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Second pregnancy

At first sight, all pregnancies of the same woman have to be similar. But I judge on myself – having given birth to both children with a difference in 14 years, fully felt a huge difference. But what a difference aged, whether in a wide temporary interval after first labor, but, despite good health and lack of serious problems, it was much more difficult to take out the son.
At first sight, all pregnancies of the same woman have to be similar. But I judge on myself – having given birth to both children with a difference in 14 years, fully felt a huge difference. Entered the first pregnancy practically the teenager. And though at that time to me it was executed 19 (not such the child), in soul butterflies still froliced, and the first 2 months passed imperceptibly. Without paying attention to small nausea at all, led a former life, having realized the unusual situation only at emergence of a small tummy. And having only visited consultation and having got registered, I began new life with caution on the growing kid – diligently implementing recommendations of the doctor, regulating the food as far as possible, to walk and think much positively. On my happiness (or youth prevailed?) all 9 months, despite hot summer, I ran very quickly. Also quickly there came day of X – having woken up in 12 nights in a pool of amniotic waters, in the 7th mornings already held the manyunyu.

Features of the second pregnancy

Вторая беременность The second pregnancy, according to doctors, had to take place easier (in my case where it is easier). But what a difference at age (34 years), whether in a wide temporary interval after first labor, but, despite good health and lack of serious problems, it was much more difficult to take out the son. Early toxicosis was followed by constant unostentatious nausea and madly irritated, the tummy appeared practically at once, on the first weeks, and at work all guessed at once though I, naive, was going to keep silent to the last.
It appears, it is all about the elasticity of a uterus – after first labor it is not able to be reduced to the former sizes therefore the stomach becomes swept up much earlier. Stomach muscles too not such strong, and puziko it is stuck out much below. But the uterus does not press on a stomach, and problems with digestion, heartburn and other delights should not be. Desires to an urination both were frequent, and remained, I did not notice a special difference though in their second pregnancy had to be more – time the uterus does not press on a stomach, so it fell by a waist and a bladder. And here with a back I namuchatsya much – to sit, could not stand, so strongly ached a waist. And for the first time the hint on similar pains was not. By the way, the bandage and special exercises very much helps with such cases.
As I already spoke, weakened by memories of pleasant first pregnancy and easy childbirth, I not strongly was upset because of the aching back, feet, a huge stomach and waited for appearance of the son from 36th week. The daughter was born on the 39th week, and the midwife assured me that the second child usually is born a little earlier, than the first. But far from it! 42 weeks were necessary to go. Contrary to expectations, initial fights lasted more days, I could not find any peace, wandered about the apartment, could not sleep, is. Considered fights and was upset – in maternity hospital still early. When I at last got in rodzat, felt all charm of the second childbirth which had to take place quickly and easily. By no means! For a female organism the big gap in time after the first pregnancy is not really well transferred. In this case everything occurs as for the first time. Not for nothing doctors in eager rivalry advise not to tighten with the second child, at most 3-5 years, it is an ideal age difference both for kids, and for mother's health.
Comparing both pregnancies, I can tell that it was psychologically ready and consciously expected a baby only for the second time. Even in 20 years the girl is not ready to become a mother, though health at it excellent. It is as if adult it did not look and did not want the child, her soul did not ripen yet.

Pregnancy and work

Вторая беременность Work during pregnancy – a subject special and difficult. Of course, at work there was everyone – and scandals with tears, and spiteful envy of colleagues, and friendly support from people whom earlier only greeted. Constant closeness, drafts, the smoking colleagues, the nervous chief and the computer do not add health and optimism to future mummy at all, but options are not present. Persuaded herself not to be nervous because of a mistake in the report or inopportune calls, periodically drank soothing, came to a balcony to take a breath. All this is inevitable, and it is necessary to approach this question philosophically. But there are a lot of other pluses – every morning and evening I ignored a minibus and walked home half-roads through park. There was an occasion to buy different dresses – well as, at office it is necessary to look decently in any situation. The benefit now is on sale a huge number of the most beautiful bagatelles for pregnant women, and 14 years ago I had to pass all 9 months in several dresses, made-to-order the dressmaker.


Вторая беременность The attitude towards own health and health of the kid at the adult woman unambiguously more thoughtful and serious. Own experience to that example: search of the freshest and useful products, studying of summaries to any vitamin complexes and collecting medicinal herbs, I even was engaged in an aromatherapy, the allergy to essential oils did not begin yet. The only addiction which could not refuse – a cup of natural coffee. But it is connected with specifics of work and low pressure. But I did not afford sweet and flour and as there was a wish … With the first child 11 kg, from the second 13 kg were gained. Difference, as you can see, the small. I think that it depends on build and appetite. And also from the child's weight: the daughter was born 2700, and the son – 3300 g.
I like to play sports not especially, but the age prevails, and after 30 it is necessary to be in good shape. There was to go no opportunity to special courses, but I as the decent pregnant woman, bought magazines and carried out exercises of the house. Muscles need to be held in a tone, and it is gone easier, and the health is better. There was a mad wish to popraktikovat yoga for pregnant women, but in house conditions only the simplest asanas are available, without the sensitive management terribly to do more intricate, you never know.
As I am not the big fan of discos and night clubs, scarcity of available entertainments not especially upset. In the first trimester went with a family at the sea, and having come back to the city, began to walk with pleasure in the evenings, to read, listen much to instrumental music and to visit new small restaurants.

The second pregnancy forced me to become mother anew, to reconsider all the habits and the vital principles. Everything changed – methods of education and attitude. I again felt the very young girl, but with invaluable baggage of experience and knowledge. The way to it was difficult and stony, but it was worth it.
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