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What to show to the child in Kiev told about a tremendous one-day route on little-known, fascinating Kiev small streets not so long ago. Now we will prompt to parents, what places of the capital of Ukraine need to be shown to the children.

To Kiev escaped for a week. Always dreamed to visit the capital in May to take pleasure in the well-known blossoming Kiev chestnuts (which, according to indigenous inhabitants of Kiev, are almost completely cut down). This year hot June was given, and we managed to take pleasure in travel. I always dreamed to show to the child the most interesting places of the city. This year I carried out the conceived. Also would like to tell that it is necessary to show to the child to cause in him delight and to leave bright memoirs.

I want to warn at once readers Mirsovetov that Kiev is the city of one business. The road so exhausts what to visit at the same time some places are very problematic. And tired children become whining and whimsical. Therefore only one action is better not to push and plan luck for day.

Peyzazhnaya Avenue

One of the tremendous places in Kiev created for children. However I will tell honestly, even adults delighted with fine sculptures. Want to look at Alice's country from the fairy tale of the same name – go to Peyzazhnaya Avenue! That there is only not present! And a shop with a pillow and a plaid which look as the presents. And shops in the form of a cat, a rabbit, crows, both the fountain zebra, and a mosaic cat, 30 meters long. And recently made a playground in Alice's style and her wonderlands. Generally, a fine place for walk and a photoshoot. Surely try a cappuccino from the coffee machine and be not too lazy to walk on Andreevsky descent – it absolutely nearby. There it is possible to buy souvenirs and it is simple to admire a beautiful view. Also the Andreevsky church is very beautiful. Generally, is what to look – I advise. It is possible to reach from metro station Kontraktovaya Square (up Andreevsky descent and behind church to the right) or to walk from the subway Golden Gate.


The oceanarium is in Kiev absolutely near metro station of Darnits (from an end face of shopping center "Toy Store"). Go there on weekdays – the entrance fee varies depending on day of week. At additional expense it is possible to take the guide, but we wandered. Is on what to look – huge aquariums with beautiful fishes, an open aquarium with friendly slopes, a glass tunnel with sharks. If do in time and will come on Tuesday at 15.00, will see how feed sharks, on Saturday and on Wednesday at 18.00 the diver treats small fishes and turtles. Generally, surely descend. Nearly forgot – near in a stall sell tasty donuts in icing sugar …

Aquapark and Drim-taun

Concerning this institution in Kiev the most various hearings go. The shopping center is constructed over a subway branch therefore many are afraid to go there – you never know … The aquapark is praised, and abused. Who says that there is stuffy and on imprudence it is possible to be injured. It is pleasant to much though the prices bite. Children without adults are not let, and for two the ticket will cost about 400 hryvnias. I will tell at once, we did not go – the child caught cold and it is better to go to hydropark to be bought in Dnieper in the summer (entertainments are enough there). In Drimtaun there is a big shop of sportswear (on a discount it is possible to buy everything for physical culture), a sushiya, a pizzeria, it is a lot of cafes. Everything is issued in style of the Jurassic Park – huge dragons, lianas, there is even a spiderman. Surely drive on the elevator with glass walls and descend in a mini-zoo to look at exotic animals. For walk and shopping a quite good place. Is at metro station of Obolon.

Walk by motor ship

In the spring, in the summer and in the fall walk by motor ship – fine chance to look at slopes of Dnieper. It is simply to reach – to come to metro stations Pochtovaya Square and at once will see the river station. The motor ship quite big, two-storeyed – it is possible to sit below, then to rise by the top platform. There is a bar where sell drinks, ice cream and even French fries. However, it is expensive. Take water and sandwiches with yourself – resolve. Excursions happen different – duration of an hour to four. For children it is better to take the first, for the cheerful company – to go for a long time. The look opens magic – on the one hand the churches rolling in the woods with another – sandy beaches. Surely take the child a jacket – near water cool. After drive, it is possible to sweep on the funicular to the Mikhaylovsky cathedral. Or to come into McDonald's at once near the river station. And if are not tired, pass to metro station Kontraktovaya Square, before Andreevsky descent no distance there.

    In Kiev there is to such itself the Ukrainian McDonald's – Puzata a hut. Very wide choice of dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, democratic prices. We very much liked magnificent cheesecakes and the most delicate cottage cheese pudding. To eat to two (the first, second and compote) there are about 40 hryvnias.

Cinema. McDonald's. Subway

As practice shows, the simplest, according to parents, entertainments become the most memorable. For example, the banal McDonald's with a set heppi-is lovely in which quite qualitative toy (25 hryvnias) disappears, is remembered by the child more often than a trip across Dnieper. And the Kiev subway makes simply indelible impression on kids. The children long remember the escalator and the high-speed train going on a tunnel. Also I will tell a couple of words about cinema halls (from 30 hryvnias for the person). They are so spectacular and modern (3-7D) that it is possible to look any animated film and the child will be delighted. Do not forget to choose one of five-ten types of popcorn before a session to indulge the son or the daughter and to make viewing rather memorable. And the movie or the animated film can be chosen on the Internet.

Kiev – the magnificent city. Noisy a little bit, but very interesting. Is what to look, but often even for the most interesting sights there is no time. Surely show Kiev to the child - it will be pleasant to it.

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