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How to tempt the husband

It is proved that the more often you make love "physical", the more long you stay in euphoria from feeling of love "spiritual". Besides it becomes much simpler to solve the problems arising out of the blue with the spouse. You feel emotional lift, surge in positive emotions and, besides, strengthen immunity.

Admit, life becomes much brighter if in it there is a place for tremendous sex! After all it is known long ago that sex strengthens emotional relations, removes irritation and calms fears. Thereof the conflicts smooth out much quicker, misunderstanding disappears. And instead of being irritated because of small shortcomings of the husband, you start focusing the attention on its merits. Also do not say that they are not present, after all then you would not be together!

But why over the years these feelings slowly, but surely come to naught? Sexual life does not bring pleasure and turns into a duty. It is also the biggest evil! But if you manage to revive a sexual inclination between you and the husband, and other problems will be quicker solved.

Why the passion disappears?

Present, you with the husband in a bed. The prelude begins and suddenly you understand that the events do not excite you at all. And the only desire overcoming you – to turn away and fall asleep. Believe, also your spouse can feel similar feelings. In such situation you should not panic, try to understand the reasons of suddenly disappeared desire better. Matter in banal fatigue, unpleasant conversation with the chief or in sudden awakening of old alarms is possible. Problems of this sort happen at any couple, and the straight talk will be the only thing and the correct exit. It is desirable that it took place before you go to a matrimonial bed. Then you will be able to avoid the situation described above.

Not to allow fading of passion, remember some rules:

  1. Do not carry out in the presence of the husband cosmetic procedures (painting of hair, various masks and other). Remember that he, first of all the man, so, should not know, what efforts you make to look good. The main thing that the end result delighted it.
  2. Say no to shabby dressing gowns and fragmentary slippers.
  3. Try to finish preparation of a dinner before its arrival home to meet him in a pure house dress, but not in the dirty apron impregnated with kitchen aromas.
  4. Avoid physical proximity if you feel that for some reason (physiological or emotional) you are not ready to it. In this case it is better tactfully to let know about your spirit, than then anew to adjust itself and the spouse on necessary "wave".
  5. Avoid criticism and condemnation in its address if something is impossible to it (I think, explanations it is not necessary).
  6. Have no sex if your thoughts are somewhere away.
  7. Do not imitate an orgasm. Remember, forcing yourself, you will definitely not feel pleasures, equally, as well as your partner.
  8. Do not use sex as antistress "pill".
  9. Do not follow the tastes of external factors (a problem at work, the spoiled mood, bad weather and other). All of us know that the negative in everyday life is enough, but it does not mean that sex needs to be postponed for indefinite time. After all it will only add negative emotions in your family life.
  10. Never refuse to the husband so to speak "on the machine gun". If you absolutely do not want to make love, your refusal has to look gracefully. Avoid the banal and jammed phrases (remember, about notorious "headache" many jokes are put).

How to tempt the husband

It is worth recognizing, sexual problems can arise at any stage of relationship. As a rule, they point to psychological and emotional factors which destroy your relations. The most widespread problem – a lack of attention from the wife. Quite often it happens that the woman devotes to herself to career and house efforts and at her does not remain to time for the soulmate at all. At some point you understand that the husband lost to you interest. You should not suspect him of change and other sins at once. And try to change a situation in a root and to include the spouse in "schedule".

If you sincerely consider that the way to heart of the man lies only through his stomach, you deeply are mistaken. It is not necessary to belittle male sensuality, after all then you risk to turn the man in the programmed biorobot in which interests there will be only a tasty food, beer and fishing. So it is conceived by the nature that the woman needs love to steep in sex, and the man comprehends love through sex. Therefore the matrimonial love needs to be supported regularly by means of sex.

Today Mirsovetov wants to offer you some small cunnings which will promote return to a matrimonial bedroom of grandiose sex. Here they:

  1. Meeting the husband from work, instead of dry "hi" joyfully throw the arms round him a neck. Remember that the kiss has to last not less than ten seconds. As thousand-mile travel begins with a usual step, and the sexual inclination begins with the simplest – a kiss. Remember that a mouth, and especially lips and language, - one of the most sensitive parts of a human body. It is proved what exactly the kiss is capable to light the lover, after all it expresses both appeal, and love, and desire. Besides it is capable to strengthen emotional relations. Therefore you should not miss opportunity to kiss both at a meeting, and as a prelude to sex.
  2. Remember that men are very susceptible to sexual lexicon. Therefore it is worth reminding the spouse of in what you were engaged in a bed last time by the way. Believe, memoirs in only a few seconds will alert it.
  3. As often as possible show sexual interest in the husband. And not only houses, but also on a visit. Of course, you should not drag it to the next storeroom, simply let to it know that at present you think of sex with it. Then on the way home it, being in an anticipation, will think how to give you pleasure.
  4. "Attack" unexpectedly, after all spontaneous sex is capable to add a piquancy to your relations. For example, if it is occupied with something, the unexpected gentle kiss on the cheek or near an ear will be a remarkable hint.
  5. Try to create some rituals clear to both of you which will precede sex. Similar game will turn you into conspirators, and sexual contact will become much more pleasant and that is important, vozhdelenny.
  6. Do not hesitate to share the sexual imaginations and problems with the husband. But you should not be zealous too as it can promote emergence of complexes.
  7. Treat with understanding to his sexual desires. Remember that any man is afraid to seem ridiculous (it and keeps him from manifestation of the feelings). But nevertheless, if something is not pleasant to you, it is better to let accurately at once to it it know. Be honest both before yourself, and before the husband.

Generally, the most important task – not to neglect sexual life and not to allow household problems to break harmony of your relations. The passion is the same fire which, as we know, can go out if not to throw firewood. Therefore you should not relax. You should not be for the husband the read book (let and darling). Therefore change, experiment, flirt, surprise, smile more often, update clothes eventually. It will make matrimonial life brighter and saturated and will not allow sex to disappear from your bedroom.

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