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Putting semi-permanent ink

When drawing a make-up special attention is always paid to eyes is an indisputable fact. And not for nothing, after all they are the most expressive part of the face of any woman. And eyelashes play in it not the latest role.

The market of cosmetics regularly is replenished with the new production urged not only to look after eyelashes, but also to give them an attractive look. One of such products which promptly rushed on the market and also quickly started winning fans among women semi-permanent ink is.

General characteristic of semi-permanent ink

For a start it is necessary to tell that semi-permanent ink is the ink differing in the increased firmness. It is that case when the name (from English "permanent" - constant, ekstraprodolzhitelny) speaks for itself. And actually, it not only long keeps on eyelashes, but also looks during the certain period so as if it was put only some minutes ago. However there is a small nuance – this period is not really long (about 20 days) for this reason it and call to "floor" permanent. And nevertheless for three weeks to forget about putting ink, its removal, and also not to be afraid, what it will begin to flow, thus possessing ideally made up eyelashes – unless it not of what any woman dreams? Yes, all this time it is possible to visit safely a bath, to cry, wash, bathe and thus not to be afraid that eyelashes will stick together, and ink will leave unpleasant black circles under eyes! Sounds as an advertizing slogan, but girls who tried this product, agree in opinion that it is capable to extend eyelashes, evenly to paint them, besides it is not showered and does not stick together an eyelash.

Semi-permanent ink has one feature – it does not go on free sale, after all it carry to specialized cosmetics, to work with which it is allowed only to the masters who were trained after all the technology of its drawing possesses some features. But, despite all this, Mirsovetov will satisfy curiosity of the readers and will answer a question: what components enter a set for putting permanent ink? It:

  1. Ink, in number of 10 ml.
  2. Gel for its removal (30 ml).
  3. Primer (15 ml).
  4. The means for removal of a make-up which is not containing oil (100 ml) in the structure.
  5. Microbrushes (100 pieces).
  6. Q-tips (100 pieces).
  7. Jade stone.
  8. Tape for eyelashes.
  9. Brushes (disposable).
  10. Linings from collagen for a lower eyelid.
  11. Tweezers.

Features of putting semi-permanent ink on eyelashes

It is necessary to recognize that procedure of putting permanent ink in itself is not really difficult, especially for experts. However houses quickly and qualitatively it will not be possible to do this manipulation, after all ink very quickly dries therefore it is necessary to razlepit as soon as possible eyelashes by means of tweezers that they did not manage to stick together. Duration of procedure makes about half an hour and if the master is inexperienced, all process can be dragged out for an hour. And there is everything as follows:

  1. The client is stacked on a couch.
  2. Remove a make-up (if that is available) by means of means as a part of which there is no oil.
  3. On a lower eyelid impose collagenic linings completely it covering. It becomes to protect gentle skin under eyes.
  4. Eyelashes of an upper eyelid degrease, using for this purpose a microbrush and a primer.
  5. Eyelashes are combed a disposable brush.
  6. At this stage (at the request of the client) it is possible to make a wave of eyelashes by means of the special curling iron. Then eyelashes are combed again.
  7. Semi-permanent ink by means of a microbrush is applied on eyelashes (from roots to tips) from the inside. Roots do not mention. This procedure has to be executed with the maximum speed, after all ink dries at once drawings.
  8. Eyelashes divide tweezers.
  9. Ink is applied on outer side of eyelashes, divided by means of tweezers and allowed to dry out within several minutes.
  10. If the client wants to receive more volume eyelashes, to her put an additional layer of ink.
  11. At this stage semi-permanent ink is applied on eyelashes of a lower eyelid (previously having placed under them a collagenic lining), repeating all manipulations which are carried out earlier for eyelashes of an upper eyelid.
  12. Clear skin of the remains of ink and process it any fat-free means.
  13. By the way, it is not obligatory to apply semi-permanent ink at the same time on eyelashes of the upper and lower eyelid at all, after all this procedure is well combined with building (it is possible to increase top, and to cover a bottom with ink). Also it can be put right after completion of process of a biowave of eyelashes.

Rules for clients of salon

After completion of process on putting permanent ink, the master will surely tell the client about rules which need to be observed that the effect from procedure was more long. We suggest to examine them:

  1. In the first days it is necessary to refrain from any contact with water, visit of a sauna (high temperature and steam are contraindicated) and to exclude any mechanical impact on eyelashes.
  2. To avoid friction of eyes and to try to sleep in such pose that eyelashes did not adjoin to a pillow.
  3. Not to allow contact of eyelashes with any oil-containing cosmetics.
  4. Not to apply usual ink over semi-permanent.
  5. Not to break integrity of a layer, it is necessary to refuse curling tongs of eyelashes and brushes for their combing.
  6. To try as it is possible to remove more accurately a daily make-up and not to use for these purposes of means on an oil basis.
  7. Not to apply cosmetics which can lead to that eyelashes will stick together on eyelashes.
  8. Not to try to remove ink independently at all. For these purposes it is necessary to address to the expert. By the way, semi-permanent ink can be applied repeatedly on the same day when it was removed. However it is necessary to consider that after the third procedure in a row it is necessary to make having rummaged a minimum for 7 days.

Shortcomings of semi-permanent ink

It is known that any product besides merits has also negative and though at their semi-permanent ink not much, it should be taken into account them nevertheless. Here they:

  1. Semi-permanent ink always looks on eyelashes equally. Therefore if you prefer less bright make-up in the afternoon, and in the evening – more intensive, you need to know that with this ink of similar manipulations it will not turn out.
  2. Eyelashes lose elasticity and can prick eyes (corners are especially vulnerable).
  3. Semi-permanent ink complicates process of drawing shadows, after all they settle on eyelashes, and it is impossible to paint over them (as happens to usual ink), alas.
  4. The ink applied on eyelashes for so long period completely envelops them. And it means that they cannot "breathe".
  5. After a week the grown roots of eyelashes can become noticeable. This moment is especially unpleasant for those girls who are by nature allocated with light eyelashes.
  6. Now, when you received general idea to make the decision to use it on semi-permanent ink and procedure of its drawing or not, it will not be difficult.
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