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Independent studying of Italian

You would like to learn Italian. Why it? Perhaps you learn the fifth language, and it is possible, the Italian opera so responds in your heart that without language to you not to live. Or you simply wanted – interestingly and will not be superfluous. Anyway it is necessary to be defined, how many hours per week you are ready to devote to occupations and how many money can spend.
Let's begin with the main thing. You would like to learn Italian. Why it? Perhaps, you grieve for declines of Rome and a view from the aventinsky hill or maybe at you the work connected with the Italian suppliers. Perhaps you learn the fifth language, and it is possible, the Italian opera so responds in your heart that without language to you not to live. Or you simply wanted – interestingly and will not be superfluous as the people knowing not on one language like to speak. Anyway it is necessary to be defined, how many hours per week you are ready to devote to occupations and how many money can spend. If there is an accurate window in the schedule and the decent budget, it makes sense to go to courses or to find the teacher who will work with you individually. It is worth reflecting on independent studying if there are some factors:
  • if you have a difficult or unstable schedule;
  • if you learn for yourself and investments of capital will not pay off increase of the income;
  • if you have no opportunity to leave somewhere (if houses the small child or is hour or so at work which you can devote to occupations);
  • if you absolutely have no time, but there is a desire and half an hour before going to bed on embodying dream of viewing of movies of Fellini in the original;
  • if you are limited in means.
So, you understood what exactly independent studying suits you. What's next? Here it is necessary to make small retreat and to tell that Italian is suitable for independent studying as well as possible. First, the grammatical system of language is moderately simple and clear to carriers of Russian, secondly, rules of a pronunciation are not too confused and in general easily give in to assimilation, and at last, is purely subjective - the lexicon is pleasant on hearing and on language.

With what to begin?

It is worth beginning, obviously, from a technique. To be exact, from a textbook choice. There is a big variety of manuals, not only in the nearest large bookstore, but also on the Internet. What to choose?
There are classical grants – English-speaking, first of all, which are well structured, possess the exhaustive volume of grammar and a workbook in addition – for example "Modern Italian Grammar. Practical guide", authors of Anna Proudfoot, Francesco Cardo. It is in a network, but training will require sufficient level of proficiency in English, not below intermediate. There is an enduring classics – Katerin Katerinov "La lingua italiana per stranieri" – the textbook, classical in own way, but it is written completely in Italian, on a method of so-called full language immersion. Therefore it is good for occupations with the teacher.
There is the whole set of textbooks for group studying which are ranged on complexity level, contain subjects for discussion in group and also completely in Italian – that not really is suitable for independent thoughtful studying, besides from scratch.
Therefore the most obvious choice in our case is the textbook belonging to the class of self-instruction manuals. Them there is in any book with the sufficient section of foreign languages a great variety that can confuse the unprepared person. First of all, it is necessary to distinguish the self-instruction manual and a phrasebook – in the last to you will hardly present grammar even in the minimum form, however will suggest to learn one hundred phrases on each case of your travel to Italy. At midpoint you will find out that the phrase which you want to tell right now, there, of course, is not present. Therefore it is desirable to choose the self-instruction manual which does not remind the shaky brochure, and contains besides initial data on language also enough exercises, texts, an audiocourse, the minimum dictionary at the end, well and simply to you it is pleasant. For me this gratefulness consists in good paper on which the handle or a pencil writes; – then you will never find those leaflets on which it happened to you to perform this task in the exercises calculated for performance directly in the textbook; in the sound transcription which is written down so that it was clear to you. For myself I chose D. A. Shevlyakova's self-instruction manual, AST-PRESS publishing houses – in it are all necessary, excepting normally written down transcription, but for someone it can be and not minus as it is given in Russian, but not according to the international rules.
After the textbook is chosen, the most interesting is to start learning foreign language, to be surprised to its rules and laws, and after a while to understand that in any way differently and could not be that language – it integral and live. And very beautiful!

