better to give preference to more rigid designs. Hose length usually makes 1,25, 1,5, 1,6 or 2 meters. Big length of a hose will allow to avoid sharp excesses that will positively be reflected in its service life.
The bar which fastens to one of walls of a shower booth can appear the good assistant in acceptance of a shower. It represents a metal or plastic tube on which the holder for a shower fastens. Thanks to existence of a clamp the holder with a shower watering can can move easily down or up thanks to what the person can choose height, convenient for himself. Height of a bar can be from 60 to 100 cm. It is necessary to remember that the long bar is more convenient in use as allows to take a shower even sitting.
To many people the vertical shower which is fixed on a ceiling of the closed shower cabin will walk to taste. Thanks to its existence the booth can be equipped with additional functions, such as falls or tropical heavy rain.


Панель управления душевой кабины Besides that the shower cabin has to be strong, safe and it is good to fit into an interior, it has to be also convenient in use.
The simplest models have only adjustment of a pressure and water temperature by means of the mixer. Multipurpose shower booths have the electronic control panel on which there are buttons for change of operating modes of various knots of a booth and the display displaying information on the current operating mode, water temperature, etc. in the arsenal.
Some advanced models besides the control panel contain also the remote control. In a usual shower booth it is hardly required as the control panel will always be near at hand. And here in case of the combined systems it will appear the irreplaceable friend as, without leaving a bathtub it is possible to include a hydromassage or to change water temperature.
Electronic control systems, of course, are very convenient, but miracles do not happen and someone needs to perform for you all work. And for this purpose it is required to connect a shower cabin to power supply. In this case it is better not to be engaged in amateur performance and to ask for the help electricians.


As the installed equipment besides a usual shower the booth can be equipped with a hydromassage. Such function can encourage a body, and in the evening, on the contrary, in the morning to weaken. The hydromassage can be vertical or horizontal.
Душевая кабина Eurostyle Belgium-8081 имеет в своем арсенале 8 гидромассажных форсунок For a vertical hydromassage on one of walls the special column on which 2 rows of nozzles are established is established. Depending on height of strengthening of nozzles it is possible to allocate a hydromassage for a back, shoulders, a neck or a foot. Respectively additional types of massage demand existence of bigger quantity of nozzles. Their number in some models can reach three tens.
The horizontal hydromassage differs from vertical in that during acceptance of procedure of people is in horizontal situation. Therefore such function is fully available only the owner of the combined systems. Massage is carried out by water streams from nozzles which are in walls or at the bottom of a bathtub.
At a choice of booths with a hydromassage it is better to give preferences to models with rotary nozzles. It will allow to direct a water stream proceeding from physiology of your body.
In addition it is necessary that there is a large number of programs of massage. For example, for a vertical hydromassage at will it is possible to establish a contrast shower when warm water alternates from the cold. Or to include the mode of "the running wave" at which nozzles consistently will join and be switched off from below up and vice versa. Only, before buying a shower cabin with various water "special effects", recommends to learn water pressure in your water supply system. For normal functioning of a hydromassage in some booths pressure of water has to be not less than 2-3 bars. To learn pressure of water it is possible to address, for example, to ZhEK or to the plumber serving your house.

Turkish bath

“Турецкая баня” в виде COLISEUM K7008C If you carry yourself to fans to take a steam bath, for certain the shower booth with the built-in bath will be to the taste to you. Of course, here you will not be able to wave in all a broom with shouts "strike to park". It is connected by that temperature in the real bath is in the region of 60-80 degrees. The shower booth is made of plastic which strongly heats up. If at such temperature incidentally to touch one of plastic walls, on a body there will be strong burns. Therefore the multipurpose booth has more sparing mode – a so-called Turkish bath. At humidity about 100% surrounding steam gets warm to 40-45 degrees that it is quite enough to get warm in winter evening and to receive the mass of pleasant pleasures.
Such cabins require function of protection against an overheat which does not allow to turn on the steam generator at an insufficient amount of water. It will help to protect the steam generator from undesirable breakages.
At a choice of a shower booth with a steam bath do not forget to pay attention to convenience of a seat as on it you can carry out a significant amount of time. How to check it? Yes it is very simple. It is necessary to ask permissions of the seller and properly on him to take place. You should not refuse existence of a head restraint also.

Additional options

First of all, a large number of shelves for soap, shampoo, gel etc. will be useful will be very opportunely, and existence of a mirror will help process of shaving or drawing cosmetic masks.
Existence of ventilation will help to restore quickly the normal level of humidity in a shower booth after acceptance of water procedures. Besides, by means of ventilation it is possible to clean quickly surplus of steam after acceptance of "the Turkish bath".
Illumination of various color can be built in a ceiling besides additional nozzles: beginning from weakening blue and finishing invigorating red. Besides, there are cabins with "the star sky". However, instead of stars the ceiling will be covered with a large number of small dot light sources.
Fans of music will like the built-in stereosystem or radio. Taking a shower in such shower booth, it is possible not only to listen to noise of a surf, wood or favourite compositions, but also to echo them. Do not want to sing and dance. Please. Taking a shower, you can communicate with friends or conduct business negotiations. All that for this purpose is necessary – the built-in phone. These options of not everyone are necessary that treats sometimes excessive luxury, but nevertheless those are offered.
The aromatherapy or inhalation is realized by addition in steam of aromatic substances by the special batcher thanks to what all surrounding space is filled with the chosen smell. Aromatic oil or any medicinal balm is filled in in the special tank and sprayed when giving a signal from the control panel.
Ozonization will allow to feel smells in soul as after a spring thunder-storm. The special system of ozonization promotes disinfecting and eliminates unpleasant smells. Only this function of short circuit should not attribute in an electrical wiring.
Expensive options of shower booths can be equipped with function of voice-activated control. Saying teams, you can include or disconnect a hydromassage or change water temperature. But again, existence of this function has rather pathos character. Also function of voice support can be built in a booth. Such booth will greet, say goodbye, warn about too high temperature of water or surrounding space, to report about various malfunctions in system and even to tell baizes about the manufacturer and care of the equipment. If your return more than 30, and parents on former looking at you, see the small defenseless child, such shower booth can remind you your careful mother, but only in English-speaking option.
And finally, would like to recommend not to do skorospeshny purchases, rushing behind the first pleasant model though, undoubtedly, acceptance of a shower has to bring also a certain esthetic pleasure. But nevertheless before buying, attentively think, and whether some additional buttons on control panels for which you overpay the large sum of money are necessary to you. So existence of a hydromassage will be very useful, and here annoying phone sometimes can be very not useful.

About the prices

Душевая кабина Blu Bleu Oliver The simplest open booths with partitions from plexiglas will manage in the sum about $300. The closed shower cabins with application in them the tempered glass will cost 500$ $-1000. And in the presence of a steam bath the price will increase to 1000$ $-2000. Though depending on the producer of the price can differ considerably. So Chinese production can cost several times cheaper than the European. For example, the Italian Blu Bleu Oliver costs about $7000.
Similar in parameters, but the shower cabin made in China will manage in this case several times cheaper. The European producers explain such deal with use of the most qualitative materials and faultless assembly. Only modern Chinese booths too do not of salvage. And quality of assembly of a shower booth of average price category sometimes does not concede to the European any more. Of course, different people will have also different ideas of quality of production.

Acceptance of a shower is very important part of the general hygiene of a body. Certainly, the choice and installation of a booth in certain cases can appear quite difficult process, as from the financial, and technical point of view. But the shower cabin is not a product of one day, and competent approach to its acquisition will surely pay off not only beauty and excellent health, but also health of all organism.
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