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How to sell the handle on interview

If you happened to have interview to a position of the sales manager or sales representative, you for certain faced that the employer quite seriously asks you to sell it the standard handle lying all interview on a table. For beginners this situation will seem peculiar and strange, and here for skilled sellers will become the next test which they passed more than once.

Why it is necessary to sell the handle?

Visible ease and some shutochnost of process of sale of the handle to the potential head should not confuse you. In practice, only 20% of competitors cope with an objective. In other words, only 2 applicants from 10. And the main reason of failure dough is covered that most of managers, even the most talented and possessing outstanding abilities, are fond at once of practical part of a task while employers put implication in the head. If you know about this secret, then without effort will break a barrier on the way to a desirable position.

Actually the essence of a task consists that it is necessary to focus attention not on sale of a concrete subject, and on understanding of levers of influence and the mechanism of sales which induce the person to acquire goods. Following from this, Mirsovetov can allocate the main principle of sale – to sell not goods, but its properties. Remember that the buyer looks not for goods, but the benefit.

How competitors react?

Depending on reaction of the candidate experts subdivide people into three categories:

  1. Those who panic, are lost and do not understand that they should do.
  2. Those who perceives a situation as the joke and is used by sample expressions. Without special enthusiasm try to sell the handle on interview, convincing the employer to buy it as "the handle very good", "it will never bring", "you will not regret" etc.
  3. Creative and creative persons who think out non-standard approaches to a situation, forcing the head to admire the insight. Often they receive a treasured position.

How it is correct to sell the handle?

So, you are going to try the forces to a position of which dreamed long ago and the personnel worker fixed time for interview. Having carefully prepared and having thought over beforehand the most popular questions, you come into the head's office, and he absolutely unexpectedly stretches you the handle, with a request to sell it to it. The first that it is worth remembering – be not afraid to seem ridiculous or silly in such situation. Practice shows what exactly atypical and spontaneous decisions appear the most true. Confidence – the first sign of the talented seller. Well and, of course, it is necessary to know the scheme of effective sales. So, process of sale of the ordinary handle on interview can be divided into stages.

Stage 1: Identification of requirements

Effective strategy of sale is based not on the goods, and on the potential consumer. Therefore you need to look narrowly for only a few seconds at the interlocutor and to reveal his requirements. What can you tell about it? On a table the pile of papers which should be signed daily lies? It is your key – offer the functional handle intended especially for it. Focus attention not on prestigiousness, and on uniqueness of goods.

The second rule – to ask specific questions. As soon as you come into contact with potential the client and will make the general opinion, it is necessary to narrow a range of interests and to pass to the specifying questions. For example, try to find out, with what frequency he should write texts manually, instead of use of computer programs? What handle it is more convenient to make it: gel, automatic, ball, ink, blue, black, with a cap etc.

The third rule – put into practice a technique of a psychological trap. Its feature consists in building sequence of questions so that answers to them were only "yes". Formulate them as it is possible lakonichny that the employer relaxed and answered in the affirmative by inertia. Then ask a control question of sale of the handle.

Stage 2: Positioning and presentation

After you receive necessary information, you will need to present the goods taking into account needs of the client. Your offer has to satisfy first of all his requirements that he received that would be desirable.

Place emphasis on something one: for the economical client make the budget proposal at a functionality maximum, for fans of status gifts – place emphasis on uniqueness of goods. It is also possible to mention that this handle in a warehouse remained in limited quantity and the goods quickly disperse. Completely involve information received at the 1st stage of conversation.

Remember that the main principle of sale – to sell not goods, but properties which are necessary to the buyer: exclusivity, prestige, profitability, practicality.

Stage 3: Agreement

The moment when the transaction took place will become the best end of conversation for two parties, and the client received the desirable. When you could already sell the handle on interview, in that case you receive a desirable position, and the employer – the perspective worker. Dare!

Remember that this test is developed for check of your abilities. It will take its purpose – to put the competitor in an atypical situation and to track what actions. Everything will be estimated: your manner of communication, aggressiveness or indifference, your readiness to be a little ridiculous for achievement of result, and, of course, – originality of thinking. It is a little humour, trade intuition and attentiveness to the interlocutor – and at you everything will turn out!

As it is not necessary to sell the handle

Interview is a moral stress for all competitors, and therefore there is a probability of that at the responsible moment you will become puzzled and at all will forget the phrases prepared the day before. On this case you need to acquire the basic rules, adhering which you will be able to avoid a fatal flaw:

  1. It is not necessary to extol persistently goods, praising its qualities to skies. Until you do not receive key information, do not hurry to reveal any and all secrets.
  2. The talented sales manager is able not only to speak beautifully, but attentively to listen to the client. Be able to stop in time that the consumer could formulate clearly the requirements and desires concerning purchase.
  3. You should not keep too officially. On the contrary, the easy and friendly smile, moderate virtuosity and pertinent humour well influence the atmosphere in dialogue. Remember that the relaxed client – the good client. Improvise and slightly bluff, do anything to gain the person.

Thus, the main goal of dough consists in attempt of the employer to confuse the candidate and to check abilities which will become key during the work of the sales manager. Your task – to keep calm and self-control, to involve the professional skills consisting in understanding of the defining concept: to meet all requirements of the client, but not to sell goods as that. If you are convincing and original, your interlocutor for certain will get the handle and will employ as the perspective and valuable employee.

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