La lingua italiana

Very first that we start studying is what sounds are characteristic for language where the accent is put, what intonational coloring is peculiar to it. The Italian rules of spelling are rather simple and, having learned rules, it is quite possible to write down the word from hearing. Italian is not French where you will need the certain tetradaughter only on rules of reading letters and their combinations. Here you for the first time meet sayings and the most widespread set expressions. I write out them on small square stickers and I hang up on all house – every time when the look clings to the next phrase, I pronounce them with all possible diligence. Literally, on the way on kitchen behind the next tea, in a bathroom, in a toilet – the knowing people confirm special efficiency of stickers in a toilet!
In general, value of the phrases learned by heart is difficult to overestimate. If they enter an active lexicon, you are often relieved of painfully search of the correct combination of words where the answer is actual right now, in the moment. Everyday expressions are as a fast set of number in the mobile phone – it is convenient, quickly and never happens superfluous.
Phrases include besides common words of politeness (thanks, please, good night, welcome, be so kind as, excuse kind morning/day/evening) also the most frequent options of dialogues (how are you, everything is good, how are you, from where you, whether here long ago and so forth). With this minimum you will feel safe – you will understand obvious things precisely and will be able adequately to answer.
Exercises and texts in your self-instruction manual will construct a grammatical skeleton of language, will build on it muscles and will allow you at first slowly, and then surely and quickly to build phrases and phrases.
You will learn lexicon on the course and here it is necessary to be attentive. All lexicon cannot be studied and all this is understood, but sometimes forgotten. And in vain. To a question of what words should be learned first of all, it is necessary to belong critically. It is worth making a start from your purposes – if language is learned for communication and trips, everything is rather simple – the majority of self-instruction manuals are ground under it. You do not pass the most general lexicon on transport-hotel-restaurant-city-walk. However and there can be a surplus. For example, you should not remember synonyms – right at the beginning it is necessary to be guided in one-alternative combinations. You will gather beauty and richness of a lexicon in enough and with much smaller efforts, than at the very beginning of studying of language later.
However if your purposes differ from classically tourist, it makes sense to work in two directions – to master and the general course and, for example, to sort the most plain texts in the specialty.

Boundless opportunities

Really boundless opportunities are open for the person learning language during an era of the Internet. The world is so densely entangled by networks, Wi-Fi and the broadband channel that is guilty it not to use.
First of all, there is a set of the sites devoted to independent studying of languages. They act by the principle of social networks and to some are very convenient. The most known in a RuNet - www Not all suit a format, but popularity speaks for itself.
There are sites filled with lessons and separate grammatical subjects that happens it is useful if any concrete model remained the unclear ambassador of analysis in the self-instruction manual.
For acoustical control for a melodics and intonations it is useful to watch the Italian TV which in the majority has broadcasting online, well and movies in Italian with the Russian subtitlings, of course. At the good level of development of language it becomes more interesting to watch film with the Italian subtitlings.
For reading it is possible to recommend as the adapted texts, and books offering replenishment of a passive lexicon on Iván Franco's method – even it is possible to find their some quantity in a network. They are constructed peculiar: at first there is a small fragment which is followed by a literal translation into Russian of the majority of words, and then – the same fragment, but already without the translation. It is very useful to study such texts in addition to a basic course of training.
For those to whom it is difficult without the company, there are colloquial clubs, film societies, the sites with possibility of an institution of pen friends.
Colloquial clubs are already in many languages, in Italian including. Usually discussion happens on a certain subject, to in advance provided lexicon for participants, and also the moderator who quite often is the native speaker. It differs from classical courses of studying of language in that you pay only that cannot independently comprehend – for communication. And study grammar and rules, in the mode and at the speed.
In Moscow there is the Italian film society which periodically shows the Italian cinema, with subtitlings and the subsequent discussion. It can be more attractive to sociable extroverts, than viewing alone.
Quite crowded www offers the convenient interface for a language exchange. It is possible to correspond with Massimo from Turin or with Silvia from Bergamo – which Russian or English just want to popraktikovat. Actually, any combination of languages is possible, up to the most improbable.

To Italy, to Italy!

Well and most important is, of course, language travel. There is a set of offers from language schools in Italy on studying of language. You will be engaged defined (not small!) a number of hours every day, being in the language environment – whether it is dream?! But it is essentially important to go to such travel alone – differently communication with your satellite in the native language will spoil to you all immersion.
For strong volunteer programs which can include anything – from restoration of the thrown structures and roads of times of the Roman Empire to gathering cherries and an other crop in the summer-fall are spirit still. It is possible to receive idea of programs, for example, here:
And the most important in independent studying of language is a persistence and motivation. In a situation when to you do not set homeworks and your money does not flow away, to maintain the interest and not to forget, why all of you started it, – quite nontrivial task. Here it is already necessary to investigate himself and to be able to agree with itself – for the sake of the picture of the near future. Present yourself, it is harmonious and speaking fluent Italian, in the surroundings corresponding to your dream – after all motivates?
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