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We select a face serum

Modern society places strong emphasis on appearance. Care of skin not an exception, apparently, that new and interesting products appear on shelves of shops almost daily. A face serum one of new products in cosmetology.

Means and analog of complex procedures is aimed by "SOS" at a certain problem. Serum (so still call serum) use to help to reduce wrinkles, dark stains to prevent an acne or it is simple to give to skin healthy shine. Mirsovetov will help to understand how to choose serum and as to use it to receive the maximum result.

Serum or cream?

You can experience confusion concerning that, use the moisturizing cream or serum. Leaving experts behind skin consider that everyone has the function, and in care of skin they have to be used together that will help to optimize advantages of each of them. And though it demands purchase of an additional product, it will help to strengthen health and appearance of skin.

Serum contains tiny molecules which get into each layer of skin. The moisturizing cream consists of large molecules therefore nutrients are late on the top layer. Use of both products in a complex nourishes skin at all levels.

The texture of serum for the person is easy, it is instantly absorbed and does not leave fat traces on skin. It should be noted that it is deprived of an oil basis and cannot provide protection against external factors such as UF-radiation, frost, wind. For this reason experts recommend to use after serum cream with protection which can be put on a face already later a couple of minutes. To strengthen effect of cream and serum, it is better to choose them one trademark or the cosmetic line.

That inside

The ingredients used in serums mainly natural and organic, including herbs, oils, vitamins and minerals. The aloe, a lavender, and oil of a peppermint help with decrease reddening and an inflammation.

Vitamin A helps to clear skin of eels. Together vitamins C and E struggle with free radicals who attack cages and cause their damages. Some cosmetic lines add seaweed to serums. They help to keep humidity and elasticity of skin. Minerals and antioxidants return to skin equal tone. Peptides and vitamins nourish dry skin.

How to pick up serum

Serum - the most effective cosmetic product containing the complex of useful substances which is easily acquired skin. It is possible to find different types of concentrates in sale: anti-aging, moistening, the anti-acnes strengthening, matting. The choice of tools depends not so much on skin type, how many on its state and problems.

It is necessary to approach a choice of serum for the person consciousness of business, besides that this product expensive, is so possible also to do much harm to the skin. Proceeding from type of skin and problems, we will try to pick up serum.

Dry skin.

Let's begin with that is not enough one serum for satisfaction of requirements of moistening of dry skin. Thus, dermatologists recommend to use a face serum as addition to daily moistening. It to make the best way - to apply serum, and from above in a couple of minutes the moisturizing cream.

Dry skin is, as a rule, dehydrated, so, serum which part the hyaluronic acid possessing the moistening properties is is simply necessary for its food.

Fat skin.

For such skin of serum can become rescue. Unlike creams which leave skin sticky and fat, a face serums easier and do not hammer a time. Important that for fat skin it is impossible to use serums on an oil basis, only on the water.

If there is an acne problem, the choice should be made in favor of the serum containing salicylic acid or peroxide of benzene. Anti-acne serums, clean pores and prevent growth of bacteria.

The combined skin.

Not too fat and not too dry such skin has ideal balance. Experts recommend to use a face serum which will keep this balance, restoring natural rn skin.

Sensitive skin.

Representatives of this kind of skin, first, need to steer clear of the serums containing peroxide of benzene or similar ingredients which, as a rule, cause irritation of skin. And secondly, serum with B3 vitamin will help to reduce symptoms of irritation of skin.

The withering skin.

The concentrates rich with vitamin C will help to rejuvenate tired skin, having given shine and freshness. Besides, serum which contains antioxidants, will be especially useful for this purpose like skin as will allow to reduce harmful effects of free radicals on skin. Seruma, aimed at rejuvenation, prevent aging signs: wrinkles, "goose pads", spots. It is worth remembering that putting cream with the UV filter in this case is obligatory.

To turn back aging signs, doing wrinkles and thin lines less noticeable, it is necessary to use serum with the high content of Retinolum which stimulates skin to develop more collagen. Collagen is responsible for elasticity of skin and protects it from sagging.

Serum use

It is necessary to use a face serum in small doses therefore serums are on sale in ampoules or small flakonchik with a pipette. It is better to apply a concentrate on the cleared face skin, necks and zones of a decollete with the easy tapping movements. For single use 3-4 drops will be enough. You should not rub serum, ingredients are absorbed instantly and at once start working. After putting serum it is possible to use a face cream, especially it is necessary in the morning as day cream contain sun-protection filters.

It is not obligatory to buy a concentrate of the same brand, as a face cream. Nevertheless, if skin is inclined to an allergy, it is better to choose means of one line and to use them in a complex.

Some serums, for example, anti-aging or moistening, it is possible to use and for eyelids, a neck and a zone of a decollete. But if by means of serum it is necessary to solve a problem of excessively fat skin, it is necessary to be more careful - skin of eyelids and a neck always drier.

Cosmetologists recommend to use a face serums courses. Choose the corresponding schedule - for example, to apply a product within a month, and then to take a two-week break. Especially useful concentrates during off-season - in the spring and in the fall. At this time it is worth paying attention to the moistening and toning seruma which are suitable for the majority of types of skin.


  1. If after use of serum you feel an unpleasant pricking, burning or an itch, it is necessary to stop use immediately.
  2. Fire on the sun and in a sunbed can do much harm to fight against pigmentary spots. Seruma, the skin leveling tone, do not love suntan, pigmentation can amplify.
  3. One course – one serum. You should not apply on skin concentrates with various structure as is high the probability of that components will react that will badly be reflected in a condition of skin.
  4. A face serums are not recommended to women is younger than 30 years. Application of concentrates is justified in the presence of pronounced problems.
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