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Equipment of the touch room

Our days are filled with events and emotions. Pleasure, grief, delight, chagrin, offenses, rage, experiences – everything alternates in life. And the after all constantly collecting negative emotions conduct to different diseases … And if adults try to cope with negative emotions, to small children more difficult to make it.

How to remove the mental, emotional and muscular pressure which collected in a day? The touch room can help. And it is not obligatory to go for its visit to the psychological centers, such favorable situation at desire can try to be created also at home.

What is the touch room?

The room in which the safest and comfortable environment filled with the various incentives and subjects causing in the adult or child desire to investigate surrounding space is created, is called as the touch room. The standard reduction – SK. Specialized touch rooms are filled with the unique equipment making complex impact on sense organs, nervous system of the person in such a way that there is a feeling of full safety, a pacification, the mood is lightened, the disturbing problems move away. Certain incentives – music, colors, light, aromas, tactile feelings, their combinations differently influence the person – tone up, stimulate to actions or, on the contrary, remove stress, a stiffness, constraint and weaken. To children the touch room can help to develop. Such rooms equipped with didactic soft modules, tactile panels, game touch elements, the light and fiberoptichesky equipment, soft designers, interactive sandboxes are available in different establishments (the medical, educational, psychology and pedagogical, medico-social centers). In medical institutions such rooms carry out the following main objectives:

  • promote reduction of neurotic and vegeto-vascular reactions at patients with problems of psychoneurological character (for example, at neurosises);
  • stimulate the damaged or weakened sense organs (tactile sensitivity, hearing, sight, sense of smell, touch);
  • kill chronic pains.

Sessions in the touch room promote rehabilitation of the patients having violations of the musculoskeletal device (cerebral spastic infantile paralysis), the speech, sight, hearing, a motility, a delay of psychoemotional development. Occupations in the touch room help to remove a stress, to correct a psychoemotional state, positively affect development of children. It is possible to organize such room and at home. What will it give to the child?

  1. Will reduce uneasiness, will help to overcome children's fears.
  2. Will lower a conflictness.
  3. Will lower a hyperactivity.
  4. Will increase the level of touch (tactile) sensitivity, will develop a small motility.
  5. Will improve attention.
  6. Awakens interest in researches of environment, broadens horizons.
  7. Develops creative abilities, talents, imagination.
  8. Will promote adaptation to kindergarten (or school).
  9. Will reduce fatigue.
  10. Will help to relax and will fix problems with falling asleep.

The adult in such room can have a rest from vanity, thoughts, problems, to stay alone with himself. It is possible to nestle in an easy chair with a gentle upholstery, to close eyes, to plunge into pleasant music (or silence). Breath is gradually leveled, returns to normal pulse, pressure, thoughts are ordered.

We equip the room in the house

The professional equipment costs much, but it is possible to manage also make-shifts. For a start find a place where SK can be arranged. The best option is a certain quiet room. But it is possible to fence off a small site in the room, zoning is now very widespread. Material for finishing use the different: wall-paper with the beaten-out drawing, it is possible rough or smooth, provide sites of fabric inserts, wooden strips or panels. A plaid, a cover, curtains – let they will be different flowers. Remember that warm colors (pink, red, orange, yellow) work excitingly, they stimulate brain activity, appetite, all feelings. Such colors are useful to melancholiacs. Blue and blue tone, on the contrary, brake activity. Especially well calm, remove stress, normalize pulse, indicators of pressure and harmonize a state in general shades of the green. The feeling of heat is given beige, apricot. Arrange in this room upholstered packageless furniture, a rocking-chair, the dry pool. On a floor put a carpet with pile or relief, convex drawing. Live plants, fontanchik, masseurs will be pertinent.

Visual touch stimulation

Think over system of lighting. The pleasant situation is created by the muffled light therefore in your chandelier (or lamps) there has to be a possibility of brightness control of light or switches. For giving of the multi-colored light "hares" interesting to children, the different types of garlands, glass subjects, spheres, mirrors allowing "to play" with a light beam are hanged out - to reflect and refract. Unusual effects give glass plasma spheres with "lightnings", spheres, fluorescent pictures, interesting projectors (rainbows, the ocean, the star sky). Quite really to make part of the equipment the hands. Here it is possible to place an aquarium with seaweed, snails and multi-colored small fishes. Supervision over inhabitants of "a small reservoir" weakens, children learn the nature, concentrate the attention on different elements. It is recommended to suspend color ribbons if on them air streams from the fan blow, they will wave, distracting from thoughts, calming. It is possible to show other video effects by means of a projector or the computer. As visual stimulators it is possible to use color cards, stickers, color rags.

Sounds and music

The equipment for reproduction musical and a soundtrack of occupations and the weakening sessions in SK is an audio system or the computer. In advance stock up with disks or other carriers with classical or meditative, relaksiruyushchy music, a peal, nature sounds (waves of the ocean or the sea, sounds of the wood, a garden, murmur of a stream, shouts of dolphins, singing of birds). It is possible to hang up small hand bells when on them gets air streams from the fan, you will hear their melodious pozvanivaniye.


Aromatic oils are allocated with different medicinal properties, they can change mood, behavior, an emotional state. Therefore stock up aromalampy, aromamedalyony, aromasvecham. The toning, invigorating aromas give orange, grapefruit, a lemon, a bergamot, a magnolia vine (tsitronell). They will fill with positive emotions, will give inflow of forces, increase attention, activity, working capacity. The weakening smells at a lavender, a melissa, mints. They will eliminate tearfulness, a depression, overexcitation, neurosises, hysterical states. On sale there are special sets of essential oils – one render assistance in relaxation and calm, others – help school students to study better, the third – stimulate immunity.

What it is useful for the children's touch room?

Kids the touch room often call magic: after all in it there is so much interesting and unusual, everything shines, poured in the different flowers, sounds …

Mirsovetov will list some more elements which will add your touch room:

  • tambourine, glockenspiel;
  • containers with bulks for hands and feet (buckwheat, peas, haricot, small stones, pebble);
  • air and vesiculate column;
  • chair padded stool with gel granules (balls);
  • massage balls;
  • magic staffs;
  • interactive panel;
  • orthopedic path, "Touch track".

The cozy and harmonious touch room or corner is a highlight of the house or apartment, "encyclopedia" of new feelings, tranquillity "island". Owners, guests will have a rest, be loaded with energy and positive emotions there and with pleasure children will be engaged. Development of the child goes quicker if he is surrounded a set of touch feelings.

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