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Shielding of hair

For anybody not a secret that female hair all the year round need careful and careful leaving. And if to consider that sometimes ourselves add problems use of the hair dryer, coloring, and also we forget that hair do not love the scorching sun, a frost. I think, each woman would like to find panacea from these problems and always to have not only a beautiful, but also healthy head of hear.

Among hairdresser's services, there was an innovation - shielding of hair. By means of the site Mirsovetov we will try to understand, what it for procedure? As far as it is expedient? And whether it is obligatory to run in salon, or after all it is possible to manage by own efforts?

What is it?

Shielding is, first of all, medical procedure. Its essence consists in drawing on the thin, dry, splitting, and also injured by a chemical wave or the straightening iron hair, the special structure consisting of vitamins, soy protein and amino acids. He lays down in the form of an imperceptible film – it that and will protect each hair from negative factors.

At once there is a wish to specify that you should not confuse shielding to other procedure – lamination which is long enough and successfully carried out in beauty shops. It should be noted that both procedures are directed on treatment and a hair reconstruction. The main difference between them is only the different way of impact on hair. If lamination feeds a hair outside, when shielding restoration of a head of hear happens from within. Quite often masters recommend to carry out both procedures in a complex as in this case you gain double effect: a protective top layer from lamination also keep moisture in a hair thanks to shielding.

Main advantages of shielding

  1. First of all, it, of course, healthy, brilliant hair as during procedure there is a soldering of roughnesses and roughnesses. Shielding has beneficial influence on the dry, fragile, splitting hair.
  2. Additional volume. If the nature did not allocate you with a magnificent head of hear, by means of special structure which feeds a hair from within and the protective cover created by it outside you will get about 10-15% of additional volume.
  3. Elastic and obedient hair. After shielding hair get durability, become more smooth and brilliant and, the most important, obedient. And it is important for performance of various hairdresses and laying. Now it is possible to set hair without use of additional cosmetics, only by means of the hair dryer and a hairbrush.
  4. Resistance to external influences. It is important to note that after shielding your hair are protected from the scorching sunshine, from a frost, any temperature drops, influence of the hair dryer, irons for alignment of hair and other aggressive factors.
  5. Accumulative effect. It is that the more often you carry out this procedure, the protective layer, and every following time shielding is more dense will keep on hair more long due to this most accumulative effect.
  6. Absolute harmlessness of procedure. I will remind that shielding is directed on restoration and treatment of hair therefore it it is possible and even it is necessary to carry out as often as possible.
  7. One more advantage of shielding – preservation of the painting pigment. Therefore it is recommended to do at once after coloring of hair. And besides you gain double effect: get a shade necessary to you and at the same time support health of hair.
  8. A peculiar vitreous gloss which looks so as if you visited the expensive stylist who spent a lot of time and forces to give to your hair so smart look. But we know that matter in shielding.

Types of shielding

Pay attention that shielding happens two types: usual and color.

  1. The usual. The transparent film which does not change a hair color at all is applied on hair. Also this film will be almost imperceptible on hair, carrying out only one function – giving to hair of gloss and health.
  2. The color. Its essence consists in careful coloring by the special sparing paint which does not contain ammonia, peroxide of hydrogen and other aggressive connections. Vitamins, lipids (the natural organic compounds consisting of fats and zhiropodobny substances) and ceramides (the lipidic molecules which are consisting of fatty acids, having ability to slow down death of cages), and also amino acids are its part. All these substances get in a hair, eliminating fragility and a posechennost, and that is important, moisten hair, giving them a healthy look. To crown it all, you receive a remarkable resistant shade and natural, glossy gloss.

And how shortcomings?

Perhaps, it is possible to refer fragility and high cost of shielding to shortcomings. The effect from procedure remains on hair from 2 to 6 weeks. It depends first of all on a condition of hair (the more they are injured, the quicker the protective film will be absorbed in a hair), but also, of course, from quality of the structure for shielding. And as saloon procedure not and from cheap, frequentation of this institution, undoubtedly, will strike blow to the budget. But also from this situation there is an exit – shielding in house conditions!

Shielding in house conditions

Duration of procedure of shielding takes somewhere one and a half-two hours and, in fact, is very simple. Let's consider it in more detail.

We get a set for shielding. It consists of professional shampoo, a mask for hair, structure for shielding and hair balm (producers most popular now - PAUL MITCHELL, ESTEL PROFESSIONAL, KEMON).

Very attentively we read the instruction to the chosen preparation, after all each of them possesses specific features. At the wrong application there is a risk instead of treatment to turn hair into lifeless tow. Agree, so to risk to us to anything.

We prepare the hair dryer, a hairbrush, protective gloves and a towel and, of course, warm water.

So, we will start the procedure:

  1. At first carefully shampoo also we dry hair a towel.
  2. Then the mask for hair is put (it allows to open hair scales in order that means for shielding got into a hair better, and also prolongs effect from procedure).
  3. We wash away a mask and again we dry a lock towel.
  4. Evenly we apply means for shielding on hair. It is proved that the preparation will better work in heat therefore it is possible to wrap up the head a towel or a plastic package.
  5. Again well we wash out hair and now by means of the hair dryer we do usual laying. That's all. More than any actions it is not necessary. Unless to smile to the reflection in a mirror.

Apparently from all aforesaid, it is not obligatory to carry out such procedure in salons. All this can be made and in house conditions. It both small economy, and pleasure from the beauty created by the hands. The main thing not to allow economy on preparations for shielding here, and to choose optimum option of a ratio of the price and quality. At the correct carrying out procedure you will feel effect surely! And not only you! It is unlikely someone will not notice gloss and a remarkable healthy type of your hairdress. After carrying out shielding you will become more noticeable against other women. And what is necessary for the woman? To shine, be bright, noticeable and surely well-groomed! And now to solve to you, whether it is worth spending time and money for shielding? In my opinion, the answer is obvious!

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